My Wife Cuckolded Me!

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    Some may cite this story as fact, others may claim fiction! The facts are however, and will remain, known to those who participated!

    Since my early teens, I always had this fascination about a black guy getting it on with a white girl. I guess this came about by the following facts. Where I grew up there were no blacks, no Asians, and no foreigners with strange sounding names and unknown languages. The only black people we saw were those in movies, television or the printed media. Then, at age 12, I attended a summer camp in another area of the country. That's where and when, I met my first black people. Without malice of intent, I was at first fascinated by them. I was so naive I wasn't even sure that their entire body was black. Then one evening, after a baseball game, as usual, we all headed to the showers. The fact that we were on a military base made modesty non- existent. The showers were in a large room with 30 open showers, separated only by 30 sq. inch dividers which were supposed to be waist high for a man of average height. For most of us .. well .. use your own imagination.

    I and three others were the first to the change rooms and then to the showers. When we entered, directly across from from the doorway and in full view, was a naked black senior cadet showering. He was initially face to the wall under the shower, but he almost immediately turned toward us. We initially thought he had heard us enter. Apparently however he had not, for in his right hand he held his huge thick long big black cock and was masturbating with great gusto, never missing a stroke. My friends and I were awe struck. As we were all around the same age, we, I was later that evening to learn, had never seen anyone masturbate before. The fact that he was an extremely well hung black guy only added to the excitement. Of course, for the remaining ten days or so while at camp, whenever we four got together this event was the main topic of conversation. I guess due to our age and experience, or lack thereof, after every conversation, and there were many, this guys cock grew to magnitudes that would shame the most well endowed stallions! In any event, I tell you this as a backdrop to my story that follows and why my continued fascination of a black guy getting in on with a white girl.

    After my first year at university, I was approached by a competing university to register with them with an athletic scholarship. Included in their offer was free on campus accommodations. Although I had to share the accommodations with a room mate, at the price offered who was I to complain. My room mate for the next four years turned out to be black. His name is Edwin. Shortly after graduation Edwin and I lost touch with each other. I took a job in a city near where I had grown up, Edwin moved to Europe with the company he worked for.

    I met my wife while visiting Edwin in London, England. It was an immediate fall in love phenomena. She is a beautiful blond, 5ft. 10 inches tall, weighing 138 lbs., and was modelling throughout Europe with a large modelling agency. In fact she still does some modelling. We married ten months later in her home town in Denmark. Unfortunately an invitation to Edwin was returned to us with a notation, "address unknown". I was very disappointed and couldn't recall the company's name he worked for so had no way to contact him. My future wife had never known or met him, so there was never much conversation about him after that, other than an occasional' "I wonder where he is now!" After we married we moved back to my home state and I went into business for myself. My wife continued to work modelling but less frequently, and travelled back and forth to Europe for a select few major clients. My business in the meantime grew in leaps and bounds and we mustered substantial financial independence in a very short time. My company was made an offer we couldn't refuse and I ended up as a partner in a much larger enterprise.

    About a year or so into our marriage, I would have these occurrences of this fantasy, undoubtably bought about by aforementioned experience, and I would mention to my wife whenever we were making out. This then led to me suggesting to her things like, "Would you like to take on a black guy right now?", or, "Think you could take on a well hung black guy right now?" Initially she would get upset, but my fantasy would never subside and she eventually would play along.

    After several years of marriage, we decided to combine some vacation time with a company convention I had to attend. It may sound screwy, but yes, it was in fact in Vegas. My wife and I arrived a day early so that I could oversee that the company plans for the convention were fully implemented. Part of the change I made was to hold a "Get to know you/reacquaint yourself cocktail party for the evening previous of the convention." During the early part of that cocktail party, and well after my wife and I had consumed several drinks, I heard someone loudly call out my last name over the din of everyone else's conversations. I turned and lo and behold it was my old university friend "Edwin"! I introduced him to everyone present, including my wife. I knew from a few quick glances from my wife what she was thinking of what, where and how was my mind was thinking or wandering to.

    Edwin is over 6 ft. 5 inches tall, and in our university days often referred to as the "black George Clooney!" Always very well groomed, athletic and of course, well spoken. We left the cocktail party a little early and went to a bar within the hotel convention complex. There Edwin bought us up to date on his past, as we did for him? Edwin had taken a position with a Germany with another company at the time we lost contact. When he got to Germany his personal belongings, along with all his contact lists went missing. He had made several attempts to track me down but to no avail. In any event, here we were today and the past was just that, the past. We chatted and drank until almost midnight, then headed back to our rooms. We agreed we would meet the following evening, go out for dinner and some club hopping.

    That night I was feeling a little raunchy, as was my wife! Not unlike many times in the past, in the heat of passion, I asked her if she was ready to try a "black one!", to my surprise she replied, "Edwin!?" I new damn well she was attracted to him, and I couldn't blame her, Edwin always was a ladies man and was was still single. I replied, "I can arrange that!", to which she replied, "You wouldn't dare!" Just what I needed a "challenge". We met the following evening, had a great dinner and went club hopping. In several of the clubs Edwin and my wife danced. The more they danced, the more it became apparent that she wanted him and he wanted her. This even became apparent to many on the dance floor. Edwin's manhood gave him away by the clear evidence of its excitement through his trousers. Eventually we found our way back to the hotel. When we entered the elevator, my wife, ignoring me, invited Edwin to our room for a nite cap. Edwin was not about to refuse. Back in our room I poured each of us a drink and turned the TV onto a music channel. After some light chatter my wife excused herself and went to the bedroom. The look of disappointment on Edwin's face was priceless. I assured him that she had merely gone to freshen up. He looked no less disappointed, but was visibly hopeful.

