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Discussion in '"Show Off Your GUY!" Pictures' started by DeannaHouston, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    He is pretty decent in size, and part of my kink is to tap guys bigger than he is.
  2. KateS

    KateS Member

    Wow! Very nice indeed!
  3. NJMR01

    NJMR01 Member

    Very thick - even you cuck has a huge cock. I can only imagine the bulls you fuck. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  4. CuckPride

    CuckPride Well-Known Member

    Jeff and I are pretty similar in size.
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  5. Dan C

    Dan C Member

    Deanna: Jeff is indeed quite the stud in his own right.
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  6. nevertoolate

    nevertoolate New Member

    He has an impressive saddle horn.
  7. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Overall, very shapely and sexy indeed---especially with that forward expansion of its already girthy shaft and having such a beautifully sculpted head prolonging itself as if seeking the mouth of a thirsty cervix to stretch up and spurt into.

    My wife says she would give it 8/10 in its presently "doctored" state, but 9/10 if it was uncircumcised---as her young black lover's very excitingly is, as against mine that sadly isn't.
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  8. Peter67

    Peter67 New Member

    being measured.jpg
    Well my 4.5 inches would be no good for you then....
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  9. BosHog69

    BosHog69 New Member

    You should always go bigger, hopefully your cuck is locked while you enjoy some.
  10. Dan C

    Dan C Member

    Impressive girth! That is one beautiful cock.
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  11. nevertoolate

    nevertoolate New Member

    Your husband has an impressive girth. My wife would have enjoyed that "upgrade" from my average spindle. Yes! Part of the gift of the extra-marital adventures for your wife is not just new talent, but harder climbs and taller mountains!

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