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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by buzzuk, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Hi everyone,

    Last time I posted, it was about how my cuckold urges were overwhelming me and I couldn't think about anything other than getting my wife fucked. A couple of days ago in bed, we started role playing the cuckold scenario again but with a more serious tone. I am a smoker looking to quit (she doesn't smoke), she mentioned about me quitting in which I responded back saying:

    Me: "What would you do for me if I quit?"

    Wife: "What would you like?" (knowing full well what I had in mind)

    Me: "Would you fuck another guy?"

    Wife: "Is that you want?"

    Me: "Yes" (a little hesitantly)

    I went into a little detail mentioning that this feeling is very strong. To which she said "ok". At this point, I was taken aback by the reality of the situation. Did I hear right? Did she just agree that she would fuck another guy? I wanted to be sure as at the time we were both a little excited anyway and I didn't want her to misunderstand.

    So last night we were playing in bed again and I asked her about the other day and if she was aware I was being serious just so she didn't misunderstand. I said (after a thorough pause) "I am serious about this, would you fuck another guy?". She understood and said "yes".

    I realise this is not a certainty, but it's a damn big step I think, and a surprising one also. I believe she is serious and she'd be doing it for me.

    Is this something that other wives would have said but never intended to go through?

    Thanks and I look forward to some responses.
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  2. R156

    R156 Active Member

    Bear in mind she seems to have only agreed to the idea itself not a specific guy, place or time. Just be cool with it and discuss it with her again and explain that you are indeed keen for this to happen.. how you think it will help your relationship and make it more rewarding before moving onto ways to make it happen
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  3. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Hi Buzzuk,
    I think she would do it. I think you giving her something she to stop enough motivation. It also gives her a built in mental excuse...she can tell herself that she is doing it for your health...because she loves you.

    Some wives fear that they are hurting their husbands if they fuck around, they worry that they are saying that their husband isn't enough to satisfy them.

    You giving her a way to fuck another that is clearly good for you is genius. Deanna
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  4. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    You ready to stop smoking?
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  5. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    Having said, "yes," is all you need. Ask her to help you look through personals ads for men seeking cuckold couples. I suspect that most couples (us for one) prefer private sites but Craigslist ("casual acquaintances") has a section "M4MF" with a lot of ads in almost every area of the country. There, guys of all sorts post ads for couples interested. We met a 19-year-old student that way but only used that online service that one time.

    Here's a tip we find essential: Always request a face pic at the least before meeting him. Never automatically invite him to your home; first, agree to meet with both of you at some neutral location like a coffee shop or lounge. She can then determine whether she's interested and find out a little about the guy. Then you can set up a visit to your home or his - or wherever you prefer.

    And, oh yeah, stick with contract by discontinuing smoking. Breaking a promise would have been a deal breaker for my wife when I first made my wants known, but admittedly our agreement also was a "I'll do that for you if you do this for me" arrangement.
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  6. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Agree! You have to quit smoking if she does this.
  7. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Thanks a lot for the great advice, I am learning a lot.

    rob788, that's great advice on where to start looking as this is our next step and she's agreed to look together. DeannaHouston your words give me a sense of accomplishment that the effort I put into this may start to pay off. My plan was to stop smoking eventually and this is the best motivation I can think of (which I will, I am ready). I will try my best to keep my promises.

    Do you believe we should start looking sooner than later?
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  8. Dantheman

    Dantheman Active Member

    I suggest that you and your wife start looking for a lover / stud now for her. It may take some time before you find someone you both feel comfortable with
  9. JeffHouston

    JeffHouston Well-Known Member

    I think that you should stop smoking now and clearly tell her that you are stopping independent of her sexual activities. Two reasons (you decide if they mean anything to you):

    1. If you really want a cuckold experience, you have to relieve, and don't apply, pressure for her to perform. Instead, treat her with acceptance and support - no matter what she does or does not do.

    2. It's her body. It's not for you to pledge, control, bargain, leverage, or trade. So, your "deal" is almost certainly void because it violates the sanctity of her body and her control over it.

    So, go to her and tell her that you are stopping smoking independent of the 'deal' that you made. Tell, her that her body is only for her to manage and should not be part of a bargain. Tell her that you love her more than you want to get your way. And tell her that you are still interested and titilated and that you want to pursue it with her interest and comfort.

