My Wife and Her Step Brother

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    My wife had admitted to me before we married that she and her step-brother, a year younger than her, had fooled around at home from time to time when their parents weren’t home. Although they didn’t go all the way with it, I found her stories exciting. At times, when we had sex, I asked whether she could imagine her step-brother fucking her as I was pounding her. Perhaps more to please me, she would say, “Oh yeah.”

    She is now 29, a slender, long-legged 5’8”, with brown hair and brown eyes. We had been swingers since she was 27, five years after marrying, and occasionally invited another guy to have sex with her while I watched. Because she is exceptionally attractive, finding couples or single men wasn’t any problem.

    A month before I was to be transferred with my job to Brazil, her step-brother visited us for a few days. I had thought about how to bring their past up for months in a manner that wouldn’t upset him. He had made some remarks from time to time that told me he suspected we were swingers. He had confessed long before that he was well experienced sexually. We went fly fishing and were sitting alone at a table at a nearby diner. He’s a fitness addict and ripped, 5’10” with blond hair and blue eyes.

    We were leaving the country anyway for a couple of years, so I admitted what he had already hinted at. He enthusiastically said he was glad he had been right about that, that she rightly deserved that. I told him the pleasure I had when hearing about their sexual relationship when they were living at home. He said he thought about it a lot and was glad for the experience.

    So I told him that I often brought his name up while she and I had sex, and she would go wild, saying she wanted him to fuck her. His eyebrows shot up and he said, “Really? Are you kidding me?” I assured him I wasn’t, and he said, “Wow. I wish!”

    I asked whether he would enjoy visiting us in Rio after we moved and offered to pay the airfare if he wanted. I didn’t offer more, but it was clear he knew what I was suggesting. He said, “That would be a great place to vacation. I’ll take you up on that.”

    We were at our new digs for two months when it was time for his vacation and we talked about it on the phone. I told him that I wouldn’t tell my wife he was coming, that it would be a surprise. She and I had by then been swinging with a married British couple twice since moving in, and my wife agreed to meet a single guy at some time in the near future.

    I arrived at the airport to meet her step-bro and we had a drink in the lounge. I said, “If you’re still interested in fucking your step-sister, I’ll set it up.” He said, “Cool! Do you really think she will go along with it?” I told him my plan and he agreed.

    That night, I left him at a coffee shop a couple of doors from our condo and told my wife that I had met a very good looking guy that afternoon who wanted to fuck her. I added, “But I’d like to do something different. How about you being blind-folded until he’s fucked you?” She grinned and said, “Okay. I don’t know why you want that, but I’ll do it.”

    I told her to wait a few minutes and went to meet her step-brother. I walked in the door fist to make sure she was blindfolded. She wasn’t at that moment but was wearing her white silk robe and nothing beneath. The robe parted at the waist, revealing a bare leg. I applied the blind fold and went back to the door and waved her sibling in. As agreed, he didn’t say a word.

    He stripped and laid his clothes on the couch. He had once told me he was 8 inches in length, but I had never seen it until then. I turned out the living room’s lamp. He walked to her and kissed her fully on the lips. Her hands stroked his shoulders and chest. She said, “You’re in very good shape!” Her fist fell to his penis. She gasped at its length and breadth. He kneeled, parting her robe, and his tongue lashed her clitoris. She shivered and moaned.

    I led her by the hand to our bedroom and urged her to her back. He mounted her. Trembling with anticipation, her voice quavered, “I love your long cock, whoever you are.” She raised her hips to give him access and guided his dick to the mouth of her pussy. My knees buckled as I stared at his member entering her channel. I unzipped my fly and sat in the side chair to watch and masturbate.

    Her head thrashed side to side, her hair flailing the room’s warm air. He pummeled her. Her heels kicked his buttocks in rhythm with their fucking.

    He rolled her to her stomach and entered her cunt from the rear. She cried out, “Oh year, fuck me!” She gripped the headboard with one hand and massaged her clitoris with the other. She moaned, “I’m gonna cum!” His body went rigid and he groaned as his sperm spilled into her channel.

    They collapsed side by side onto the bed. I walked over and removed the blindfold. Her mouth fell open, “You’ve got to be kidding me. How did this happen?” I asked, “Did you like it?”

    She hesitated a moment, staring at her sibling who grinned broadly, then confessed, “Yeah, I did! I can’t believe you set this up.”

    She leaned on an elbow toward him and said, “I’d never have agreed to this if I’d known, but I don’t regret it. Are you okay with it?” He said, “I have wanted to fuck you for years,” and although he already knew, asked, “Have you?” She covered his mouth with her lips and said, “Oh yes! I love it.”

    He said, “I’m glad. I’ll be here a week and half.” She kneeled alongside him and took his cock into her lips, her head bobbing enthusiastically until it had risen to full staff. He fucked her again as I watched from the corner chair. I left them alone for the night and slept on the living room couch.

    I had to go to the office during the day and left them home alone. She told me that night they had been fucking almost the entire day and she loved it. The next night, he slept between us and awoke from time to time during the night to fuck his step sister. I awoke to the shaking of the bed and watched.

    They fucked regularly up until the day he left to return home. She has thanked me often for that and looks forward to our transferring back to the States in two months. “I can’t wait to see him again,” she said. “This could be a new family tradition.”
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    Great story, thanks for sharing
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    Very Hot ...My wife always had a desire for her step-brother too. Great story, thank you.

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