My fantasy is growing for another man's wife

Discussion in 'Stories Archive' started by NewJerseyMale, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. NewJerseyMale

    NewJerseyMale New Member

    There is something about being close with another man's wife that is driving me nuts. I am constantly looking whenever I am out in public, and wondering what goes on behind closed doors. I wonder if I will ever get my chance. It is even more intesified when I know that her husband will know. Help me fulfill my fantasy!! Please..
  2. seanjohnsn

    seanjohnsn New Member

    Thats a common fantasy. I often visualize what goes on when I see a couple and if I could get in with them. I don't know how to help you, I was just letting you know you aren't alone.
  3. shadeparty

    shadeparty New Member

    And I constantly fantasize about having a man get in close with my wife.

    The fantasy does go both ways, you just have to find your match. Easier said than done.
  4. StClair

    StClair New Member

    Bull or Cuck?

    I usually have fantasies about my wife letting another guy into her pussy. But sometimes I think about how it would be to be the guy taking another guy's wife in his presence. Very hot!

    I used to be friends with a couple - she was about 5'-5" natural blonde with very slender body - perfect bikini figure. We'd swim at their appartment pool. She even had perfectly gorgeous feet.

    Her husband was a nice, intelligent, but meek kind of guy. It really turned me on to imagine my kneeling between Gloria's tanned thighs and having Bill guide my hard cock into his wife's pussy. I imagined him watching as I shot my load into his wife. So,very sexy.
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  5. NewJerseyMale

    NewJerseyMale New Member

    Thanks for your input

    It is tough trying to find a "real" couple out there. I figured this would be the best place to find someone. I will be patient. I have followed a few dead ends, but there will hopefully be a good couple out there that will find me soon.
  6. Larson

    Larson Member

    Finding a couple

    You should see it from our side. My wife fucks other men very willingly, on my part as well, and it's harder than you'd probably guess to find suitable candidates. It might be useful to hear what works for us.

    First, remember that even though you're fucking her, and we all know that, I'm there too. I think we're like a lot of couples in that we both have to be comfortable with the guy fucking her.

    Second, remember you're seducing a woman. If you ask her right out of the box for nude pictures or call her names, or use a name for yourself that's nasty, you may have ruled yourself out.

    Third, be a little polite. I don't mean you have to be obsequeous--it's not like you need permission--but don't be a jerk. It's scary for most women, not to mention offensive. One of the key turnoffs, for Z at least, is someone who meets her on line and asks, "ASL?" Talk to her. You'll get the information. Rudeness is not a useful approach.

    If you're not in the desired demographic, move on plolitely. We have lots of college guys who want to fuck Z. That doesn't do it for either of us. It did when we were just out of college, but not any more. We want Z's partners to be closer to her age than to the ages of our own kids (she is 50, the oldest of our two is 27, so that means at least 39 or 40 for us, although over 40 is better), and she is horribly allergic to smoking, so that's a definite out. And you don't have to be an Olympian (although one of Z's regulars is a former Olympic athlete and there have been a couple of professional athletes in her past), she is not interested in guys who are really overweight and out of shape. We're fit, so her partners should be too.

    For us anyway, if you can't express yourself reasonably well, don't bother--it's not that Z is looking for someone who never makes a typo or grammar mistake, but at least have the courtesty to try. If you can't spell words out (using 'u' for 'you' and things like that), it looks like you don't care. If you can't spell at all, even more so--'their', they're' and 'there' are different words, and so are 'too', 'to', and 'two', and 'its' and 'it's' and, especially, 'you're' and 'your'; if this is a foreign language for you, Z will not be interested. I'm sorry about that, but hold the rage, please--she gets to decide. I know it's not a spelling bee, but, I repeat, it's her choice. If you care about fucking her, take some care. If you are not willing to be bothered with this, or think it's a crock of shit, you are entirely entitled to that opinion, but you will not fuck Z, and there is no point, and nothing to be gained, but harranging about it. Just find someone who is willing to fuck someone who thinks otherwise. This doesn't apply to every couple in this game, I'm sure, but I'd suggest that you might look at the style in which the couple expresses themselves and try to match it to some extent if you're attracted to the woman.

