My ex-wife wants a white baby by me

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    My recently-ex-wife and I and her new husband---my young Afro-American college-student best buddy since he was 17---have for the last 5 years been living in a deeply fulfilling full-time menage-a-trois in which my buddy has fathered three very obviously mixed-race beautiful babies for my ex-wife, but thankfully has gladly remained my one-and-only male lover.

    I am white Caucasian and originally my wife wanted children by me. But before that could happen my buddy entered my life and he and I became secret lovers. Two years later I came out and took the bull by the horns and introduced my beautiful buddy to my wife.

    The rest is History. My wife instantly fell headlong in love with him and his superlative genes and very soon got to desperately wanting babies by only him, not me.

    Last year, with my agreement and encouragement, my wife divorced me to marry my buddy. We continue to live as a fully sharing threesome, of course with sa few modifications to accommodate the inevitably somewhat changed interpersonal and romantic dynamics.

    Since he married my ex-wife last year my buddy's love for her has deepened profoundly and he has perfected his love-making skills to the point where she is rendered breathlessly helpless every time he takes her in his arms, even before he has penetrated her.

    However, two weeks ago my ex-wife surprised my buddy and I with the news that this month she wants to get pregnant with a white baby by me. My buddy straightaway and enthusiastically agreed that she should; “To offset the black-baby dominance in our family” he says. Besides, he says, he is eager to co-father a baby of mine with my ex-wife as joyfully as I co-father her three beautiful children by him to date.

    I was, for obvious reasons including some wider social ones, not as enthusiastic as my buddy was about my ex-wife’s plan to get pregnant by me, and I privately told him that; but not her.

    I left it to my buddy to communicate my reservations to my ex-wife who, not wanting to have her plan thwarted, has responded in a very subtle clever way; that is, very cleverly egging me on to impregnate her by setting me up me as a viable reproductive competitor for her; as against my physically and sexually way more attractive and, fathering-wise, outstandingly successful buddy.

    The way she has gone about it is self-interestedly but sweetly devious, and nothing short of brilliant.

    Exploiting the ongoing homosexual love relationship between my buddy and me and our mutual needs and desires to simultaneously please and satisfy her heterosexually, late last week she privately told my buddy to share with me a beautifully hot “souvenir” video---which up to then I had not seen or even knew existed---she had made of him nakedly masturbating for her excitement alone when he was a mere stripling of 20.

    Last year my then-wife proudly and a bit provocatively emailed me several very hot screenshots she had made from her video. I posted them on this forum at

    Here is a link to her original video of my buddy from which my wife made the above screenshots:

    After my buddy and I had viewed her video of him (which I found extremely hot) he asked me if I would mind if he made a similar video me for her and him to get off on---presumably separately and together---during my absences at work and elsewhere.

    Of course I said I wouldn’t mind at all, but would prefer---so as not to expose my lesser Caucasian physique to negative comparisons (in my ex-wife’s eyes at least) with his way more muscular and athletic classical Afro-American younger physique---that he video me clothed, not naked.

    In his taking of the video my buddy suggested I masturbate hands-free---at which he knew from our countless private sexual encounters I was very skilful indeed---with my cock thrusting through the zip fly opening of my jeans. I was relieved by his suggestion and he videoed me standing with himself totally stripped-off to provide a maximum of homoerotic stimulation for me. Which it did.

    It worked a treat. In the event he performed way more arousingly than I did, resulting in me ejaculating almost prematurely, but for me unusually copiously, from thrusting my hips strongly upwards while he seductively showed off his beautifully muscular bum to me in side view and stroked one-handed his super-hard cock in time with the upthrusting of my hips.

    Here is a link to his video of me:

    plus a link to a more revealing quarter-speed version of it which my buddy says drives my ex-wife even more frantic with baby-making lust:

    This morning he smilingly related to me that the result of our labors had pleased his new wife hugely, but that in saying so she had “shyly” pointed out to him how sexily I moved my hips in “deliciously white-boy” fashion and how impressed she had been by my resulting ejaculation; and, finally, that she would greatly enjoy fucking me to make a white baby. BUMP!

    My buddy appeared to me a bit put down if not actually humiliated by my wife being so openly aroused by his video of me on her very first viewing of it, and by her preference for me and not him to father her next baby.

