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  1. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Hi, I'm a brand new bull, creating this thread as a place where I can write about all my exploits in this new adventure.

    I wrote about myself in another thread where I described my first bull experience, but ill do it again here. I'm 32, I'm a graduate student who studies medicine in the tristate (South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska) region. I am attractive, fit, and athletic, I'm 5'10 with a muscular build, and dark complexion.

    I'm not hung, I'm average length with a nice thick girth. I'm interested in meeting with single women or couples who have a cuckold fantasy, so feel free to message me if you want to meet.
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  2. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    My first bull experience:

    So I met my first couple by accident when I posted an Ad online looking for a friend who would enjoy casual sex from time to time. They replied looking for someone to fuck the wife in front of the husband. I had never considered it, but I had always had a cuckold fantasy of my own that never was satisfied, so I understood their wants. They messaged me randomly one day and asked to meet with literally no time to prepare, and having jerked off just before. It was a super fun experience, and she was satisfied at the end, but I felt really lame afterwards because I had performance problems from the fact that I had just came and that the husband had a camera on me the whole time. I wont go into much detail, because I wrote about this in another thread called "I cucked someone" so if your interested you can go read that. So far they havnt messaged me looking for a second date, but I didn't even get the feeling that they weren't interested, I think they may just be busy.
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  3. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    My second experience:

    So my second experience so far has just been looking for another couple. I put an ad up and got a few couples, but they were all very old, like 50-60's and while I understand their need, I don't think I am the one for them.

    The best part I talked about in another thread: I got messages from two lovely women, both who were married and looking for something on the side. The first was a shy young brunette with a curvy sexy body and huge boobs. She has continued to talk to me for the last 4 days and has loosened up a lot since then. Shes very conservative in wanted to have sex, she makes sure that I know that we wont be having sex right away, and i'm okay with that. Although I am still at odds with helping a woman cheat, since I have been cheated on as well, and I fucked me up. Anyways, the latest from her is that I will meet her for the first tomorrow, I'll up date with how that goes.

    The other woman was a GORGEOUS blonde from a rich neighborhood nearby. She had a SUPER sexy body and was VERY interested in meeting me. I was SURE she was a fake, but she was way too hot to not take the chance. I talked to her for a few days and she maintained that she was really interested in me, and that she thought I was sexy. I was still sure she was a fake when I was invited to meet her last night, she arrived in an expensive SUV and invited me in, she wasn't fake. I was dumbfounded, this woman was a rich gorgeous trophy wife and she was interested in me. We sat and chatted for about an hour, then she asked me to kiss her, I could tell she was starved for sex because she moaned loudly just from kissing. I went back home shortly afterwards and she messaged me saying that meeting me was incredible and she was excited to start this with me. She is totally out of my league buy I'm going for it, I cannot wait to see where this goes. This woman is married as well, and hasn't had sex with her husband in a long time.
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  4. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Met the brunette as well now. She was very shy, cute and short. We just sat and talked for about an hour which was nice. She has made it a point to remind me on several occasions that she doesn't plan on just jumping into bed with me, and I will respect that. I'm still not too sure about this whole thing, I went looking for a couple to bull but instead I ended up with a married woman who wants something ongoing. I'm here scratching my head... I think ill take a passive role and just let her take it where she wants I guess.

    Also, still talking to my blonde goddess, we plan on meeting for drinks sometime this week, and after that I expect it to get physical. She really is something, I've learned a lot about her in the past week.
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  5. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    for example, she was in the military when she was young, and then was a college athlete, specifically a distance runner, which is why shes in such good shape. She's married and her husband has a huge dick, this of course made me laugh, and confess that I am average, and tell her that she was sure to be disappointed. She actually then said that she hates big ones because they hurt and she really prefers someone like me. The irony behind that has me laughing to myself.. because isn't it supposed to be the other way around. I'm supposed to meet her again soon, ill post about it when I do.
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  6. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Funny how reality differs so drastically from fantasy sometimes. My wife is the same - prefers normal sized cock. Lucky for us both I don't have the fantasy of her being impaled by some cartoonishly large baseball bat sized cock (oh and that it MUST be a black one).

