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  1. michael1987

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    Below is an up-to-date chronological list of the video contributions I've made here since I began recommending in May 2017. The order is (from above down)) from the earliest to the latest-posted video.

    A few of the videos are of my first girlfriend and my second wife with my best buddies of the time.

    The total number of viewings of the videos individually, as of today, is shown in bold-black after the link to them.

    The grand total of viewings of the videos collectively stands at an astonishing 29,817, which I think fairly reflects their popularity as well as the likely generality--at least amongst our forum members and visitors--of my intensely voyeuristic interests as a bisexual husband, lover and ardent cuckold and an occasional bull and sperm donor for infertile couples.

    I trust that my list becomes a handy and helpful resource for lovers, husbands, wives and couples etc who have such interests in common with me. 6,034 849 1,223 5,684 3,952 1,261 1,224 4,714 5,386 2,142 2,749 (duplicating number 1 on this list) 45

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  2. michael1987

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    Here is a thread I missed listing in my post of yesterday: 4,532

    which brings the Grand Total (as of yesterday) to 33,349

    Despite the video it links you to having a pretty restricted view of the lovers (inasmuch as it majors in protraying the sensationally sexy back and bum of the superbly-built young man so competently fucking the beautifully responding wife), it ranks well up in my Top Five most erotic lovemaking videos ever, perhaps, you might say, because I'm enthusiastically bisexual and therefore "abnormally" appreciative of the young guy's awesome physique and fucking skills---which I unashamedly confess that I am.
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    Thanks for the video.
  4. juno

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    WHOAH.....WOW! Words fail me. I've been Servicing the BBC Like..giggle....Forever! Butt !last night into this morning.....11 Hours. ...having al! My Holes filled by some of the most Magnificent Ebony least 60 Gangbangers, real Ghetto Thugs have left Me sore. I'm Soooo filled with Slimy, Hot, Nigga Seed that before leaving I had to insert a Black Pyrex Butt Plug so I didn't leak. My be!ly is filled with both their sperm and piss!
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    And they were huge. At least 11 inch Cocks and Massive Boobs. Each one was easi!y Six Feet Tall, but even bigger cuz they were wearing Thigh High Platform Boots.
    I have to get myself cleaned up and enjoy a nice 5 Quart Enema With Hot Water and French Castille Soap and of course a Bardex Nozzle.
    Bye Bi Bois,
    Slut Juno

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