my start in being cuckolded

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    My start in the lifestyle was not very typical. The thought of my ex wife Linda messing around with other men was a turn on but I honestly never dwelled on the taboo. I thought of myself as a normal regular guy. My ex and I had 2 young daughters and we both had good jobs. I worked nights as a cop and Linda managed a gym after a brief career as an EMT and she was a Paramedic. The gym job paid well. This was in 1998.
    Linda always stayed in shape and was incredibly hot. Many men looked at her when she entered a room. We had a typical courtship but I always knew Linda had more sexual experience then I. She tended to be more agressive in sex and demanded an orgasm. She also had a healthy love of giving head and making me cum. Being as I was average in girth I began becoming expert in oral. Linda was an incredible teacher but the student soon became the master.
    After 8 or 9 yrs of marriage we had gotten stale. The kids and our jobs became our lives and as such the sex became few and far in between. I found myself looking at other woman while at the same time wondering if my wife entertained thoughts of other men. It was around this time I had an affair with a woman who lived near us and had daughters the same age. The sex was incredibly satisfying even though she was more average in looks and body. Certainly not as attractive as Linda. We wern't as discrete as we thought we were and Linda found out. She confronted me after work one night and it was ugly. Linda was furious that I betrayed her with this woman. She sreamed in anger, cried in anguish and lashed out at me. I honestly thought that was it for us. I figured I was out but she let me sleep in the spare room while she thought about it.
    Several days later I came home from a shift. I was tired as it was a busy night. I walked into the bedroom and saw Linda waiting in one of her sexy babydoll nighties. I was shocked. "My god are we making up?" She smirked but was very seductive as she can be.
    As I took my gunbelt off she came over and began running her finger down my chest and said "I have been thinking long and hard about us baby. I don't want a divorce. The girls need a dad so I want us to stay together but ur going to have to accept some things if u want to stay."
    I was so turned on I would have accepted anything as i began unbuttoning my shirt and told her so. Linda smirked. "Good. Since u deemed it necessary to play around with another woman I just think I should get the same consideration with other men don't u think?" My heart sank. I knew right then this was angry Linda. She smirked even more.
    "you can stay but if u do u need to know that I am going to go out with my girlfriends on ur nights off. You're going to watch the kids and if i choose to and meet a guy I like i'm going to fuck him for all he's worth. OK?" Linda then put her arms up and did a circle to show her body off and then said. "This is now for other men. U can sleep in the spare room for now." She then pushed me out and slammed the door.
    I was in total shock. Partly angry but also understanding the anger she had and had some guilt because of it. At the very least I was able to stay. That meant I had a chance to repair the damage later. There was also a part that was disturbing to me. I was rock hard from the way she had treated me. her telling me she was going to fuck other men regardless of what my wishes were was an incredible turn on. This was when I 1st realized I was turned on by cuckoldry. what was disturbing was how intense those feelings were.
    That week on my night off Linda, true to her word, was dressing to go out with 2 divorced girlfriends. I was totally amazed she was going through with this but there it is. She came out of the bedroom wearing a black miniskirt with a leather coat over it. She was incredibly sexy. I was numb. She kissed the girls and told me not to wait up.
    She came home at 3 am and very non chalantly drank a glass of water and went to what used to be our bedroom. I was in shock. She knew i'd be waiting and didn't care. My emotions were mixed but all night I was agonized with thoughts of what men were hitting on her. Surely men did. I would have. She merely smirked and went to bed saying goodnight. She certainly knew this was driving me crazy.
    In the following days she never said a word. We just went about our business in our jobs and the kids. Part of me realized she was using this to show me. Get back at me. But she was doing this for a reason. And reasoning it out I realized that if she wanted us to be done she would have kicked me out right away. Linda was not the type to waffle around. I knew we still had a chance and that I was just going to have to put up with it.
    That went on for 6 months. Linda went out with her friends leaving me to babysit the kids. The whole time I discovered that her playing around was incredibly hot to me. In those months I began fantasizing my wife fucking other men and me watching. It was a powerfully intensely hot image in my mind that got me jacking off furiousely every time. I began looking the cuckoldry up on the internet. Going into chat rooms telling other men my wife was playing around. Other men thought that was incredibly hot. The bulls wanted to fuck her and the cucks wanted to watch.
