my shy little one needs u ;)

Discussion in '"Show Off Your Girl" - Pictures' started by arrowheadwaterjj, May 24, 2014.

  1. arrowheadwaterjj

    arrowheadwaterjj New Member

    heyy guys, new here. i have been telling her how muchh it turns me on to see her with other guyss, she is now warming up to possibilities. i have hundreds to thousands more pics in the future if u guys like?
    for now, here is her intro ;)

    for more information write me or respond, etcetera.
    10sh.jpg 2.jpg 14.jpg 1112.jpg 1113.jpg
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  2. TopJohn

    TopJohn New Member

    Are you kidding ?!? Of COURSE we'd like to see more. :) She has a very nice, small but well rounded ass. Perfect for spanking, rimming or just fondling.
  3. 2002

    2002 Member

    wow very hot.

    More???? yes please
  4. arrowheadwaterjj

    arrowheadwaterjj New Member

  5. arrowheadwaterjj

    arrowheadwaterjj New Member

    and a couple more. ;)

    44.jpg 2 copy.jpg
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  6. ra02363

    ra02363 New Member

    Now, this is awesome! The hotter the wife the better it gets to play the fantasy. would like to know how long have you come in the fantasy?
  7. skyppy

    skyppy New Member

    sexi ass
  8. arrowheadwaterjj

    arrowheadwaterjj New Member

    it has been almost a year now and recently i have been sharing with her little details. trying to think of best approach.
  9. Otdrsmn

    Otdrsmn New Member

    Youre a pussy and she knows it. Might as well go ahead and put it all in the table. I would guess shes ready anyway and you'll just save some time to let her know you want her to do what she's going to do anyway. She wants to get fucked.... sorry, but thats the fact.
  10. Nice ass! Her bulls will enjoy it a lot!
  11. pornophant

    pornophant New Member

    that ass is's made for cock.
  12. TopJohn

    TopJohn New Member

    I could so spread those butt cheeks and slide my tongue up her back door. Mmmmm - Hmmmm! ;)
  13. thinboy

    thinboy New Member

    She is stunning. How many men would you like her to be taken by this year?
  14. arrowheadwaterjj

    arrowheadwaterjj New Member

    as many as possible.
  15. LakeviewGent

    LakeviewGent New Member

    I love her tan lines. She would keep me rock hard for a long time.
  16. arrowheadwaterjj

    arrowheadwaterjj New Member

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