My Wayward Wife's Wedding Ring

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    A few years ago I wrote this post for another Forum (no longer in existence) that I regularly contrtibuted to.

    The piece reveals an erotically very poignant aspect of my voyeurism that---in retrospect now--I had only faintly realized the importance at the time wrote it. But that aspect has recently begun to play---more and more deliciously erotogenically, at least for me--an increasingly important part in the generation of the intense pleasure I get from our continuing menage-a-trois.

    That is because a few months ago my wife divorced me and married my buddy whose wedding ring she wears in place of the now superceded one I lovingly slipped onto her left ring finger at our church wedding ceremony some 15 years ago.

    Here's the piece:

    " For over a year my wife (33) and I have given permanent home to her extremely handsome, beautifully built 20 year-old black college student lover., who happens to be my best buddy and, like me is openly bisexual.

    He sleeps with us in our Californian king-size bed and several times in the night and most mornings openly and extremely satisfyingly fucks my wife beside me.

    He almost always takes her in the "missionary" position, which she greatly prefers with him, and
    the sight and flash of her wedding and engagement rings on her left hand as she caresses his
    broad back and his flanks and thighs and cock while he is fucking her utterly inflames me with
    jealousy and lust, the word "BETRAYAL" coming up hugely in my mind's eye and shouting
    mockingly to my every sensitivity and husbandly instinct with every thrust he makes into her.

    Her young lover is a superb stayer, sometimes fucking her for upwards of an hour and ejaculating two
    or three times in her without withdrawing while driving her out of her mind and almost epileptic with pleasure.

    But when she gets impatient and is craving to be inseminated, particularly by his always more copious first
    ejaculation, with her left arm (her right one being clasped to his bum or back) she reaches under his torso and belly and back between his thighs and caresses his balls and the thick bulge of his cum-pumping muscles between his ballbag and his arsehole to trigger his first orgasm---a surefire technique she uses when he's been rooting her for a reasonable time and she's craving his cum in her.

    Seeing that wedding-ringed lovely white tender left hand of hers caressing her beautiful young lover's black
    thighs and balls and cock-root, almost desperately urging him to spurt into her, is the most shocking and painful part of her cuckolding of me. And for the life on me I don't know why.

    Once she has triggered his ejaculation, she clasps both hands to his orgasmically-clenching butt---as if our wedding vows have had no meaning to her at anytime---urging his superior youngman's semen from his convulsing body and into hers and up into her womb, while the whole-body orgasmic clenchings of his powerful young bum set the diamonds of the engagement ring ---that I worked my arse off to for her---flashing brilliantly and cruelly
    before my jealous eyes, blinding me with lust to watch him fuck her again and again.

    Strange, isn't it? "
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