My Fiance is more dominant and closer to cucking me

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by chrissythesissy, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. I am back in chastity and this time I feel like its going to last a long time. I want to post another pic from the boudoir shoot. Should I?
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  2. I've been in chastity for two weeks tonight. She told me two nights ago that I'd be in for a long time. I said, "like longer than two months?" And she replied yes. So I think she's got 3 in mind. OMG. I can't believe it. It's amazing. It's extreme. But I'm so happy she said that!

    We've shot for 2 months a few times but I always talk my way out of it and beg for release. I won't this time. I know I've got to show I've stopped fighting it. I know I'm a sissy who doesn't deserve her and I belong in chastity. I can't back out now. I've got to commit, embrace, and show her I'm for real and I mean what I say. I want this, I need this, and ultimately...I want her to cuck me like she deserves. I want the best for her!

    Oh, then I turned to her a moment after she told me it's going to be longer than 2 months and I said, "you don't want to fuck me?". And she matter of factly, with a bit of pity in her eyes, said, "Nope".
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  3. Well, I managed to convince her to fuck me about one month in. She humiliated me after she got off and told me to wrap it up.
    I need to get back in to chastity. I need to get repierced. I am excited I lasted a month. Now I need to go two+.
    I've had some hypno to help me keep in the beta and submissive mindset and to keep myself soft and small. The amazing thing is that I think with all the chastity in the past few years I really have shrunk. I'm now measuring 5'1/4" when I think I was 5.5 for a few years and 5'3/4" in my 20's. Hoping to get down below 5" soon. That thought really turns me on.
    It would also turn me on if you wanted to see another pic of her from the boudoir shoot...?
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  4. michael1987

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    Your boudoir pic is of a woman who is very obviously wanting and needing to be barebacked, very lovingly and long and hard indeed by a strong athletic big-cocked spunky younger guy----like me:p

    Her deliciously low-hanging left breast turned me on massively.

    To me the shot is altogether very erotic----in fact immensely wankworthy thank you Chrissy.
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  5. So great to hear you say that...
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    My pleasure Chrissy.

    Right now I'm vividly imagining those lovely hands of hers admiringly and encouragingly caressing my long, aching and very girthy drooling erection.

    One can but dream..........................
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