My sissy husband

Discussion in '"Show Off Your GUY!" Pictures' started by sydneyconnor, May 15, 2018.

  1. sydneyconnor

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  2. canadianwittol

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    You guys are super hardcore! I do wear panties at one of my wife's bulls insistence, but that's about as far as I usually go! I suppose as long as you're both having fun...
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  3. slave2131

    slave2131 Member

    congrats. my wife makes me wear lipstick to suck her bull before sex haven't done the full sissy thing yet
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  4. nevertoolate

    nevertoolate New Member

    She really is a beauty. Certainly a testimony to both of your dedication. My, what a large clitoris you have, dear!
  5. BosHog69

    BosHog69 New Member

    Your cuck is hot as hell. I'd love to see him in thigh highs !!
  6. tk994

    tk994 New Member

  7. 1TBD

    1TBD New Member

    very impressive.

    do you have a youtube video?

    how did he get his tits? hormones? surgery? estrogen cream?

    what does his dick look like?

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