My teamviewer slave for your pleasure

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    I was controlling this slaves teamviewer and pc for a week. I found his teamviewer info on where he posted it looking to be humiliated. I told him he should be careful what he wished for haha. I disabled his keyboard and mouse, then went into his teamviewer options, General, check start teamviewer with windows. Then Advanced, Show advanced options, check Disabled TeamViewer shutdown, scroll down, check Chtoanges require administrative rights on this computer, and enter your own password where it says Protect options with password and Confirm password, then click OK. Now you have control of his teamviewer haha. It will start automatically whenever he turns his pc on, and he wont be able to shut it down, so it will always be on, and keep his permanent password the same since its already posted all over the place, so everybody can go on, and he has no control of it hahaha, since he cant get into options anymore to change his permanent password.

    Then if you want to take over his pc too, go into user accounts, create your own new admin account, with password, then log off of his account, log back in with yours, go back into user accounts, and change his account from admin to standard user, now he wont be able to delete teamviewer or make any other changes on his own account hahaha.

    I also put a notepad on his desktop with his login info for his facebook, yahoo and other stuff hahaha. You can post his photos on there and make other humiliating changes to his accounts, and even change his password so he cant undo what you just changed haha.

    Anyway, I've had my fun with him for about a week. I took his photos, made him get on naked on cam and do all kinds of humiliating things, and recorded him so now I have video of him too, and will be posting that somewhere too hahaha. Just tell him he has to do what you say, or you wont leave him alone and release his teamviewer and pc back to him again, and that you will post his personal pics online if dont obey, that worked for me. But I will be posting his pics online anyway hahaha.

    I set his teamviewer and windows user account back to normal now, while he is sleeping, so he doesnt know it yet. He's so stupid he wont realize it haha. So if you get there before he does, you can take over. Have fun dominating, abusing, and humiliating this pathetic slut slave. If you dont mind a chubby sissy loser haha. I am now releasing him to whoever wants haha. I will now be getting off his pc again. He's not there, dont worry, I just had his cam on to check.

    His teamviewer ID: 737 390 967, permanent password: ehk295

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