My first time eating cream pie.

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by destin_biker, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    The first cream pie I ever ate my wife forced me to eat it. It was something she wanted me to do and I just couldn't bring myself to do it so she sat on my face and forced it into me. I'm glad she did now because I love it.
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  2. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt New Member

    MY introduction to cream pie eating was in Hawaii 1979. I fucked my neighbors wife and he ate her after I came in her. I was shocked and told them I could never do that. About 2 weeks later, I had just finished fucking and came in her when he took his turn. After he shot his load in her, they talked me into trying it. He said "just close your eyes and try it. I did and I was hooked.
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  3. anon12

    anon12 New Member

    I love eating creampies.

    I've done it with her two most recent bulls, it's an amazing thing to put your face and tongue where another man recently blew his load! Super sexy!
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    I love eating pussy, either my wife's or another woman's, but I'm neutral on licking and eating semen, my own or another guy's. It's OK if there's cum in there, OK if there isn't. Same with snowballing - I like kissing a girl with or without cum in her mouth.

    My wife, however, is the one that is crazy about love juices. Audrey loves to lick cunt after I, another guy, or both or us have dumped a load in there, and loves to suck pussy juices off of and the last drops of semen out of a spent dick.
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  5. papajohn6454

    papajohn6454 New Member

    this is old, but so am I ha ha. would love to exchange stories.
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  6. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    I love eating my wife's pussy after other guys fuck her (friends or strangers). I have been enjoying it for many years. My wife loves it too.
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  7. denvercouple71

    denvercouple71 Active Member

    My wife is on a different cleanup mood now... She asks her bulls to cum in her mouth and then kisses me, passing along all she has in her mouth to mine. Sometimes I swallow and sometimes I don't... Not sure I enjoy that much but my wife does and I do it for her...
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  8. belalang_sembah

    belalang_sembah New Member

    My girlfriend likes me to eat her cunt, after she had been fucked by her husband.. She's on pill, I never allowed to cum in her.. Except using a condom..
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    "Snowballing," it is called, either with your own cum or someone else's.
  10. uknorthersoulman

    uknorthersoulman New Member

    That's one of my favourite sexual activities.
  11. uknorthersoulman

    uknorthersoulman New Member

    Mmmm me too.
  12. small9

    small9 Active Member

    Never did eat a cream pie from my wife after she was fucked by her bull.
  13. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    It's time you did small
  14. small9

    small9 Active Member

    Your right. I should.
  15. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    I was so nervous the first time. My wife had told me she wanted me to eat her out after her BF had cum inside her. Well I did it, and I loved it. Now I do it all the time. My wife loves it and her BF loves the dominance it gives him over me
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  16. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    My own introduction was during my first time bulling for a young couple. They happened to be English and I thought the husband was very hot but so inhibited I would never have dreamed he would have had the courage or balls to do what he did. He got so excited watching me fuck his beautifully responsive and way less inhibited wife missionary and cumming hard in her twice, that even as I was still ejaculating in her he grabbed my hips from behind and urged my body off hers to savour his very first cream pie. He then buried his face in her splayed pussy and spent fully five minutes sucking and tongue-lapping my fresh cum-loads from her vagina, during which he sobbed like a baby and frantically humped the mattress under him, finishing by jerking himself off all over the bottom sheet. When he eventually lifted his head from between my wife's thighs he scooped the cum dripping from his chin, palmed it straight into his ectatically open mouth and thirstily gulped it down. I had no idea how beautifully erotic his first creampie experience had been for him until I had mine 2 years later with my own wife's young lover. I very soon came to call his thick musky cum, lapped straight from my wife's vagina, the Nectar of Youth. Thinking of it being so casually but weightily carried around in his balls and pelvis for so many hours in his ordinary round of life activities before being ejaculated into my wife is still as erotically heady as any brotherly homosexual realisation I have ever had about him.
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  17. bellaazz

    bellaazz Well-Known Member

    I can tell you about my first time. I had never even thought about eating cum out of my wife's pussy. I never had any desire to eat my own ever. But I did really enjoy eating her pussy. Well, once she started cuckolding me, her bull starting asking me if I'd like to eat his cum out of her. He seemed to really want me to because he brought it up all the time. At first it sounded kind of repulsive but the more he talked about it, the more I started really getting turned on by the thought. As he explained, she absolutely LOVED me eating her pussy, it was all she really enjoyed with me sexually and to have me do it after he fucked her would make it really hot. He had experience as a bull and he assured me she'd really get off on it. Well, they were fucking once and she had cum quickly the first time. He could always hold off so he continued to fuck her and I could tell after a while she was really close to cumming again when he finally came inside her. After he was finally finished and rolled off her to recoup, I went over to her and touched her and said I know you are close honey and I started to put my head down to her pussy. She stopped me and said she was "messy", I continued to bring my head to her and she stopped me again and said "are you sure?". I answered by continuing to get to her and by this time I was so hard I was about to explode and I was crazy to get to her pussy. As I started to lick her she started moaning and moving and his cum load (he came HUGE loads) started to cum out and on my tongue. It took me a bit to get used to the salty, musty taste but she was really going crazy thrashing her head and grinding her pussy into my face and that made me eat her like a madman. SHe grabbed my head and pressed it to her and said "eat his cum out of my pussy baby, eat me" she rarely talked like this so this drove me even more crazy. Finally she erupted in the strongest orgasm she ever had. She even passed out for a few seconds and as she came, I came in my pants without even touching myself. It took her a while to release me and I was covered in their juices but so turned on. After this it became something we both regularly looked forward to. She says the combination of my amazing tongue, and thinking about how she is making me eat her pussy after she fucked someone else is so naughty and wrong that it drives her insane.
  18. Kenhall2222

    Kenhall2222 Guest

    You lucky Guy I wish that was my wife doing this to me
  19. Well the 1st creampie I ate out my wife pussy was a 3sum with a friend of mine. After he nutted in my wife he went striaght to the bathroom. My wife laying my the bed on her stomach legs spread. I saw his cum dripping out her pussy. I just went for it. Engulfed my face in her ass and began to lick her creamy smelly pussy! I felt his cum leak into my mouth i licked up every bit of it! I fell in love with eating a creampie out my wife pussy instantly!
  20. gwil1414

    gwil1414 New Member

    Id love to do that! Just cant get my wife to open up. She is swxy as hell and know a lot of guys want her.
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