    Once you have clearly stopped smoking, then you can re-urge the cuckold fantasies. Of course, she can bring them up any time.
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  10. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Jeff, I understand how this can be taken the wrong way, but it's not as serious as it sounds. It started out more of a joke than a serious question, she wouldn't decide on something big like that without having to think it through first. She was aware that I was serious about cuckolding some time before but never really conveyed it until the last few days. She wants me to stop smoking but I doubt that she'd be doing this because I said I would stop. She's doing this because it's my fantasy and she's warming to the idea of it becoming reality. But for me, it's a mental motivation to reach a goal where the rewards are high.

    Hope that makes sense.
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  11. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    It makes sense to me. And it is motivation for both of you to fulfill desires. You gave her a way to do it that is helping you and loving to you. I really do think that was a smart move.
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  12. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Thanks for your understanding and kind words Deanna, I have nothing but the highest respect and love for my wife and I want her to be as happy and pleasured as much as possible. Obviously this adds to my pleasure and happiness also. I guess at the end of the day, happiness is what it's all about.

    I will update our progress, and I'm loving the advice on this forum.
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  13. JeffHouston

    JeffHouston Well-Known Member

    It makes perfect sense. I'm glad that you guys are getting more and more in sync.
  14. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I tend to sound like a broken record on this subject, but Jeff's point that you have to lift the pressure and guilt without acting like her pimp is what I found to work best. I'm sure placing ads and cruising bars works for some people, but for me the ultimate pleasure was (with great patience and lots of bedroom role playing) having L tell me one night that she thought she had found a guy she wanted sex with, if I was really serious. Just out of the blue, after I had convinced myself it would remain only a bedtime fantasy for both of us. I never pushed or tried to hook her up. It was all bedroom role playing (but fucking hell, was it hot!). My hope was always that she would take control of her sexuality, and develop the curiosity and confidence to explore on her own ground.

    I hope I'm not being misogynistic when I say that in general, the first time women play after being married, they tend to like an emotional connection with a guy, even if it's just some inexplicable chemistry. If she completely accepts evidence of your buy-in, she'll find the right guy, and the experience will have a much higher chance of being a positive one for her. And she'll want more. Lots more. For me, it was much hotter to see her make the decision to fuck another guy, than it would have been for me to constantly try to hook her up with men she didn't care for. We've been married long enough to know I suck at guessing which guy will get her wet.

    There's nothing wrong with her wanting to please you by acting out your fantasy, but the driving motivation to play should come from her, that as she explores, she loves the variety of men and fun of zipless fucks.

    Something to think about...broken record off.

  15. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Hi Don,

    I would agree to an extent. My wife is not as social and independent I'd hope she'd be. She doesn't go too many places alone. She does go to the gym and we've discussed if there's anyone there she can flirt with but apart from that there is no other place where she can communicate with other men regularly. I'd be more than happy if she could find someone at the gym but she tells me that the people seem to keep to themselves more. Although her answers are positive, I'm not going to rush into anything and get her to make a split decision because in the end she needs to want to have sex with another. She needs to feel comfortable and attracted to the other guy to allow them into her sexual life.

    I understand if we do experience this for the first time, I want everything to be just right or can turn into a disaster. I want to guide her and ultimately she would be the one who makes the final decision. She's agreed to look with me for a potential guy, it might or not put her off. But with regards to patience, I've never pushed her into making this decision. It's been over 6 years since I brought this up and the feelings have accumulated over time.

    This is a life changing situation after all, I'm taking it a step at a time.
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  16. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    I'd say you're in, Buzz. Or, maybe I should say someone will soon be in her.

    Don't make the mistake some moron husbands have by getting mad if she comes home one night and tell you that she's already done it, before telling you.

    Good job. Keep us posted. Sounds exciting.
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  17. rob788

    rob788 Guest

    Welcome to the club, Buzz. You're hereby awarded our badge as a worthy cuckold:
    funny cuckold symbol.jpg (Although it's best not to pin in on until she's fulfilled her part of the bargain. From the way you described your present situation, I don't think that will be long off.)
  18. buzzuk

