My Fiance is more dominant and closer to cucking me

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by chrissythesissy, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    I am back in chastity and this time I feel like its going to last a long time. I want to post another pic from the boudoir shoot. Should I?
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  2. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    I've been in chastity for two weeks tonight. She told me two nights ago that I'd be in for a long time. I said, "like longer than two months?" And she replied yes. So I think she's got 3 in mind. OMG. I can't believe it. It's amazing. It's extreme. But I'm so happy she said that!

    We've shot for 2 months a few times but I always talk my way out of it and beg for release. I won't this time. I know I've got to show I've stopped fighting it. I know I'm a sissy who doesn't deserve her and I belong in chastity. I can't back out now. I've got to commit, embrace, and show her I'm for real and I mean what I say. I want this, I need this, and ultimately...I want her to cuck me like she deserves. I want the best for her!

    Oh, then I turned to her a moment after she told me it's going to be longer than 2 months and I said, "you don't want to fuck me?". And she matter of factly, with a bit of pity in her eyes, said, "Nope".
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  3. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Well, I managed to convince her to fuck me about one month in. She humiliated me after she got off and told me to wrap it up.
    I need to get back in to chastity. I need to get repierced. I am excited I lasted a month. Now I need to go two+.
    I've had some hypno to help me keep in the beta and submissive mindset and to keep myself soft and small. The amazing thing is that I think with all the chastity in the past few years I really have shrunk. I'm now measuring 5'1/4" when I think I was 5.5 for a few years and 5'3/4" in my 20's. Hoping to get down below 5" soon. That thought really turns me on.
    It would also turn me on if you wanted to see another pic of her from the boudoir shoot...?
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  4. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Your boudoir pic is of a woman who is very obviously wanting and needing to be barebacked, very lovingly and long and hard indeed by a strong athletic big-cocked spunky younger guy----like me:p

    Her deliciously low-hanging left breast turned me on massively.

    To me the shot is altogether very erotic----in fact immensely wankworthy thank you Chrissy.
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  5. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    So great to hear you say that...
  6. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    My pleasure Chrissy.

    Right now I'm vividly imagining those lovely hands of hers admiringly and encouragingly caressing my long, aching and very girthy drooling erection.

    One can but dream..........................
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  7. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    No sex in a long time. Twice this year. Pathetic, right? Was in chastity for a month, then sex, then I didn't go back in, even though she said I'd have to before we had sex. It always seems to go like that. Now I want back in chastity. Now I need more humiliation. More denial.
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  8. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    My heart bleeds for you Chrissy. Especially because for the last 6 years I've been having deeply satisfying sex pretty much daily--frequently more than once--with my wife (now my ex) and my best buddy (now her husband) in threesomes and one-on-one encounters in private with both of them.

    So your sadly plaintive post has got me feeling almost guilty :confused:

    With me being vigorously bisexual and not the least bit transgenderphobic, the beautiful things I could do for you in your woefully sex-starved state if ever we met up don't bear thinking about. Or do they ??

    May I ask what your position would be on that, Chrissy? I much prefer the missionary one, with me topping with all three sexes. But happily I'm almost outrageously versatile.



  9. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I've caught up with your Tread. Interesting reading.
    You are being Patient, that's good, but I'm not sure how your Sexy wife is not getting some Real Man Cock on the side. She is Definitely a Very Sexy Woman. So either she is under sexed by nature, doesn't know what she is missing, or is Cheating and for some reason doesn't want to tell you. As much as you have said and revealed, those questions remain. Though her comment about cuckolding being too much work is telling part of the missing information, IF she was being honest.
    Whatever it is we are still to some extent All Sexual beings as Humans. Additionally as Humans we are all here but for a Short time, even if we are lucky enough to make it to old age, we should be Collecting Adventures and minimizing our Collection of would of, could of, should of's while we head to that rocking chair on the porch.

    As for you, that also applies, and as a fellow (though late blooming) Sissy Gurl (though a Chasity cage is not something I ever would be into), I can tell you that in my case I have been glad that I Finally got to let CiCi trapped within me out to Live Life too. Before my short time on earth comes to an end. I've learned the HARD way more than once that we almost never get as long as we think\Hope. But I have also been Lucky enough to be first a cuckold for Decades and now a Adventure loving Sissy Gurl for a few years.
    May You and your Wife Live Life, whatever it was meant to be for the both of you.
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  10. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Thank you. That was nice of you to write.
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  11. Miss Natalie

    Miss Natalie New Member

  12. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Miss Natalie? You reposted someone else's post, but no comments of your own?
  13. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it was one of my posts.

    Please comment on it Natalie. I'm always interested in other members' view on my bisexual predilections and lifestyle in our menage-a-trois comprising my ex-wife, my young Afro-American best buddy (now her husband) and me, as Chrissy herself has commented on very insightfully and encouragingly from time-to-time.



    ps: By the way, are you married? Just curious.
  14. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Miss Natalie is being coy. Sexy.
  15. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Coy, Worth It? COY?? With her tongue studded five times and her upper lip once, and that poutily superior facial expression of hers?

    I seriously doubt that "coy" is the impression that Miss Natalie is desiring to affect. Such metallic excesses and her defiant flint-hard expression are (to my way of thinking) seriously UN-sexy. So is her commentless bare posting of my above post.

    Be warned.
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  16. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    I am eager to show another pic or two of my wife from the bourdoir shoot... Should I? I think it could be fun to post as many as you make me... Like if there's 1 to 5 "Yes" responses between now and 1am Eastern Time then I post one pic and if 5-10 I post two and maybe over 20 Yes's I post three? Just thought I could make it interesting and fun... Open to you your suggestions of course as well. ☺️
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  17. emmet

    emmet Member

    Yes ! Any picture of your wife would be awesome ! She is really hot, sexy and so desirable..
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  18. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    First a pic of me in my panties being the cuckold wnnabe I am and sissy i always will be, hehe
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  19. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Sissy Chrissy

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  20. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Here is my gorgeous wife, I want her to cuck me with a real man. I know she deserves it, just look...

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