My first time eating cream pie.

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by destin_biker, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. destin_biker

    destin_biker New Member

    We are American but I worked in England for a while. My wife is a redhead with a pitete body (5' 2" 100 lbs) We went to the pub one night and both of us got pretty wasted. When the pub closed we envited a british friend over as we still had beer at the house.
    After we got to the house, I started to feel sick so I went to bed and left them in the den.
    Sometime later I woke up. our bedroom was just over the den. I lit a cigarette and lay there for a few minutes. I heard noises from downstairs but didn't think anything of it. Then I heard the unmistakable sound my wife makes when she is cumming. I knew then she had just fucked our friend. I got so hard I almost cum all over myself. I lay there for a few minutes trying not to cum when I herd the front door close & my wife comming upstairs. I pretended I was asleep while she climbed into bed. The whole time trying not to cum. I rolled over & pretended to wake up. She grabbed me & started to rub against me. I had to get off of her or I was going to cum. I started to go down on her without thinking of the cum in her pussy. Asd soon as i put my toung in her a big gob of cum came out of her. The taste of her along with the cum was overwhelming. I ate her until she came again. When she came she shoved another load in my mouth. After that there was no turning back,
  2. gussie

    gussie New Member

    I remember my first time, my wife and I were still dating and unmarried. She also dated other guys, and I would pick her up after work. I love eating her, she initially started to try and stop me, but I was determined. I didn't realize that she had already had sex, so it was a surprise. We have been married 28 years and it doesn't get old just better
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  3. heliboy

    heliboy New Member


    Wow, that sounded great. I love it when my wife does the same thing!
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  4. flippo

    flippo New Member


    I love these storys about first creampie's....
  5. playfullferret

    playfullferret New Member

    nice story

    I find this subject just such a turn on.I havn't as yet had the oppertunity to try it but it is constantly something Im looking for on the net in the form of videos or pics. We havnt yet involved the other man or Bull but Im working on it ;).
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  6. polysexMinOH

    polysexMinOH New Member

    Great first time stories

    Thanks Destin_biker for starting this thread! That is a such a hot story.

    Thanks again!
  7. zurg67

    zurg67 New Member

    Cream Cakes

    I have watched my wife on numerous occassion get filled by other men. I enjoy fucking her once they have filled her up, but have always wanted to. Just not sure how it will turn out or how she will respond?
  8. Yesdear

    Yesdear New Member

    It is one of those things that you just have to break the ice one for the first time, after that you will never turn back or have a problem with it, in fact you both will insist upon it, especially her.
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  9. NChotwife

    NChotwife New Member

    new to this forum, but...

    not new to licking my wifes sweet pussy after I blow a nice load in her... especially like to give her a few strokes & a bit of precum, lick her a few minutes & then share our juices with a wet kiss... she has also gotten quite nasty lately as she goes down on me & then shares some pre-cum with a sloppy kiss... it is SOOOO intimate & hot!! just haven't done it another mans....yet.
  10. larryhanson

    larryhanson New Member

    Eating cream pie


    You guys were lucky, you knew you were eating cream pie. I ate cream pie for over 7 years and did not realize this till 6 months after our divorce.

    When her girl friend told me about eating all the cream pies I was embarraed, ashamed and angry.

    But for weeks this all turned to lust. I jacked 3 times a day imagining watcher her screw all these lovers while I watched and how they humiliated me as I ate the cream from her pussy. More humiliation the hotter I got!

    Wish I could had lived those years over but with me knowing what was going on!

    Thatr is why I am part of this group, to get off on other guys humiliation of being used as a sissy whimp!

    Larry Hanson
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  11. lublove

    lublove New Member

    still waiting for my first creampie. Wife teases me about bringing a creampie home from work but do not think she has yet.
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  12. sealegs

    sealegs New Member

    Love the taste of my own, waiting for my first of another's. My GF likes to snowball me after sucking me off.
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  13. Yesdear

    Yesdear New Member

    You obviously have a very open minded GF. Lucky you. I like to have my lady squat over my eager mouth and let the juices drip out. I had to beg her at first but now she insists on it.

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  14. tillerman

    tillerman New Member

    Although the thought really turns me on I have never,unfortunately,been in the position to accept or decline a cream pie.If by some kind of miracle I find myself face to face with a cream pie I really hope I can eat it and enjoy it,and moreso that my partner enjoys it more!
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  15. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    My first cream-pie was right after my wife finished fucking her ex-husband as he laid next to her and they made out. It first happened a yr after we were married and many times after. Since her ex she has had 22 other guys (most of them MANY times) fill her pussy and i am ALWAYS expected to do clean up.
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  16. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member

    Boy, just thinking about my first time has me so hard it's difficult to sit down and write about it.

