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my sexy wife

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by BigAl, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. BigAl

    BigAl New Member

    So now my lovely hotwife has had 4 experiences with black guys, each has been great sex for her, very fulfilling.
    In the last month I've noticed that she eyes up guys in other cars or on the street, the reason I've noticed is that every time its been a black guy.
    In the last week shes mentioned 3 guys on tv who she found attractive, all black guys.It seems to me that afer all this great sex, black guys are more and more attractive to her.
    She genuinely is becoming a black cock slut !
  2. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! It is a wonderful way to live.

  3. indecent

    indecent New Member

    nice job dude

    so are the next steps things like
    - picking up black strangers in bars?
    - going to a black dance club to pick up?
    - MMF interracial threesomes

    keep us informed!
  4. BigAl

    BigAl New Member

    Hi indecent, i actually sent you a pm earlier about something else.

    We had arranged to go to a black and white party but it fell through, just arranging the next thing in the next few weeks
  5. SabiSlut

    SabiSlut New Member

    Looks like she's on her way

    We go to clubs sometimes, and I ALWAYS get hit on my black guys. Hope you both enjoy the ride, it could be a trilling one...
  6. SabiSlut

    SabiSlut New Member


    I seldom let black guys pick me up, but if it's good for Carmen then that's great. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of black guys, and we have a bunch of friends from all over the world, but here in Houston the black guys lack respect so many times. I just don't get turned on by someone referring to me as a ho or a bitch... And so many black guys here seem to be into that.

    That having been said, the second biggest cock I ever had in my life was a black one, and it was connected to a perfect gentleman from Somalia, it was before I was married. Biggest was an Australian white guy, that I met in a club and just clicked with. His was so big that I couldn't take it all!

    I wonder now if I give out signals that I don't even know I'm giving ;> I'll have to do a little more man-watching to find out I guess...
  7. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I think the whole "BBC" thing is sensationalism. I acknowledge there COULD be differences in equipment, if I may, however, it's widely overblown (pun intended).

    You don't have to fall into other people's opinions about what you should desire, and it looks like you havent'. You've chosen for yourself. You go!

    And yes... size DOES matter, end of story. Wouldn't you agree? :lol:
  8. SabiSlut

    SabiSlut New Member

    Of course size matters, just like size of tits matters for men :oops:
  9. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Someday, I'll post a pic of mine. Of course, most people would have to upgrade their harddrive space and memory to accomdate a picture of my size. :laughing5:

    In all modesty, I AM big. *ROARS ATOP EMPIRE STATE BUILDING*

    Back to topic... I got carried away.
  10. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    black? never go back?

    I have had two "sensational" cuckolding partners in my "career" one black and one white. Both well-endowned though I don't like them huge. But I have to say ATTITUDE is everything. A strong manly white guy is just as likely to do it for me as a strong manly black man. It's a guy who really gets off on fucking me because I am married.

    I just recently saw the black man again and the thing that got me was his MUSCLES! I have always been a girl who went for skinny white guys but after these experiences I have a total appreciation for hard bodies. This guy was simply amazing. My husband said he just watched how my hands were running over this guy's body the whole time he was in me.

    Anyway, that's something new that works for me.
  11. penischocolatx

    penischocolatx New Member

    I am looking for..cuckold.slut .slave .

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