    Our one big bugaboo--the guys who tell us they want to do whatever she wants to do. Nope. We're looking for informatin on what your interests are, and you have to tell us to get her interested. We get no information when you mimic us--we want to know you have compatible sexual interests, and the only way we can know that is to have you go first. If you hit on an idea she likes, you're moving down the right road, and if you have interests that are diametrically opposite ours, it wouldn't have worked anyway and we will politely decline. Remember, she's the one who has to open her legs, and her safety is at stake, so she gets to run this process. Go with it.

    Z likes her partners without condoms. Much more intimate, but much riskier. And she's an M.D. So she asks men to be tested. And she reads the tests, and you won't be able to fake it. If you won't do this, we understand--your privacy and anonymity are yours to protect--but if you won't, you won't fuck Z. Simple as that. We don't think a man has really taken her if he doesn't cum inside her, but we're not nuts--we have protected her from any STD for 28 years, and we're going to keep doing it.

    Don't ask her to call you on the phone. We'll make that connection, usually the day of or day before we meet for the first time, and you will get to talk directly to Z, but absolutely not before. Lots of guys don't like this and won't continue to email and chat unless Z calls. We certainly understand that (our guess is that more than half the women out there in chat land are really guys, and it's usually easy to tell, but not always), but we've worked out something that works for us. And by way of explaning why we impose this rule (beyond the obvious issue of traceability), there are lots of guys out there who actually ONLY want to play on the phone. If you are too insistent on the phone thing, we immediately tag you as one of those. I know we are sometimes wrong about that, just as the guys who want Z to phone very early in the email exchange process are wrong that her refusal is a sign that she isn't for real, but we've discovered, from our side, that she has lots of candidates without compromising this requirement. If you find you are having trouble, relax this requirement on your part, or maybe others--there are a lot more candidates for the couples than there are for you. Z can always get fucked, and I mean always, so the power to be selective lies with her (and to a lesser extent with me).

    Be realistic. Fantasy is wonderful, and we've done some things over the years that most of you might think of as fantasy, but almost always with long-time partners we trust and know. For instance, no one has ever fucked Z four times in one night, and that counts several hundred episodes, but you would not believe the number of guys who think she's going to believe they can. How dumb is it, anyway, to tell that to an M.D.? Most guys fuck her twice in a two or three hour session, and some only once--and you know what?--that's fine! In fact, it's great! And most of her sessions are in a hotel room with just the three of us. We've had other things happen--wild things--and love it when it does, but if you are unreasonable in your approach or expectations, all you do is make us think you are not really going to go through with it. We can almost always tell the experienced wife-fuckers (bulls, if you like, although Z doesn't happen to like that word) by their approach. And we can usually tell the newcomers to this who want to try and are legitimate and sincere and will show up and perform by their approach as well.

    Be at least a little original or innovative. You are a guy who's "very oral--loves to lick and be licked"? You want to "start with an erotic massage"? OK. Join the club. The very big club. Z got about 400 emails last month from guys who said that or something exactly like it. Ho-hum. Doesn't get her attention. Talk to her like you were trying to pick her up at a bar. Have a conversation. Have more than one conversation over a few weeks. Let her know who you are. What you like. Distinguish yourself from the pack. Z fucks maybe one or two percent of the guys she replies to, and that's about a quarter of the guys who write her. It's a narrow funnel, and not for the reasons most guys think.

    She is not interested in the size of your dick (and remember, again, she's a doc, so she's seen tens of thousands, and she is going to be pretty sure, based on statistics alone, that yours is not one of those that's 9 1/2 inches, and what's more, she doesn't care--that's a guy thing).

    Write her a one or two line email and you're cooked. Trust me, she gets more than a few email that essentially say nothing more than, "How'd you like six where you shit?" Well, truth is that Z is very much into anal sex--it's very intimate for all of us to see Z open her bottom for a new man and have him slide in her ass. But there are exactly none who ever got there by writing a one-liner like that to her as their opening gambit. We don't need a novel as first contact, but tell her something about yourself and take a little time to do it. And if you're afraid of squirreling the deal by saying the wrong thing--don't be. If it wasn't going to work it's in your best interest and hers (and mine) to find out early so we can politely wish each other good luck. And you'd be surprised what captures her imagination--I often am. Real details are real. It works. Trust me.