    This was not my idea--far from it. I've always been very squeamish about even touching cum, even my own. But we had started having regular threesomes with my best friend, and my wife was really in to it. She had figured out that she couldn't relax and enjoy being fucked by another man unless it was clear to all of us that he was in charge, so she insisted that I be submissive to him. He and I had explained to her that we couldn't pull that off outside of the bedroom, because our normal relationship was very competitive, but during sex we'd do our best.

    Our normal practice in the days leading up to a sex date was that she and I would lie in bed together and fantasize him fucking her, and she'd bring me off, finishing with a blow job. I would not normally be allowed to fuck her, because she wanted to be horny for him. This time, as we were messing around, she said, "Tomorrow, I just want you to watch."

    "You mean, I don't get to fuck you?"

    "No, in fact, I don't even want you to touch me until he's finished."

    "Do you still want me to video the action?"

    "Oh, yes. In fact, I want you to get in really close and get some great shots of his cock going in and out of me. I want it right in your face."

    "Will I get to cum at all?"

    "I don't know, we'll have to see how I feel then. But I want you naked, so I can see that it makes you hard. And when he finishes, I want you to come over and lick his cum out of my pussy."

    As she said that, she finished me off, so that that image was burned into my brain, and forever linked to the huge orgasm she brought me to. I told her I couldn't promise, but that I would do my best to do what she wanted. She was really excited about it, because she knew I would be humiliated by having to clean up another man's jism. Even though she is not entirely comfortable with it, she admits that humiliating me is a huge turn on.

    The next night didn't go exactly as she had planned, because he wanted to try double insertion, something she had always been excited about, but that we had not been able to pull off. When he told me to put the camera back on the tripod and come over and try to get my dick into her along with his, I knew that her earlier instructions not to touch her were cancelled. She always wanted me to do whatever he told me to do.

    We tried, but I couldn't ever get my cock in with his, no matter how much lube, and no matter which position. So, eventually, he pulled out and told me to fuck her. He had already brought her to orgasm several times, so it only took a few strokes until she was cumming. As I got close my self, I remembered she wanted me to eat his cum after he finished. I knew I'd never be able to make my self do that if I had already cum myself, so I faked an orgasm, then told him she wanted him inside her, which, of course, was true. Then I watched and filmed until she couldn't cum anymore, and he finished himself. My friend has amazing control. He can hold off his orgasm until the woman is completely through, so she was truly fucked out when he stopped.

    As soon as he rolled off her, I came over and started licking her pussy. The taste was weird, but not terrible. I buried my tongue as deeply in her pussy as I could. In spite of the fact that she had been completely fucked out minutes before, she went nuts. She came hard with my tongue inside her, then pulled me up and said, "I want you inside me."

    As I stroked her, she whispered in my ear, "Feel how slick my pussy is with his cum. And feel how it's shaped for his cock, not yours." Then she just let go and gave in to the orgasm, which, of course, triggered a huge explosion on my part.
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  17. hwhub

    hwhub Member

    My first was my own. These days we have threesomes on weekends with my wife's boyfriend and she likes for me to clean her pussy after we've both fucked her and more recently I cleaned her after she got fucked by me, her boyfriend and her brother-in-law.
  18. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    cuckhusband...I loved your story about your wife's ex fucking her and you eating his cum loads out of her. I got my wife to start fucking her ex after we got married. She said he has a huge dick, so she did not mind. I loved licking his cum out of my wife after he fucked her. He had no idea that him getting to fuck his ex was my idea. I liked being around him more after he started fucking my wife.
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  19. BreLea

    BreLea New Member

    I have only eaten my wife out once after she fucked another guy but it was when we got home an hour later and he wore a condom.

    If she told me to eat out her cum filled pussy, I would absolutely do it for her. I am hoping I will get the chance soon. My wife is just getting back into fucking other guys (took time off to have a baby) and I am hoping to bring up the subject soon.
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  20. ukshaver001

    ukshaver001 New Member

    Loved it

    Its a few years ago now - but wife used to see a fantastic lover who could last for ages and ages.
    By the time she got home she would have fucked for probably a couple of hours at least, she would have cum many times including a number of times of squirting...and he would have cum once, maybe twice.
    Anyway - the first time she came back sooo well fucked I managed to convince her to let me tongue her... She positioned herself on the edge of the sofa and I loved the view. Seconds after my tongue was at her.. she opened up and out poured some of his sperm....Amazing...
    Lapped her to two more shuddering cums for her and then fucked...but it took me only about a minute to cum.
    Have eaten her many times after lover and a number of times after me......
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