    But straight after that he told me that he too had found the video extremely arousing and that he had already watched in it private and masturbated to it more than twenty times since viewing it with his wife and that he was now wanting to be in on every one of my baby-making sessions with her; which I lovingly promised that he would be.

    Full marks to my ex-wife for divining the extremely complex sexual and erotic affinities and vulnerabilities of the two hotly competing lovers in her life, and for so skilfully using her deep understanding of them to pretty much guarantee that her next baby will be planted by me; not my buddy.

    She has informed us that she wants to be impregnated during her next fertile time. The first day of that is the 12th of this month and she has already marked, with smiley-faces, all 6 days of it on the calendars hanging on the back of the door of our bedroom and above the fridge in our kitchen.

    She has also put me on High Potency Zince supplement tablets---20mgm twice daily---for boosting the performance of my prostate and invigorating my sperm in advance of my baby-making with her.

    She will not permit my buddy fuck her, even with a condom, during the coming the week and through her fertile days right up to the time her pregnancy test becomes positive. That will of course be hugely frustrating for him, but thankfully he and I are homosexually versatile and very caring of one another in any sort of crisis.

    That’s where I come in—perforce two-timing with the most important and beautiful people in my life.

    What goes around surely cums around :p
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    The above link to the original video of my buddy that was shot by my ex-wife does not work.

    Here is a replacement link that does work:
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    Early this morning I was lying awake beside my buddy and my ex-wife, when for the first time it hit me how even a fortnight ago my ex had been using every single bit of her erotic and manipulative genius to get me to impregnate her with a white baby.

    As related in my above longer post, she began applying her technique with her initially covert but increasingly blatant glance at it, making me extremely envious of the beautiful physique of my buddy.

    At bed-time last night my buddy told me that she is making very sure that he is noticing increasingly frequent glances she is now lasciviously giving my butt and crotch, and that it is making him a tad jealous of me as he very vividly imagines me barebacking her through her fertile time which begins next week.

    Yesterday my ex bought herself a fertility thermomenter to better determine the day/night she is going to ovulate, and is already busily taking and charting her basal temperature on waking in the morning.

    My buddy as her very new husband is naturally finding the buildup to my fucking his wife (exclusively of him) to plant a baby in her, pretty anxiety-provoking. Not that he is regretting his decision to cooperate in my impregnating her. In fact, as her fertile time gets closer he is getting more and more excited by it. In fact he told me this morning that he wants to be very close in on the baby-making and to hand-guide my cock into her at least first time up, and to feel me cumming in her etc etc.

    From having anticipated then experienced all that as a willing and wildly excited husband who has on three occasions over the last 4 years handed his wife over to be impregnated by her lover (him), I know only too well what a seemingly crazy roller-coaster ride---complete with many a scary dark tunnel---he is going through; and I have told him so as comfortingly as I can.

    His whispered but perceivably panicky plea to me this morning after he had heard and felt his increasingly horny wife coming on to me in the dark before dawn, was

    "Please don't back out of this. I love you----and so does she".

    Wow, what a wonderfully determined and courageous lad he is.
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    It was only last night that I dropped to the likely true significance and purpose of the lustful looks and glances I have recently been catching my ex-wife increasingly frequently giving my buddy's fantastically sexy body, both unclothed and clothed; glances so lasciviously sexual that even he is finding almost too blatant and embarrasing to bear when the three of us are out walking or shopping together, or amongst friends.

    In the context of my ex-wife's plan to have me impregnate her next week, I believe her glances---which are now directed at obviously sexually attractive parts of not only my buddy's body but mine too---are being made for both he and I to notice together in order to signal her sexual availability to both of us and in so doing generate competition between us to fertilize the egg that will in a very few days' time be released from one of her ovaries to meet the tsunami of sperm that is even now brimming in our balls and pelvises.

    My buddy is now well aware that by her openly drooling over his incredibly sexy body in the run-up to her ovulating, she is exciting us both homosexually and heterosexually in ways that we presently have no hope of countering or handling at all rationally; so intensely is the flame of erotic desire for each other and, very competitively, for her burning in both of us men.

    She obviously sees and understands that and the reproductive ramifications of her beautifully and consummately well-played sexual game full well and is enjoying it all immensly.

