My Wife and My Buddy Babymaking

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    A brief but very beautiful video shot during my buddy's buildup to orgasm in one of his baby-making sessions with my wife.

    About a minute after I stopped videoing him he ejaculated balls-deep in her. Three weeks later my wife returned a positive pregnancy test. The outcome was a beautiful baby boy---the second of two that my buddy has fathered for her.
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    Several male and female forum members have notified me that the above link to the video-clip of my buddy impregnating my wife has not been working for several months.

    For your viewing pleasure I post this new link to it :

    My buddy had been bare-backing my wife for some 45 minutes before I shot the clip, for which as you can see I got very close-up to the action. So close in fact that I could easily hear the wet sounds of my buddy's cock thrusting in my wife's beautifully yielding and super-stretched vagina which was lubricatiing copiously from her excitement.

    My wife was in the middle of her fertile time, so her libido was as its very peak and she was very receptive indeed to my buddy. He certainly rose magnificently to the occasion in manfully exciting and fulfilling my wife and himself to his very hilt----as you see.

    I got extremely turned on watching the way my wife's hands so encouragingly caressed my young buddy's superbly muscular back and waist and super-sexy bum all the way through their beautiful fuck, including while he was ejaculating in her and for many minutes afterwards until they fell asleep in each others arms..

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