    buzzuk Member

    Thanks a lot rob,

    I'm very honoured, but like you said I will wait till that faithful day. Will keep you guys updated.
  19. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    It does sound like you've been careful to do things right. And I know 6 years is a long time to wait for something to happen. It can seem like an eternity - I know. I can only recommend trying to place her in new social situations, and not necessarily by herself. Men will still flirt with women when their husbands are around - in fact, it's a good way to tell they might be into entering a sexual relationship with her in spite of her being married, or you knowing. Never turn down an invitation to a social event - weddings, birthday parties, house warming parties - even if you don't know many people there. More exposure means more opportunity for her to meet someone. Don't push - flatter her, encourage her, and never show jealousy or possessiveness. Let her know when you honestly think a guy is interested - "Wow, I think he's seriously taken with you. He really likes you." But only if it's true - don't make shit up - she'll know you're pimping her (and it kind of sick, anyway). Don't stick together like glue at social events - mingle separately at times to give men a chance to approach her. If a guy's interested in her, let him know you're not even slightly jealous. You don't have to tell him in so many words. Just remain friendly and positive around him, then wander off again to give him more time with her. It's like opening a door to her potential lover. Always stay open to meeting new people in unfamiliar situations.

    L met her first lover at the party of a casual friend of mine. We almost didn't go because we knew we wouldn't know anyone there. For some reason I felt like doing something out of the ordinary, so I convinced her to go - for just an hour. I found the two of them in the kitchen, talking, and saw the chemistry immediately. I left them alone for a while after meeting him, and later came back and joined the conversation. I liked him, and I could tell there was something more than just physical attraction between them. The three if us spent most of our time the rest of the night talking (several hours, IIRC), then we parted company and went home. L didn't mention him at all after we left - in fact, she was unusually quiet. I could sense something was brewing, but wisely, in retrospect, kept my mouth shut, except for some brief remarks that I enjoyed chatting with him. It was at least 1 - 2 weeks later, minutes after we had role played her imagining me as some other lover of her choice, that she told me quietly, in the dark, that she thought she had found a man she wanted to have sex with, if I was still serious about it. I called my friend to get Dave's number under the pretense of some "business" we discussed that night, we called him, and he's still L's favorite lover to this day, and a trusted friend to both of us. Had we not met him, by chance, at a party we almost didn't attend, L may have never become a hotwife. Long-shots like that are only likely to come through if you play the game often enough. The one opportunity you skip may be the one that's magic for her. Anyway, it worked for us...

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  20. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    On first reading your post I didn't think that I would ever have come up with such a cuckolding kick-off concept as the one you have proposed, Buzzuk.

    But then I was gripped by the attractive irony of you trading your smoking addiction for an opportunity for your wife to become addicted to a smoking hot lover which I, along with you perhaps, am actually look forward to her doing, and to you reporting on for us here.

    With my wife, it was also an addiction that was the tradeable commodity. Not that I was any sort of a smoker, even after intercourse.

    No, my addiction was more in the nature of an addicktion; to my bisexual best buddy's cock and to the rest of his beautiful body, and to his fascinatingly erotic mind.

    For two agonising years I been wanting to man-up and introduce him to my equally fascinating and sexual wife. Then 4 years ago I did, and the rest is, as they say, History; as recorded by me in enough detail on this forum.

    Soon after she met me I told my wife that I was bisexual and currently had a young lover. The fact that that did not worry her in the least should, in retrospect, have alerted me to the tradeability, viv-a-vis my wife, of my lover's personal beauty and uniquely erotic love-making skills for her pleasure and indulgence of my intensely visuo-erotic nature, especially as the alternating male participant in MFM threesomes.

    Now my wife is totally addicted to my beautiful buddy, body mind and soul, and I to the erotically explosive spectacle and sounds of their nightly lovemaking beside me in our bed. So every body and mind is happy in our home.

    The increasing openness of my ecstasising on occasions in our fluidly role-exchanging threesomes recently prompted my buddy to jockularly prescribe me E-cigarettes cut with heroin and P or some other orgasm-enhancing chemical, none of which any of us have experienced, or indeed has any need of at all. I laughed, and pointed out to him the obvious truth that my two current addictions---to my wife and to him---were more than enough for me already.

    May I suggest that if you have a close buddy (bisexual and beautifully-built or not) you may not have to give up even smoking to get your wife hooked on supernumerary sex and to ecstatically fulfil your ambitions as a presently only wannabe cuckold and voyeur?

    Given your wife's obvious interest in getting it from another man, all you might need to do to gain your ultimate aim and wildly erotic ends is to gently introduce him to her and you might not have to give up smoking---even after intercourse.

    But in so recommending I must confess that on occasions, including in our marriage bed, I can become painfully aware of the truth of the old adage "Different smokes for different folks".

    Happy New Year, Buzzuk!
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