    But, most significantly, she sees too the great love my young buddy has for me and knows that come next week he will graciously "bow out" of the competition she has set up between him and me to mate with her, and for the Prize that is her egg confidently awaiting to be forcibly fucked out of its ripened follicle and wafted into one of her egg-tubes where it will be fatefully fertilized by one of the two men she greatly loves and is now openly lusting after; one only slightly more than the other.

    How amazing and humbling it is for me that my buddy, because of his love for me, so hotly desires that the winning sperm be shot into his wife by me and not by him.

    "Greater love has no man than this............"
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    Here is a link to "Those Lustful Looks", my post of a few days ago in which I describe the way in which my ex-wife, now the wife of my young black live-in buddy, has most recently been showing her wildly escalating sexual desire for his glorious body since they married.

    Given my wife's re-surging sexual interest in me as the father-of-choice for her next baby (destined to be a white one), the similarly appreciative looks she is giving my body too---clothed as well as unclothed---have taken on a new significance in the all-too-easily erotically manipulated minds of my buddy and I.

    Full marks to my ex for so subtly but effectively manipulating me by her lascivious looks at my buddy to make me envious/jealous of my his beautiful physique. And perhaps to thereby self-interestedly improve the quality and reproductive liveliness of the sperm with which my aching balls are now positively brimming?

    Come next week, her next fertile time, she will know only too well that I have dropped to her egging-on Mating Game, because I've resolved to fuck her so full of my super-potent baby-batter she is not going to know which way is up---long before she returns a positive pregnancy test.
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    Simply explained, CW.

    We are not living in the UK now. We were only there temporarily.

    As to my buddy's skin color, interesting, isn't it. At 19 it was considerably lighter than it is now at 24 plus. I would suggest one explanation for the change is that all the sex he has had with my wife in the last has strongly stimulated his melanocytes via his hypophysis and pineal glands. It is an anecdotal phenomenon, not yet confirmed by controlled scientific studies of Afro-American males.

    Another more likely cause is that for the last few years he has been regularly sunning himself on our lawn and on the tanning bed at his gym. I much preferred his skin lighter, but my wife likes it darker.

    From working-out daily he is also quite a lot beefier than he was at 19. Which my wife likes too.

    ps: Our brief domicile in the UK, geographically and socially speaking, was far from "idyllic", by the way. My buddy and my then-wife found the climate and the class-system to be awful; very depressing compared to the US.
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    While I'm not qualified in any biological or dermatological field to say so from any position of expertise, I would easily dismiss any pseudoscience that suggests that interracial sex changes skin tone in anyone. That's utter nonsense.

    That being said, I'm more than willing to knowledge my mistake in assuming that you were Britons. Where are you from, then? Are all three of you Americans, or all British, or mixed?

    Whether a Briton in the U.S., or an American formerly living in the U.K. - out of curiosity, what does your "buddy" do at age 23 that qualified him for a visa in either of the U.S. or U.K. for any length of time?
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    My buddy is a US citizen. He won a 3-month scholarship to a summer school in a London university in his US college master's subject and sufficiently distinguished himself there to be offered a 3-month extension, which he took up. My wife fell pregnant to him in the middle of our stay in the UK.

    As for your mis-perception that I was saying that interracial sex per se might have been the cause of my buddy's skin color deepening, I wasn't, and such a suggestion would anyhow have obviously been absurd, on any reckoning; because my ex-wife is not black, but white.

    Perhaps you are referring to the wholly debunked theory of Telegony, which at one time asserted that if a white woman bore a baby to a black father, her subsequent children to a white man could carry traits---including the skin color and the fabled bigger penis---of the black man who fathered her previous child. That theory was partly based on another theory---that of Black Supremacism---which racistically attributed to black males superior sexual potency and certain other genetic biological advantages, including greater assertiveness and physical desirability in the eyes of white women; which my buddy manifestly has vis-a-vis my ex-wife, but not for any so-called telogenetic reason. To the contrary, in her eyes and mind he is simply way more beautiful and sexually potent and desirable than I am.
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    UPDATE: Following my nightly and morning fuckings and very satisfying inseminations of my ex-wife over the critical 6 days of her last fertile time, last week she returned a positive pregnancy test, confirmed by a second test 24 hours later.