    A short while later my wife returned dressed in her finest three piece negligee. It consisted of a bra, very tiny panties and a night dress, of sorts. It was red, trimmed in black. It was clearly not the thing I would have had ever thought she would have had worn other than in my company. Edwin almost lost it then and there. My excitement was immediately heightened by my wild fantasy taking hold, which in turn was heightened and supported by too much drink. My wife, supported by similar thoughts and drinks, immediately went to Edwin, music still playing, and said, "Let's dance!" He had no need for convincing! I refilled our drinks, sat back with both cameras at hand and watched them. It took less than minutes for them to commence their exploring each other!

    Edwin started by grabbing my wife by her bottom and grinding his pelvis into hers. They then began kissing and grouping each other. I then noticed Edwin's hand reaching for her love nest while she began to search for the zipper of his pants. The next thing began the moaning by my wife as Edwin's fingers found their target and were penetrating and exploring her pussy with great gusto. It was then that I noticed Edwin step out of his trousers, his massive black cock in my wife's hand as she stared at it in awe! She then pulled his hand from between her legs, dropped her gown and bra to the floor and stared at his manhood! She was transfixed and motionless other than to lift it up, then push it down, then massage it a little, in total disbelief of its massive size. I was , at this point, mesmerized by the sight in front of me.

    My wife then began to push Edwin, without much protest from Edwin I might add, towards the bed, all the while pulling down his shorts which he then stepped out of. She sat Edwin on the edge of the bed, got on her knees between his legs and began to explore his manhood with her tongue and mouth. I by this time had my video camera mounted on its tripod and capturing the action. It took Edwin all of three or four minutes to blow his first load. My wife would occasional give me a blow job, but they were few and far apart. She had never done me like she was now doing Edwin! She had some real difficulty getting her mouth around Edwin's cock it was so big, but what she did have she wasn't about to let go! As Edwin began to cum, he grasped her head more tightly, as if that was necessary, and let loose. He seemed to cum forever, my wife moaned and swallowed several times! That was something she had never done for me! I felt a little anger, disappointed and perhaps cheated at this time! That feeling quickly dissipated however when she released his cock in search of every droplet of cum juice she could find! After several minutes of this, Edwin, reached for her, picked her up as if she weight just ten pounds and placed her on her back on the bed.

    Edwin spread her legs and placed himself on his stomach between her legs and commenced teasing her pussy with his fingers and tongue. After a few minutes, and I guess she couldn't handle that any longer, grabbed his head and shoved his face into her crotch! Edwin ate her pussy as if it were his first mescal in weeks! He made her cum numerous times! Her screaming bought about some concern that perhaps someone would hear them down on the street, regardless of the fact that we were on the tenth floor.

    It was after several minutes break after this episode that they were both ready for a grand finale! Edwin got on his knees between her bent legs, his rejuvenated manhood in his right hand, his left hand grasping her waist. My wife moaned as she looked at what was about to attempt to penetrate her, and lifted herself so as to better meet this new intruder! As Edwin's cock touched her swollen hot wet white wanton cunt and she yelled, "Oh! Oh, my God! He's going to do it! He's going to do it!" Edwin could only manage to bury that massive black monster just beyond its head before my wife pushed him back in protest! Things had gone too far now for Edwin, he was not going to back off! He held his cock in her for several minutes as if to allow her pussy to stretch enough to accommodate it better. Sensing her relaxing, he pulled back ever so slightly and thrust forward again. This time with care but with even more determination to get his manhood to where he wanted it to be., buried in her moist pussy to his balls. This time he buried almost half of that black monster in her. My wife groaned in pain and demanded he take it away. I became concerned about her, but was so transfixed I was unable to react. Edwin again just held it in her for much longer this time than that first time. After a period of time she began to writhe on Edwin's cock. Edwin, sensing this pulled back and made several more attempts to bury his cock further into her pussy! These gentle, but determined thrusts, sent my wife into a whole series of orgasms that seemed to go on forever! I don't why, nor how, but from the first time Edwin's cock penetrated my wife's pussy until she had several goes, he didn't cum. His staying power and control was awesome. However his control could last no longer and now it was his turn to climax.

    My wife had been able to accommodate Edwin's black monster right to its balls! Now she had to accept its consequences! As she felt Edwin's cock pulsate inside her, she grabbed him by the ass so as to keep him deep with her! While doing so she yelled, "My God! He's going to cum! He's going to cum! He's cumin inside me! Oh-o-o-o! It's so hot!" Edwin went in bareback and that's they way we wanted it! Next I saw Edwin's love juices, combined with hers, drip from around his black cock which was still buried, balls deep, in her yet to be fully satisfied pussy! This scene repeated itself through out the night and until sunrise the next morning! My wife had been truly blackened and we all loved it. We have numerous pics and several hours of video which my wife and I enjoy from time to time. She and Edwin screwed their brains out over the next several days, nothing however can compare to that first time!

    It was the ultimate pleasure seeing my wife seduced by Edwin! The sights, the sounds of both their bodies slamming together, her pussy sucking air from time to time, his blackness against her white body, their orgasms, oh, yes, I had a few also, the smell that eventually permeated our suite, all contributed in equal to the lust we experienced that night. For the more curious, has it ever happened again, either with Edwin or someone else? No it hasn't ... not yet anyway.

    A few very close friends with whom we shared this story, like her twin sister for example, have said I've been cuckold by my wife! That thought hadn't entered our vocabulary or thoughts prior to this event! If I can now be justifiably called a "cuckold", so be it!

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