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My wife is an easy piece of ass

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by Robandkate, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    I wish more guys knew how easy it is to get to fuck my wife. She is a pretty, blonde, 45 year old wife and mom. She has been fucking other guys for fifteen years now and is quite active.

    Kate has a group of regular lovers and she fucks two or three of them per week. I get to enjoy cream pies and sloppy seconds on a weekly basis. Some of these guys are friends of ours and some of them I have never met. I sometimes watch Kate with her lovers but she does 'date' guys alone and tells me about it later while I am licking her clean.

    I love the fact that my wife is such a slut for cock. She is pretty much available to her lovers whenever they want her. I enjoy being married to a woman that so many other guys enjoy fucking.

    Feel free to email.

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  2. cuckold32

    cuckold32 New Member

    doesnt it make you proud to serve a woman that is wanted by so many. I know it makes me proud
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  3. seanjohnsn

    seanjohnsn New Member

    Arent slut wifes the best. I don't even have to ask anymore, she will fuck a guy anytime she pleases and makes me beg her to tell me about it. Good job on picking the right one.
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  4. SingleCuck

    SingleCuck New Member

    How to meet a cuckoldress

    Hi folks, my name is Dan. I am a single man seeking a lady to cuckold me. I have adds on AFF and alt.com, what else can I do to attract a lady for this lifestyle? Thank you
  5. incomingwillie

    incomingwillie New Member

    My wife was an easy fuck too when I first met her Rob. I hope to get her back into that frame of mind again. I love hearing her stories from her past
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  6. pete825lj

    pete825lj New Member

    Do you mostly prefer to pick the guys on her own or do you prefer to do a little choosing? For me, I somtimes like to be able to pick out the guys she plays with. Just an added turn on.
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  7. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    Kate picks her lovers herself. If she and I are together when she is in the process of seducing a guy, I can steer her away from a guy who I think is a jerk. I can also let her know if I think a guy is Ok. Unless I feel very strongly one way or the other, I usually stay out of the decision making. I am not a wimp or a pussy-boy, but I am also not pushy. If I have a strong opinion I will voice it.

    Kate likes for me to 'offer her' to a guy. She gets really turned on if I ask a guy we have just met if he would like to fuck my wife. I have done this a few times with great results, I am just not pushy enough to do it on a regular basis.

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  8. incomingwillie

    incomingwillie New Member

    That would be such a turn on Rob, offering your wife to a stranger you just met. When I first met my wife she told me she just could never say no to a bloke if he tried to have sex with her!
  9. Larson

    Larson Member

    My Z loves the slut game

    That's pretty much my Z too. She says she really can't say no if a guy she's attracted to wants to fuck her and is bold enough to ask. The one deal we have in our marriage is that she'll tell them yes, but that they have to do it in front of me. That works for her too, so that's what we do.

    Over the years (we've been doing it for 28 years, since our first date), I've watched Z take several hundred men, and it never ceases to get to me. She is particularly interested in having to fuck a guy she has just met. One of the ways we handle this is that she or I meet them on line and work things out (which usually takes weeks, and a lot of conversation--we're not nuts), they get a battery of STD tests (Z is an M.D. and helps them find a clinic, tells them which tests to get, and looks at the results, which then have to scan and send to us first), and then we meet them in a hotel lobby, where I shake his hand and then Z steps in and kisses him and we ride up in the elevator to the room where he rides Z. Z calls it, "Shake his hand and fuck his wife," and it's a great game. Larson
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  10. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    Slut Wife

    My wife picks up at a hotel used by Reps and Truckers, Its great when they have her name and ask some of the other guests if they have been with her.
    Onece a group of black truckers asked if I knew her, I described her and said that she is normally arrives by 10:00pm (10mins). I told them that she dosent mind them being rough and she has been whipped a few times.

    As soon as she walled in they made a bee line for her and took her to the room.

    When she arrived home the next day she was covered with welts, her ass, tits and stomach, she was crying and said 30 black guys used her in every whole, Pissed over her and treated her really bruitally, with hickies all over That night was not the finish of her rough treatment only the start
    . :lol: :lol:
  11. Matty&Dan

    Matty&Dan New Member

    Slutty wife

    My wife and I grew up in the same town and she had the reputation of a slut. Way before I ever thought of dating her my friend fucked her in his car in the parking lot of a bar. Me and my other friends watched with out her knowing. I love to dress my wife up in heels and a miniskirt and send her into a bar by herself and sit at the other end of the bar and watch the guys flirt with her.
  12. detroitguy73

    detroitguy73 New Member

    I must just be living in the wrong state. I can't find any wifes like you guys have. I'm a bull and just no luck at find the cuckold women.

    That's it.... I'm Moving..

    Detroit Sucks.
  13. Matty&Dan

    Matty&Dan New Member

  14. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    detroitguy...no need to move...just sharpen your hunting skills. My wife has fucked several guys in Detroit. I used to work for a company headquartered there. I always took Kate on my trips there. I don't remember any trip that she did not find a guy to bring to our room and fuck in front of me.

    Upscale hotel bars are a great place to find couples like us. Wives are always more willing to misbehave when in another city. Even when we go out to pick up a guy in our town, we go to upscale hotal bars to find a lonely married guy.

    Look for a couple where the woman is dressed to attract attention... not dressed like a whore, but sexy. the woman will be making eye contact with other men in the bar and the husband will be ignoring the fact that she is smiling at other guys.

    If the woman smiles at you, return her smile. If she continues to flirt with you, move closer to the couple and try to start a simple "how ya doin" conversation. If she is interested, they will engage you in conversation. If they do not, don't push it...move on.

    NEVER ignore the husband, NEVER tey to lure her away from the husband and NEVER approach her when the husband leaves to go to the men's room.

    Sharpen you instincts and "good hunting"!

  15. detroitguy73

    detroitguy73 New Member

    Thanks for the Tips...

    I've been the "bull" often when I lived in Florida. I just find it more difficult here in Michigan. It seems less likely to find ladies for a regular fun time. Sure the traveling fun is nice but I enjoy more than one time.

    I'm always searching for nice local people and hope I stumble apon them here or other places.
  16. detroitguy73

    detroitguy73 New Member


    Looking at that little photo.. It seems NJ is the place to be...

    what a tempting offer!!!!
  17. socalsub

    socalsub New Member

    Rob, you guys Rock!
  18. nietzsche

    nietzsche Member

    Re: Slut Wife

    Do you have any idea how lucky you are? I am SO jealous right now.
    My wife went to a MagTeam get-together in Chicago once, and it was pretty much like what you describe. A lot of black men, a handful of white women. My wife admits to losing track of how many people she fucked. She didn't get too much rough treatment, but she did have some bruises on her tits from having someone squeezing them really forcefully. (She said she liked that guy the best.) I thought this was pretty awesome--I was smiling for a week straight. But what happened to your wife takes the cake. Wow. Thank you for sharing!
  19. cuckold4her2

    cuckold4her2 New Member

    Most embarrassing moments

    We used to go to this lounge and knew most of the people. My wife had a real lust for one of my friends that I had worked with in the past. She would get him to dance and flirt with him. I could see the look on her face that she was in heat as she danced slow with this guy. Well, she did everything to seduce him without any luck. I finally and bluntly ask him. "Do you want to fuck my wife" His response really embarrassed me, he said "absolutely not". I tried to make a joke out of my question, but he knew I was serious. I guess that was the most embarrassing thing that every happen regarding our life style
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2008
  20. dewey9

    dewey9 New Member

    I don't see how he could turn that down!

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