    Because of the extreme horniness of my young black buddy (her new husband) during my ex's fertile time. I had to be very careful not to leave her alone with him at any time during her fertile days; which I definitely succeeded in doing; most easily of course when he was away at his weekday college classes and That was none-too-easily achieved in the face of multiple "narrow escapes" when I had to get out of bed to visit our ensuite for a pee in the early hours of the morning when my buddy lying beside us was sporting and eagerly exhibiting his usual super-solid morning erection that I could see my ex was simply gagging to have all the way up her.

    My buddy insisted on videoing three of the baby-making long fuckings I gave his wife---"To get off on later when her belly begins to swell" he said. Phew, what a compliment. His wife finds the videos "very beautiful indeed", which in fact they are, with some of the close-ups capturing an almost obscene surfeit of thick cum erupting around the root of my deeply in-thrust cock.

    Notwithstanding our agreement that her would not fuck his wife even once or shallowly during her fertile time, on at least five occasions occasions his husbandly ardour got the better of him and on returning to our bedroom from my pee I caught them passionately deep-kissing and him reared up over her with his bloated cock-head very obviously about to part her already stretched-up love-lips prior to him fully penetrating her. On each occasion he mumbled "Sorry" to me and quickly withdrew his hips from between her uplifted thighs and gladly gave place to me between them.

    We are now right back into joyful, full-on bareback daily threesoming with my buddy getting his rocks off spectacularly again and the three of us delighting in the knowledge that this time round his wife is provenly pregnant to me, not to him.

    I'm hotly looking forward to the sudden burgeoning of my ex's libido which will begin to manifest in the coming weeks when the major hormonal changes of early pregnany kick in for her. If my buddy's response to her escalating ardour-of-pregnancy during her previous three impregnations (by him) is anything to go by and is reproduced this time round, then I am surely in for a wankworthy voyeur's feast of him fucking her beside me to reclaim his sexual dominion over her after having very willingly albeit briefly given it up to me.

    Such is Youth. May the better man win :p

    (Further updates coming)
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    Further Update

    As in the first few weeks of her previous three pregnancies, all of them engendered by my buddy, the libido of my ex has been escalating beautifully since I impregnated her in late January. In fact her libido is presently way higher than it was at the corresponding time in all three of her previous pregnancies, and is yet to peak I believe.

    This is resulting in her wanting my bigger-cocked younger and spunkier buddy to fuck her more often and for longer than I'm allowed to now. The sex between them is spectacularly beautiful to watch and my buddy has become fascinated with how much more excited I am becoming as their fucking becomes more abandoned and productive of multiple and much more powerful orgasms for my ex which he is noticing I am envying him for like never before.

    The latter reaction of mine has called forth an unexpectedly tender and loving response to me in my homosexual tristes with him which are now always enacted apart from his wife (my ex), sometimes going on through the night until early morning when he leaves me beautifully satisfied in my bed to rejoin her in the master-bedroom for an always amazingly vigorous and noisy dawner apart from me.

    So my buddy's reclaiming of my ex following me impregnating her is now almost total, with him reaping and openly enjoying to his very hilt every erotic benefit that I have caused to manifest since I planted my baby in her belly.

    Please wish us well for the future of this much-desired pregnancy and for an increase in the peace-of-mind that my ex is experiencing from the fulfilment of her plan to have a white baby by me.


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    Re her escalating libido:

    After my buddy left for his college classes, his wife (my ex) wanted me to fuck her even though he had by my observations beautifully satisfied her in his usual dawner with her, which lasted nearly half-an-hour.

    Given the length of the fucking he had given her and with him being much bigger-cocked than I am, his wife's vagina was widely overstretched such that it was barely clasping my cock as I thrust and thrust into it to get some sensation going to get me off. My buddy had ejaculated twice very heavily in her during their dawner and her vagina was awash with his semen, which was very frustratingly for me almost eliminating the cock-stimulating nubbliness of the walls of her vagina.

    Eventually, by going balls-deep and rutting very hard, I was able to cum unimpressively weakly, barely managing 3 spurts into the back of her vagina. But she didn't orgasm at all, so I asked her the reason for that.

    She replied straight-up and immediately to my question: "Now that I am pregnant again your cock doesn't get anywhere hard enough for me to get off on it, no matter how deep it goes. But Denton's gets me off every time he cums in me. It gets so much girthier and harder than yours does before he cums in me that I can't control myself. And anyhow he's got so much sexier and stronger these last few weeks that I don't want to."

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