My older brother slept with my wife

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    Last year my wife cuckolded me by fucking my then boss. Since then we have had no updates. We have done some dildo play but life had been busy,until two weeks ago.

    We were had talked about one of my older brothers sleeping with her. He has always been close to me,but he got back with his wife. I have another older brother who I don't get along with . his name is derrick and if the subject to this story.

    He and I don't always get along .he always picked on me and humiated me. He coasts by in life while in the hard we got older we became civil with each other. He is the same height as me but while I workout he has abut of a beer belly.

    While at my moms for a weekend the liquor started flowing. I didn't drink but Ali had a coupkr and started to get loose.she told me her outfit was bothering her and went to change . derrick came up to Mr and asked if she knew how he had depansed me infront of my ex. I laughed it off and said i wssnt sure but who cares .when she came down she was wearing a comfy summer dress and no braw which I found intriguing . right away my brother to.d her the story . fucking derrick I didn't really think he would. He he asked her how she dealt with my small penis. I expected her to defend me but instead she smiled and said you learn to love it. At this time everyone went to bed except us. The 3 of us were sitting in the basement rec room when he asked us the craziest thing we have ddoneas couple . Ali immediate blurted out about fucking my boss. I was embarrassed .But derrick played it off. He told me to be careful and to pick a guy I can trust . he excused himself to go get s beer. Ali llooked at me and bit her lip. The alcohol had got to her. I sat shocked and watched the scene unfold.
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    He came back down in shorts that showed his bulge. He might have been a lazy bum who lived off my parents but derrick had a huge Dick . Ali spoke up and told him we agreed we needed someone we could trust to be her next fucked. She slowly took off her dress and asked if it could be him. He nodded and started licking her nipples ,Ali sweet spot. She moaned in ecstscy. She grabbed his cock. They started kissing .She got on her kneed and pulled down his shorts . his Dick was huge bigger then my bosses.she barley could get it in her mouth . she asked if he wanted to fucked. He told her if she was going to be to be hid then she had to learn to suck his Dick. He gave her direction. She gagged alto but was playing with her self. Finally she sat on it. She was just all the way on it when she had s huge orgasm .he looked at me and smiled .it was quite the site: me being buff stroking my small penis while my big Dick beer belly brother fucked my wife .

    More humiliating was the way he talked to her and how she liked it. He got her to tell him her was pussy was his and how he was the best. She even called hin master. It was a long fucj and finally he pulled out and came on her face . Afterward he went out to smoke I thought I would get s turn but instead Asl told me to cuddle her and jack off. It was the most pleasurable ooorgasm ever .

    After he came down she went to clean up he told me "your the success of the family career wisee. But you can't fuck and I can. Lets mmake this happen more. We all enjoyed it.she deserves it." after she came back we ttalked and she played with his Dick some more and ended up giving him a handjob. Ill have more updates within the next week

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