My Fiance is more dominant and closer to cucking me

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by chrissythesissy, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    I have been with my fiancé for 4 years now, and pushing the idea of her cuckolding me for much of that time.She has been resistant to it, but maybe I have made some progress.A couple of her friends know I am in chastity and that I want her to cuck me because of my smaller than average clit.She had a lover before me that many of her friends knew had a very large cock.A cock that she even told him was why she was with him.I thought that was a good sign.. if she used a guy for his large cock before.. a. she likes huge cock and b. she can use guys just for their cock and separate the emotion.
    Also, now, many of her friends know that I have gotten a tattoo right above my clit of her initials.So... she has become more dominant and embraced having a sissy in chastity, and our sex has decreased to twice a month at most, which she seems fine with!Currently, I am serving what will be my longest sentence in chastity..two months!She said I was acting like an ass, so I needed to learn my lesson and be locked up for 2 months.She did let me out for a ruined orgasm after my first two weeks.Glad I taught her about that.
    The newest development is that I told her about this forum and that I was going to post a pic of her and then show her the responses and she didn't say no! So... here she is below.
    We would love to hear your thoughts about our story and her pic!

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  2. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    chrissythesissy, Please define the word cuckolding?
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  3. Dantheman

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    Your fiancé is a real beauty! Nice tits and lovely face (what I can see). So tell us more about her cuckolding you (e.g. does h she like black; has she a regular lover; any plans for impregnation)
  4. liferider1844

    liferider1844 New Member

    She looks like a fun gal, I would not assume she is completely dominant though.
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  5. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    NECuck i understand why you asked me what cuckolding is... i assure you i know. I am sorry my post didn't say much about our relationships cuckolding elements... but i have an update today that should talk more about what i am hoping is my path to finally becoming a cuckold. Please let me know your thoughts and thanks for letting me know any of your comments about her pic. Crazy how many have seen it.

    Everything is progressing nicely i think. These days she's much more in control. She's not letting me talk back, she's whipping and even shocking me with her tens unit on my nipples as punishment.

    We're now only having sex once a month.. and a few months ago she very matter of factly said that I do not give her good orgasms. I don't satisfy her. It was such a blow to my ego but a huge turn on. And maybe a signal that she's thinking about getting cock elsewhere. Then, the next time we actually had sex, four weeks later, DURING sex she said that our sex life was pathetic. Amazing humiliation. And since then it's been rarer and rarer... the next time we had sex i came really quickly because I'd been in chastity for two weeks. She was NOT happy. So not only is it rare it's getting worse.

    I tell her she deserves great sex and i want that for her and i tease her about seeing her big cocked boy friend. As if she has one. And she never denies it. Just plays along. Hopefully we're acting out what will happen for real someday.

    The latest addition to my humiliation and punishment is i got a big dog cage for me. I've been kept in it four or five times in the walk in closet and always for 4-5 hours and the first time for 10 hours. Tonight I'm going in possibly for the entire night because i talked back to her badly last night. This is my punishment.

    Hopefully I'll learn how to better behave by not arguing or talking back. It's scary to think she'll see me not as a man anymore and as a submissive pathetic sissy. But I think it's already happened and we're past the point of no return. She'll never see me as a man again or really want to fuck me again. And hopefully that means she's on the verge of finally cucking me!

    Amy input or feedback is greatly appreciated.


    BRAVEHRT Member

    You can tell her she has a fantastic body, built for sex. Beautiful tits and especially amazing hips that any man would love to get between. She looks quite pretty too.

    I would imagine men stare at her and want her wherever she goes.

  7. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Thanks very much Braveheart! I just told her that and she reminded me I'm getting nothing since I'm locked in my cage. The best cage I've had, the holy trainer.
  8. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    I'm excited to update this situation to you all.

