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    [FONT=&quot]My wife is 40 and I am 52, [/FONT][FONT=&quot]​​[/FONT][FONT=&quot]she looks like 30 because she has a well cared small frame and a cute little body that many men want. We had been married for five years when my wife and I separated for different reasons. After two years apart we got back together and reconcile. A few years later, in a night of confessions she confessed to me that while we were separated she had an affair with a boy of her work called Felix. I could not believe it. I never thought I'd be cuckolded. I felt humiliated, jealous, but her image taking another cock really excited me and I realized that I liked. She told me some details of their romance. Said the guy had a very good dick and that made her cry and mourn for pleasure, also she said the guy moved very nice. she said she was in love with the guy who was 10 years younger than her and who fucked her about 35 times in different hotels and places. She even told me that several times she asked me to babysit because she was working out of town; actually she went with the lover to another city to sleep and spend the day with him. After some months they finished because he was jealous of me and everyone went their separate ways. I felt hurt but also excited. Since then our sex life became super hot, we talk every moment of my fantasies of her with other men. She tells me of the men she would like to fuck, what kind of dick she likes, etc. We spend the day chatting and she tells me of a colleague also younger or 28 years that keeps complimenting her and giving small gifts. They have even kissed in the office several times in secret. I tell her that I would love to see her with him but she does not want because it says it can be a problem. She says she only fucks when she gets in love and she loves me. She says she did with the other because she was in love and I really liked but is afraid to fall in love with this other and ruin our marriage. I said it would be just sex and nothing more. But she maintains that NO. Only we fantasize. Our sex life is great with these fantasies. She says that in any case, she would like to get another man but I cannot fuck with another woman. I like that. I'm encouraging her to fuck with her partner but I say that I should be present and that does not appeal to her [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]A few days ago my wife told me another confession of her first lover. She said that in fact when we reconciled she had not finished with him and that she had continued going to bed with him for almost a year without my realizing it. That hurt me but also made me super hot. Now I realized that if there was no doubt that I was a cuckold. She confessed that the guy was huge and that made her scream with pleasure. She said he had enormous balls she loved to suck. The guy made her so horny that she was ready to undress anytime he wanted. She always lent him her car, which is actually mine, to go to the motel and she even sometimes paid. She said she always went to the motel with sexy lingerie to show off to her man. Several times without me knowing it, she made me suck her pussy after being with him and as he never put condoms, so I unknowingly swallow his come. She says that gave her a lot of pleasure. He said that in bed the guy was very fiery and sometimes did it three times. They did all the possible positions but he liked doggie and she loved that too. Several times, she even swallowed his come and then came to me to kiss me. She confessed she would have continued fucking with him if he hadn’t gone out of the country.

    He said he wanted her to have his children but she refused because she already had mine, but said she would have liked to have one child from him. She said she was in love with him and still is, but that she also loves me and she would never leave me.
    One day we were talking about what would be of her lover in the other country and began to mourn because she knew nothing about him and she missed him, I comforted her and told her he would return safe one day. She told me the last time She saw him, he wanted to take her to a hotel and she didn’t accept but now regrets not having gone.
    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Now, our sex life has improved enormously! My wife says I am the best cunt sucker ever; she gets to heights she never reached before via intercourse, and has the best orgasms of her life. In return, when I fuck her , she always mentions her lovers name, how big his cock was, how he made her feel like his bitch and I come as never before.[/FONT]
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    Nice fantasy.

    Not sure if your second language skills relay your exact thoughts but do you realize how often and how much your wife is Ling to you in this story?

    Also, if where separated you weren't cuckolded.
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