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My wife enjoys being hurt but I can't bring myself to go far enough for her

Discussion in 'BDSM' started by harryadny, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. harryadny

    harryadny New Member

    True... Sheila my wife loves being humiliated and tortured occasionally, she says it's to punish her for being a whore slut and cheating on me all the time.

    Unfortunately I just haven't the violent streak to go as far as she wants sometimes... I can lash her with a leather strap all over, and use a cane on her tits (she likes that)... But not hard or violent enough for her sometimes...

    Recently she's got even worse, and does things that I don't really agree with, both in the cuckold sex scenario and in the torture punishment scenario afterwards... Can't go into some of it here, but her liking for extreme pain and humiliation and led to me having to bring in a volunteer torture master.

    My mate Jock is a nasty bit of work, although he does know the limits and never goes beyond, he pushes it to the limit evoking the 'safe word' a lot of the time... Sheila can't get enough of it when she's in that mood... I sometimes wish I could be more violent with her... I just can't though.
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  2. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member


    welcome to the site, it certainly seems as if you and your wife have an interesting relationship. how about posting an introduction in the "newbies" forum and give us a little background as to how you arrived at this point in your marriage. we really look forward to hearing more from you.
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  3. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    I had a girlfriend like this many years ago. She was very pretty and very sexy. She was bi and we met some couples with a bi lady for foursomes but never a single lady. She just loved sex and we fantasised about everything....and I mean everything!
    Often when I went to her flat and we started to have sex, she would say "be horrible to me". I knew what this meant and I had to tell her she was trash. I loved her dearly - and she me - but I knew that this was want she wanted. I told her she was filth and not fit to lick my arse - which she did often.
    She would beg me to do things which, excited as I was, I couldn't bring myself to do. I did thrash her with a cane on her arse and tits, but putting out lighted matches on her buttocks I drew the line at. She would beg me to use her as "a worthless piece of shit" - her words, not mine.
    She begged me to force huge dildoes up her arse and cunt.
    Every morning and at night sometimes I had to piss in her mouth and she would gulp it down and would explain as she was begging for it that that was all she was good for and I would tell her she was just a recepticle for my spunk and piss. I won't tell you what else she begged for in that department!
    After sex I would cuddle her and tell her that she was special to me and I wasn't comfortable with treating her like this. She would smile as we cuddled and tell me she loved me.
    But it wouldn't be many days before she would get moody and say that if I really loved her I would be nasty to her. I can't pretend that it was not exciting even if I didn't comply with her more outrageous demands.
    We split up eventually as she wanted to have children and a committed relationship which I didn't at the time. She married and settled down with 3.5 kids and as far as I know lives a normal life. Whether she outgrew her fetish for being treated like trash, I don't know. But I'm happy that she is in a loving relationship now.
    Has anyone else had a relationship like this?
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  4. taskmaster

    taskmaster New Member

    treasure the pain loving slut

    as a dominate I search for woman like this. have only found a few but they are well worth the search. Thing is we both need each other and it does not matter who we are married too. because we realize it is only sex.
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  5. chakota36

    chakota36 New Member

    i like!

    that is the way i want to see my wife done...i know sha would luv it

  6. sinfulxone

    sinfulxone New Member

    As long as both are ok with it

    Go for it as long as you both are agreeable and enjoy
  7. drjim893

    drjim893 New Member

    My wife

    My wife was sexually experienced when we married and she has never seemed to have any limits.

    I have used bondage...spanked her...hard and twisted her nipples.I have used a whip on her. Never has she complained.

    Now she is about to begin her first affair with a biker, ex-marine. I am more than a little concerned that with her never resisting anything he will discover this and abuse her.

    But I can't bring myself to even mention it to her.

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  8. denvercouple71

    denvercouple71 Active Member

    My wife and I were in a similar situation years ago. She loves to be treated as trash and be hurt. However, we were in cuckolding since ever. Thus, she decided that her lover (not me...) would be her Master. It took sometime to find the right Dom. I prefer not to see their BDSM sessions. I love to watch her being fucked by lovers but I couldn't handle the BDSM... watching her being spanked, canned, torture by her DOM was too much for me... I have to say that I love the results but not the act itself... I love the results because it really turns me on. The way she came back home, exhausted, entire sore body, many red/violet marks on her body, dirty (no shower after BDSM sessions). Oh man... That's hot!!! I usually cum only by looking her getting home like this trash bicth. Afterwards, going out for shopping or supermarket with her, wearing short skirts, showing the red/violet marks on her legs, showing the hard kisses marks on her neck and knowing those marks were NOT done by me... I do shopping or supermarket with my cock hard as a rock until we get back home.
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  9. fkmywfxn

    fkmywfxn Well-Known Member

    When I first met my soon to be wife one of her fantasies was to be tied/handcuffed/restrained and wanted to be dominated. She wanted to be slapped and spanked, abused, humiliated and to feel pain. Clothespins on her nipples weren't enough pressure, I had to squeeze the clothespins on her nipples with my fingers, so I bought a more extreme version. The kind that had a chain linking them. I could pull on it without them slipping off her nipples. The more you pulled on them the tighter they pinched. I was soon putting clothespins all over her body.

