My Fiance is more dominant and closer to cucking me

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by chrissythesissy, Jun 28, 2014.

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    So, I've been silent because but much has happened including not much sex between us. I think we're past the point of her being able to see me as a man. How could she?

    For my wedding gift she did a boudoir shoot. I'm tempted to post sexy pic of her here from that shoot. She looked sooo hot. I've jacked off to those pics a few times. I'd love to share one here to hear from you all how incredible she is. And how I don't deserve her and how easy it would be for her to cuck me.. She knows I've posted the others here. I told her I wanted to post more.

    Should I? You guys want to see one? How about if I get 5 yes responses by midnight Pacific, I'll do it... That's 50 minutes... So who wants me to??
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    Please show her
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    I definitely want to see more! Sorry I missed the deadline. BTW, I still haven't had sex with my g/f since last year! haha
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    Oh my! You lucky bastard. I’d go down on her in a heart beat and lick up and clean everything.
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    So, I'm locked up back in the pink chastity device you see above. Until Christmas. She seems playful again. It was my birthday and she sang Happy birthday Chrissy the Sissy. She asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted to be in chastity and to be cuckolded and to be humiliated... I plan on not trying to get out before Christmas and to be the best I've ever been in Chastity... Helpful, obedient, not argumentative, submissive.. so she'll want to keep me in it and basically like me better locked up. She said she'll unlock me if she needs me. How pathetic and humiliating would it be if she doesn't?! If I was in chastity more than 45 days, that'd be a record...

    I still want to post a pic of her from the boudoir shoot she gave me for wedding gift... Basically showing me what I don't deserve and can't have.

    She said cuckolding sounds like too much work.. hopefully she'll change her mind and get horny without sex.. not that we are having it more than once a month by any means..
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    Who thinks she deserves a real cock?
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  10. chrissythesissy

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  11. chrissythesissy

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    Very disappointed nobody commented on the latest pic... There are more where that came from, too! I'd really love to hear your thoughts, though.

    So, i think i might be in chastity for rest of year... It's been 10 days so far.
    And i think she's going to dress up real sexy for Halloween this year... She just showed me her costume idea! I told her we should go to fetish club and i can dress up as her b**** and hopefully a real man will hit on her...
    I think in a scenario like that, she might finally make me a cuckold.. also there's talk of us going out of town to resort City to a friend's wedding... That could be perfect night as well.. next two months could be interesting!!!
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    She looks hot !
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    beyond sexy. my wife also did a boudoir shoot a couple of years ago and i pinned an 8x10 print in our closet. i'd love to share with the right person also
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  16. chrissythesissy

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    My wife told me a couple of months ago that she guesses she'll be willing to cuckold me one day! We've only had sex once since then, on September 13.. Since then she's said she's denying me, a few mentions of my small penis, and that I'm not fuckable. I think it could happen finally, soon. Maybe it already is and she just hasn't told me. I just need a push to help follow through on my submission. I know I deserve to be back in chastity. Too much masturbation that I don't deserve.. Maybe hypno, maybe the right humiliation, maybe the right words..
    Maybe I should post another pic of her from the boudoir shoot.
  17. Miss Natalie

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    Wow it sounds like you've effectively killed a sexy woman's libido. A testament to how unfuckable you really are.... I feel the same way sometimes when I look at alcohol, bad hangovers have made me not want to drink altogether... so congratulations on that. You must really weird her the fuck out during sex. How awkward, to have some skinny white waif awkwardly trying to fuck you but rambling on about how small his penis is. I couldn't tolerate that.
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    Thank you Miss Natalie.
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