My wife wakes me and teases me.. wants to spend rest of night with bf

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    Late summer my wife woke me up late night to teases me and tell me her bf wants to leave a boring night club and wants to spend the rest of the night with her and she sure seem to be up for it;

    After teasing me a little, she had me go down on her and taste her, I found her juices already flowing thinking about him I guess. I convinced her to let me take a pic before leaving.

    She had told me she wants to take her time with him and not wait on her and try to go to sleep and she will wake me up when she gets back to do my duty.

    She said she got to his hotel a little after 1 am. She said they did everything for at least an hour none stop. Starting to kiss at first then she went on top of him sucking his cock, then she said she want brought up her pussy to his mouth as she took his cock in here’s and gave each other the hottest 69. She said he made her cum at least once eating her pussy. She said he fucked her in every position “we were like fire together, well connected his cock well reached the depth of my pussy, we were like newlyweds and I sorry baby you did not come to mind, I was all his. At one point he made my neck hurt as he held my hair back as he fucked me in a doggy position, he pulled his cock out of me a few times and give it to me to suck”. Did you suck it I asked, she said “yes, our juices tasted funny but I love it”

    She said "He finally got on top of me as I spread my legs wide open for him and fucked me even harder until he pulled out and soaked my pussy and tummy, sorry baby I’m fertile. But I took some pics for you just before we both showered together. My wife came home well fucked and worn out something I could not do.
    PS. she told me next time she's going with him he wants to fuck her in the ass good which they already did. I will post what happened,.

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    Great story and pics! Thanks for sharing. Jeff S.
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    Great pics and great story.
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    She said after the initial kissing and sucking he got on top of her and they both guided it into her asshole with the help of some lube he brought with him. My wife actually enjoys anal.

    After fucking her good and getting her loosened up she said he had her go into doggy position and again he mounted her in the ass from behind. She said he did her good with full stroke as they both enjoyed the feeling; she said it felt so good she did not have to rub her clit. She said he too enjoyed fucking her ass very much as he gave her nice full strokes. They actually planned for it tonight from the previous night that tonight will be her asshole turn. She said he kept on going until he dumped his first load in her ass.

    They rested and washed up, then fucked her pussy well. Then again she said went for asshole again, did almost every position especially her favorite sitting on it facing way from him and tilting herself backwards.

    She said she felt he is her boyfriend and she’s his girlfriend at same time comfy with him as her husband.

    After that night feeling of him deep in her ass made most of the night made them feel much closer to each other and she thinks he’s in love with her.

    I love taking before and after pics of my wife.. here is a pic of her after she got home..
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    Damn bud! I just planted a bunch of flowers about the house as it's spring, and I cannot for the life of me see any of those beautiful plants outdoing the wondrous pic of your gal's pussy spread. Man, she's got an amazing pussy and lips! This shot should be submitted for the Time's photo of the year!! haha. Not kidding, keep 'em cumming.

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