My wife says she wants to do it but she's unsure about her body so please look and comment!

Discussion in '"Show Off Your Girl" - Pictures' started by Newbie2sman, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

  2. slowpoking

    slowpoking Well-Known Member

    She's hot, Newbie. Marvelous breasts, and the tattoo is sexy. She'll have so many guys hitting on her, she'll have to beat them off.
  3. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    She doesn't give herself enough credit we tried it once and we both freaked out and stopped it but in the meantime she found four of the hottest bulls and sent all kinds of pics including face pics and didn't give them enough time and was very surprised when all of them replied they would fuck her but it was after we killed it. Still put a smile on her face and mine
  4. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    There will be more pics coming soon hope to work up to her face and hope to post some of her first bull pounding her pussy hard
  5. jay5inn

    jay5inn New Member

    Coming from a young guy, she is very sexy and would feel amazing. i'd love to have her.
  6. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    Thanks she will love to hear all these comment.
  7. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    I know there will be plenty of guys who want to put their dicks in her.

    For every one guy who wants to make an *ss of himself, there will be two more who want to sleep with her. And some of those guys who behave inappropriately are the first ones to line up when they think they have a chance of nailing her.


  8. DeaconBlues

    DeaconBlues New Member

    Another point need to be made here, that is that ANY "hotwife" is a HOT wife! If simply because of the "forbidden fruit" effect, any wife is more desirable just because sex with a married woman is that much more exciting. And a big plus from any bull's point of view is that a married woman is not going to press for commitment or be clingy and act helpless, a married woman already has her committed man (i.e. her cuckold) and any sex she has with other men is bound to be better for both her and her lover.
  9. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    Thanks she's just becoming a sexual being for the first time she's very curious about sex with women and guys with huge penises but still very unsure of herself and i hoped to build her up and watch her have fun.
  10. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    Are you kidding? She looks like she's built for BBC.
  11. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    As long as it's big she'll be happy.
  12. Otdrsmn

    Otdrsmn New Member

    She's totally hot. You won't need any effort to find plenty of guys wanting to be with that woman.
    First n line.
  13. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    [Thanks shes loving every minute of this..QUOTE=Otdrsmn;90493]She's totally hot. You won't need any effort to find plenty of guys wanting to be with that woman.
    First n line.[/QUOTE]
  14. charly tauro

    charly tauro Guest

    Beautiful and sexy..;-):)
  15. She is gorgeous and deserves some cock.
  16. cuckold4bbwhotwife

    cuckold4bbwhotwife New Member

    you have a beautiful and so sexy wife
  17. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    That's what i thought.
  18. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    Now i think she's ready to get some pics of bulls and have her fun.
  19. Newbie2sman

    Newbie2sman New Member

    I can't wait to see her filled up and shaking when she cums. I know she'll thrive in this lifestyle.
  20. mertreelist

    mertreelist New Member

    always my favorite woman your wife like Big boobs and fat woman. i love BBW

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