    At this point, we're married and barely having sex. (4 times this year) I am only wearing panties as underwear, am often in Chastity, and just got a frenum piercing so that I can be locked into the Chastity device and not be able to pull out/ escape! My first real inescapable chastity if my life is about to happen once the piercing is healed and custom made device for my clit arrives. I have encouraged her to get a boyfriend for years and she agrees I'm not deserving of her, don't fuck her well, and she doesn't really want to fuck me.

    My feeling is this process takes time, but when I get this new device that she said she'll keep me in initially for a couple of months, and I'm more submissive than ever, wearing only panties, that cuckolding is going to finally happen. She even admitted this week that a "Definitely fuckable" guy hit on her at work the other day... He's obviously a real man compared to her thin, shaved, small clit locked up sissy of a husband!

    Would love to hear your feedback, advice, encouragement, and of course your opinions and comments on my gorgeous wife!

  9. keyless

    keyless Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your progress. She's a sexy lady!
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  10. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    IMG_0931.jpg Here is another pic of her that I like. Hope you like as well!

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  11. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Added a new pic just now keyless! And thank you!!
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  12. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    This is all so exciting! I plan on telling her I posted today and would love to get her thinking about other men by showing her your responses and reviews of her pics... And the knowledge that so many guys have seen them!
    Please let me know your thoughts on our progress and her pics.
    I plan on updating often.
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  13. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    Awesome pictures and what a nice progress you seem to be making into this lifestyle.

    It's really excellent that you don't have much sex with your sexy wife anymore and probably a natural development as you get deeper into cuckolding. I'm in the exact same situation and it seems so natural and, indeed, blissful. A sexless marriage between hotwife and cuckold is just beautiful and luckily it seems to happen inevitably! Hopefully, chastity will soon be my reality as well.

    I really hope for both your wife and you that she'll soon be having regular lovers who can please her appropriately while you on the other hand always must be her rock in all other aspects. THAT seems to be very important within serious cuckold-couples - it is for us, for sure. You may be her BETA, however, you really must ensure her pleasure and security in all other aspects than sex and romance.

    All best wishes!
  14. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Thanks so much Hank! I've been lusting after sexy body this weekend and hoping I'll get lucky with her. I'm so desperate for her. And my inescapable device is arriving soon, and she says I'll be in it for a couple months... So I hope I get to enjoy her ONCE before then.
    Our neighbor tonight saw us coming home and her wearing a sexy skirt. He then revealed he was alone tonight since wife was out of town... Didn't know what he was going to do tonight. I roleplayed with her once we got inside that he's coming over with a bottle of red and I told him he could have her anyway he wanted... I told her he was insinuating he'd like to get under her skirt with his comments...
    She laughed and was not disgusted! Hmmm
  15. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    It sounds like your wife is not quite ready yet - and besides, the neighbor might not be the most strategic way to go about it - especially not a married one :)

    You being desperate for her is a good sign - and she not responding to your desperation also tells a story - somewhat similar to my blissful situation here. But do indeed bring it up with her - you may get lucky ;-) However, you have to get used to cuckold-reality which to some extend can mean that your wife while loving and adoring you as her hubby will not any longer view you as a sexual being. Does that mean that she doesn't love you? No, not at all - it just means that she's beginning to get used to the notion of her having meaningful sex with other men which will highly likely exclude you - with or without a chastity device.

    So enjoy the ride that you're in for - it can get bumpy ;-)

    Super best wishes to both your wife and you, mon ami.
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  16. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    She definitely looks ready for a BIG COCK !
  17. Czechers

    Czechers New Member

    Those look like some fun tits to bounce around. Will be awesome when someone else finally gets ahold of them. I’m sure clean up duty is coming for you soon.
  18. chrissythesissy

    chrissythesissy Active Member

    Wow, i just realized you are a woman! i wish my wife had you as a friend! oh the trouble i would be in...
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  19. Miss Natalie

    Miss Natalie New Member

    She deserves it for being so hot
  20. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    she gotten a lover yet?
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