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My shy indian wife

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by MyDesiShyWife, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. MyDesiShyWife

    MyDesiShyWife New Member

    I am husband to very shy and traditional indian wife. I am 38 years old and my wife is 33. My bjggest fantasy is to see my wife as hot wife and with other guys. But my wife is very shy and completely againat such things.

    Recently from last two weeks, she is more horny than earlier and listening to my dirty talk on bed.
  2. BostonBigThick

    BostonBigThick New Member

    all desi wives are usually shy. conservative indian society will not let them express themselves sexually. you really cannot change centuries worth of brainwashing.
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  3. indianhorse

    indianhorse New Member

    Hi MyDesiShyWife, We are sailing in same boat. My wife is also very reluctant about make relation with anyone . But show very positive sign for earlier lover. I want to chat with You.
  4. Praise her, adore her, idolize her, suck her feet and ass and explain to her how you would do all that even more extreme and better if she will consent to sex with other men. That may be a start.
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  5. Machoindianbull

    Machoindianbull New Member

    Macho man here with a huge dick
  6. chhokarbali

    chhokarbali New Member

    hi... im also hving the same issue... im a homely guy but my wife is quite out going... goes to pubs n nightouts with friends... but never claims to b having sex... she gets quite wn i ask any thing... how can i persuade her to share all with me n also to include me in her matings with others....
  7. Cuckfantasies

    Cuckfantasies New Member

    yes indian wifes in metro cities will dress good bot maynot desire another man until maybe they know that their man is not intrested in being a man enough
  8. prasad

    prasad New Member

  9. Xirix

    Xirix New Member

    My brother married a woman who is Indian but born in the USA. However, her parents were both born in India and she is very much Indian cultured. They live in Yuba City, which is not far from California's capital. It's weird. There are TONs of Indians who live in the small farm communities near Sacramento. I don't get it. But they're there. My brother and I are very attracted to one another's wives and hinted to each of them that we should play MMFF. (My wife and I have had two MMFFs.) Both of our wives said, "No Way!" So as a means of at least getting to enjoy their bodies, we arranged to let one another spy on us while we had sex with our wives, so my brother and I could see each other's girl in the nude and what she looks like when she's getting worked and gets off. It was a lot of fun and made it way easier to deal with them. (They are both haughty, ego-centered women, so they sort of deserved this happening to them.) Anyway, the two of them are drop dead beautiful, so their secretly being turned into porn stars was pretty hot in and of itself.

    MyDesiShyWife -
    If your girl is against this, why not find another Indian guy with a similar wife who would never want to play MMFF, then put them on display as voyeured porn stars. It may be a way of dealing with this thing of hers, of not wanting to have sex with another guy.
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  10. vicky2

    vicky2 New Member

    it is bit difficult to turn a conservative wife into a slut but best of luck i have some ideas if u wanna chat...
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