    Tell the truth. Again, she can tell, or will be able to before you get inside her. There are a thousand ways to know, especially when you have been at it as long as we have. I know this is a trust thing, and there is no way to know early on how much to trust, but we have always protected the identity and privacy of every one of Z's partners, and always will. You can't know that for sure, and certainly not early on in a conversation when you haven't even met her yet, but if you're nervous about that imagine how nervous we are. She has to let you fuck her, for God's sake. If you can't be completely truthful and at least a little revealing you're not likely to make it with her. We'll do that too, but we will do it after you do--after all, Z is the one more at risk, and you will be invading her most private place and taking my wife's cunt, so we really ought to get to set these rules. And if you think any of these suggestions is wrong, I suspect you won't find many couples to do this with you, and I know you won't be doing it with Z.
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  7. shadeparty

    shadeparty New Member

    It is surprisingly difficult to find "real" guys as well. I love my wife dearly and insist on the perfect combination between aggressive and realistic, all wrapped up in a charming, good-looking guy that lives nearby. Tall order to fill!
  8. dark_water_diver

    dark_water_diver New Member

    glad to have made the cut


    Z got 400 emails in a month - I'm not surprised - she's worth it. I'm glad I made the cut.

  9. pigr75

    pigr75 Well-Known Member


    That is an excellent, excellent exposition on how to approach a couple to play. It should be required reading for any man who wants to play the "bull".
  10. Larson

    Larson Member

    The Rules for Picking Up a Hotwife

    Thanks. I didn't intend it as The Rules for Picking Up a Hotwife, but it's a good start on that. I just thought people here might like to know what it looks like from our side, and how we decide on who fucks her. One of the regular posters here, dark_water_diver, actually has fucked Z, and he can tell you how much of the advice I posted above he found important in making the connection--I can tell you that he was just about a dead-on fit to these rules. In any event, I hope they help some of you who want to do this. Larson
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  11. lawncucktx

    lawncucktx Guest


    I feel its a 'grass is greener' effect. Husband has a woman, that a guy
    likes, and wants to bang her good. The Postman with Kevin Costner,
    a cuck situation, where the husband "michael" can't have kids, and asks
    Kevin Costner to bang his wife.

    Although that was hollywood, I wonder how 'lucky' the postman gets when
    husband is at work and wife is all alone. ;)

    I wonder how many mailmen and mailwomen got 'lucky' :D At any rate,
    I got respect for the postal service. :D heeh

    My other fantasy, is befriending couples, and husbands 'trust' me to be
    with their wives, I guess as a way for them to be with another woman. :)

    Perhaps the teasing, and starting of the moment, is the wife thinks I'm
    very attractive, feels up my leg, and undoes my pants... as she opens
    her blouse, and her husband don't truly care, or comforts me that it is
    ok.. and you see the husband, playing with himself as his wife makes me
    feel so good. :)

    I don't know the name of the movie, I remember where this guy and
    his wife sat together, and another man eyes the guy's wife, (formal
    attire) he quietly unzips her dress zipper.... and pretends nothing has
    happened.. he squeezes her thighs, and just teases her relentlessly...
    she appears to be a straight laced, bigoted, churchy kind of woman, who
    finds it erotic another man shows her affection as her husband appears
    to be blahzeah and oblivious about what's going on... u can see under
    the table, her dress belt slips off, her shoes..... and his hands, feeling
    her thighs, squeezing them, as she tries and struggles to keep her cool..

    you can see beads of sweat, she fans herself, and keeps her cool, as the
    guy sitting next to her, keeps such a poker face, nobody knows whats
    going on!! The wife in question breathes harder, getting turned on.... but


    suggestive cucking at its best! At formal dinner parties, be wary of who
    you sit next to... your wife or husband may be running 'late' lol..

  12. Davie977

    Davie977 Guest

    I think watching an unsuspecting husband drive away knowing that you are going to fuck his wife in a few minutes must be one of the sexiest, groin aching feelings possible. I envy my neighbour who did that to me one morning when he and my wife started their "affair".
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  13. Nicholas1

    Nicholas1 New Member

    I agree, I also fantasize.

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