    Several bulls began telling me that this was a great opportunity as it was obvious I was a cuck. They advised me to confront her and reason with her. I decided that was what I needed to do. I was told to aproach her from the angle of me wanting to be more submissive to her wishes. Living in the spare bedroom as I have been I just didn't think there was any more downside to my situation. I figured being sorry and wanting to reconcile was the best initial aproach and thats what I did.
    I apologized for hurting her the way I did, understood her infidelity and that i deserved that for what I did. We did make up and we both decided that we needed to mend our sexual ways. Make time for it so that this never happened again. That was the openning I needed and asked if she would mind if I brought porn tapes into our room and maybe some roleplay. Linda was intrigued. She always had a healthy sexual apetite. I began with my wish to be more sub to her. That she liked and said she missed my oral. I told her she could demand oral from me with no reciprocation needed at any time. That gave her a thrill. She beamed. "Any time and any where?" she asked. I nodded yes. Linda had a fierce apreciation for public sex so it wasn't long before she tested my promise.
    We were comming out of the local Lowe's with some gardening supplies for our weekend chores in the yard. The girls were staying at their grandmother's on the cape so we were alone. Linda was wearing shorts and sandals and when we got in the car I drove towards the exit but Linda asked me to pull over in the empty corner of the lot. I was so perplexed but when I did she casually pulled one leg out of her shorts and spread her legs apart for me saying "Get to work baby".
    I began lapping at my wifes pussy furiousely and in short order gave her one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen her have. I was so incredibly turned on after that we rushed home and fucked furiousely in our bedroom.
    That was when I asked her to roleplay. We had been watching some tapes and the ones I brought home were amateur cuckoldry tapes. We both loved it and she giggled at the thought of roleplaying this way. It wasn't a problem for her because Linda had a huge mischivous naughty streak. She loved teasing. We roleplayed that she was a slut wife with a boyfriend who was better in bed then me. She got to tease me about how good he was while sucking me off. She took right to it. Even made me jerk off for her at one point. When I came she said i was a good "cucky". I got hard again right away from that. She was getting into it.
    Linda also would wait in bed for me after work. Smirking in her bra and panties. She would tell me her bull fucked her good that night and that I needed to cleanse her pussy out. I was a rabid crazed animal at that point but instead of me crawling in between her legs she wanted to straddle my face. She made me lay on my back and pinned my arms with her legs and lowered her pussy right over my face. Linda delighted in the taunting nature of it all. Asked if I liked the taste of his cum. She was totally into it. Thats when i knew I could aproach her with a real encounter.
    I asked her if she was open to a real mmf 3some and she grinned. "I knew you were into this and i'm not shocked but do u really know what ur asking for here?" I told her how it was when she was out with her girlfriends and how I knew I was average at best. I asked her "wasn't the sex better with the other guys?" She never denied that it was. I knew that got her thinking. She said there were some issues that had to be ironed out but to give her time to think about it. I was ecstatic. She didn't outright refuse.
    Several weeks later Linda sked me to come into our bedroom. She shut the door which meant serious chat. It was. She said she had thought about what I wanted. She said the thought of fucking another man in front of me was hot but she had reservations. Could I honestly watch her have sex with another man. I replied that that wasn't the issue as I could do that. The issue I saw was could she do another guy with me in the room. Linda smiled and said "Oh yea". She wasn't unsure of that in the least. I knew then her sexual apetite for other men was very strong. She said she could fuck another man no problem but if we did this she had conditions. I quickly accepted whatever they were.
    Her 1st condition was that she chose the guys and not me. Her 2nd condition was I had to be ok with blk men. That one floored me but to her it was a deal breaker.
    I was suprised to hear her make that a condition. I never thought that she had fucked blk men. It was incredibly arousing to me. Linda then said "I fucked 2 blk guys when I went out with my gf's and it was incredible." I was floored. I accepted her conditions and we talked about how to aproach this lifestyle and how our 1st encounter would develope. That was incredible. Just planning this was incredibly hot.
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    Thanks for making me cum lol. How about some pictures
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    Thanks for sharing this incredibly hot portrayal of you beginning as a cuck. Will we read more?
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    hoping to read more

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