    I wasn't sure what to do. I experimented. I dripped hot wax all over her body. I was doing things I read about or saw in porno's.

    I pulled on her hair pulling her head back and teasingly slapped her face. To my shock she wanted me to do it harder. She kept telling me "more". I didn't feel good about slapping her face.

    I moved from slapping her face, rolling her over and slapping her ass. I noticed that she got extremely horny. I bought a speculum and thick dildo's to stretch her pussy to a painful level. Beer bottles weren't doing it for her anymore. I still couldn't get my whole hand in her. I'm a big man and my hands are big. I kept trying but I couldn't get that far. She wanted penetration.

    The more times we did it the farther she wanted to go. I was getting used to "torturing" her. It made me horny also.

    One night I gave it to her good. I slapped her face over and over again, hard, forehand and back hand. I couldn't believe she wanted it that hard. She had enough and told me to stop. That was the first time I heard that. I thought I saw a tear.

    I rolled her over and began slapping her ass. "More?", I would ask. She kept nodding. I was slapping her ass so hard my hand was hurting. I began slapping her ass hard over and over again. I felt like I was beating her until I noticed she was crying..

    I stopped and apologized and told her I was sorry. She got so angry with me, called me a pussy and told me that I ruined it. We never did anything that extreme again. She said that I could never dominate her.
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  10. newtothis2

    newtothis2 New Member

    I knew a girl like this too. Her ass would be red and my hand hurting as well. I'm not going beyond that with a woman so we broke up. Fun is fun but I'm not leaving any bruises on her the way that she wanted and the way yours wants to as well. If you are not comfortable with doing it probably best to split up. A big dick is not going to help if she can take your fist and still wants more pain.

    The reason I say break up is because you are not comfortable with going farther in hurting her and it appears the "normal" acts of sex even if you add partners will not help in her pleasure, as it seems pain is her pleasure not who she is fucking.

    My two cents.
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  11. newtothis2

    newtothis2 New Member

    Wait...sorry I replied to "slut plays" post thinking it was the OP .

    Ignore what I said..unless it makes sense to you.
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  12. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    I find this thread interesting and will share that I have been lucky enough to meet couples where the woman needs the discipline and pain that cannot be given by the hubby or the boyfriend. I have been more than happy to administer what they can't give the girl and I always give the girl a safe word which when said I immediately stop. I have shaken many a husband's hand and heard his thanks.

    IF there are other couples in this same fix please contact me.
  13. 4winds04

    4winds04 New Member

    My wife enjoys pain with her sex too. She's almost dosile by nature and has been a closet submissive most of her life. We play with it when we're in bed and I've been upping the anty, as it were. Last week we had a morning session and I got playfully rough with her. She's not much on foreplay. She likes to be played with enough to make her pussy wet, then bring on the cock.

    She's the kind of girl that fucking makes her cum. She likes it hard and deliberate! The more excited she gets the more pain she wants. I was fucking her steady and working my way up to her tits. I started biting at them through her sleep shirt and she started begging for a little more. So I encircled her entire right nipple and areola and started applying increasing pressure with my mouth. All the while I was sallivating for all I was worth. Trying my best to absolutely soak the material until it was saturated in my spit while I worked her other nipple with my fingers. She started moaning as I squeezed her left breast in my hand and crushed her nipple in my fingers. Then she started howling when I started chewing on her nipple through her soaked nighty. By the time she went over the edge I was chewing so hard it was making the fabric squeek!

    But even at that, she is still my wife and I wouldn't want to damage our relationship with a bad extreme experience. I know who she is inside even if she is reluctant to indulge in that side as fully as she would like to. I would love to find a man who could open her up and set free the dirty little submissive tramp thats been lurking just beneath the surface for most of her life and make it do dirty things. >;D
  14. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    Wow, this is my cuckold marriage in a nutshell, my wife likes her sex a little rough and nasty and ever since we had children I do not have the mindset to fuck her the way she wants, I make love to her and she wants more. She loves having her arms pinned down while getting fucked hard, at least she did from me but now she gets off on being the submissive one and since I am already submissive to her she finds men that are up to the task.
  15. Kyle1213

    Kyle1213 Member

    Same here . My wife and I loved eachother and I loved making love to her , but that's not what she wanted and was frustrated that I wasn't doing what she wanted without her having to draw pictures for me. The first time I watched her being fucked It was crystal clear . By that time it was too late and evn of I tired she no lo he saw me like that . You know how the rest of this story goes ...
  16. CaptainCuckold

    CaptainCuckold New Member

    Reading these posts makes me think of one of the opening scenes in the movie called "The killer inside me" where Jessica Alba gets beaten by this guy during a sex encounter that she she almost dies. And I think she even says she loves him. If anyone here is into that, I'm not, check that 2:30 second clip out. It is very disturbing how far she wants him to go.

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