    Do either women know that you will be playing around outside of them? Meaning, do either of them expect monogamy from you?
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  7. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    I don't think they considered it, and I'm not really sure. I should hope not because they are both married but you never know. The brunette might expect it, but the blonde has suggested threesomes already so I doubt it. I also told the blonde about my bull experience from last month and she thought it was hot. If it came down to it and I needed to pick, I definitely would pick the blonde over the brunette, based on looks alone, but also because the brunette is scared of cheating, and might back out/feel guilty and stop talking to me afterwards.
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  8. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    heres a question for you all, what do you think of this. The blonde I have been talking to has told me that she has a fantasy to see two straight guys fucking. Shes hinted at it a bunch of times, and then straight up asked me if I would help her fulfill it. I am not at all attracted to guys, and the request seems odd to me, basically I told her I would consider it down the road if me and her hit it off.

    Has anyone else encountered/tried this?
  9. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I'm not a Bull by definition and by choice. Meaning I could be a Bull if I wanted to be. But I think this decision comes down to personal preferences. I would not fulfill that part of her fantasy at all.
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  10. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    I'm leaning the same way, I am just so confused by the request, I didn't really see it coming from her. I think I'll just avoid talking about it until she brings it up and then gently let her down with it. I meet with her again today.
  11. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member


    so I havnt been a bull for anyone else, and I decided to stop talking to those girls because I took a job in texas, so I will be leaving in a month or two, and I dont want to screw them over. The reason is that they both wanted a commitment and didnt want to be used for sex once or twice and then ditched, I promised them I wouldn't, and now I cant keep that promise so I'm just gonna let them go.

    But, I do have some other exciting news!

    I finally got to watch a big cock fuck my girl (well one of the the girls I see).
    I made an ad and got a guy with a thick 9 inches to agree to show up. The conversation was quick and he was at her place the next day, they were sitting waiting for me once I got off work.
    It was a little awkward so I took charge and said well lets get started, because we only had an hour. He jumped at that and just took off his cloths and then undressed her.
    She is a big cock lover, but she would rather have mine because I think she has strong feelings for me. I am only the second guy who has ever gave her orgasms from sex, besides the guy before me, who had a ten inch cock and only made her orgasm once. Before that she was married for ten years and had various other partners, but none of them did it for her. She usually has multiple orgasms from me, so I think the attachment is more important than the size of the cock, although cock size obviously turns her on. She grabbed his cock once he undressed and I could see the look in her face that said she desired it. He was a grower, and he hung low and skinny, while she played with it, it grew HUGE and thick, she had some seriously sexy looks on her face when it got big.

    He put his cock in her face and had her blow him for a little while, and then he wanted to 69. After that he bent her over and ate her out from behind.
    I stood and watched the whole thing, he soon layed on the bed and invited her to ride, she got on top and rode him for like... 3 minutes before he came... which was a huge letdown, but it was a good intro to hotwifing I guess. I had planned for him to fuck her good, and then I would join to get a blowjob while he fucked her from behind or something like that. I escorted him out and then I went to town on her because we were both so turned on, she wasn't too loose for me either which was great. I was so turned on I think we had sex for an hour and I went hard the whole time, she orgasmed a bunch of times too.

    I am thinking I want to do it again, but I want an even bigger bull, and someone who is guaranteed to go for more than 3 minutes.. I want him to make her squirt everywhere, (which i know she does, I have made her squirt a couple times with big toys)

    anyways, I plan on inviting a bull again this week, I will post how it goes.
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  12. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    so I have a few updates. I ended up joining a couple again, they were a Hispanic couple who wanted to spice things up a bit. The husband wanted to give his wife a larger cock, but neither of them wanted something huge. The wife was an average looking woman of mid thirties, she had a little extra weight, but her ass was so nice! The husband left us alone to get acquainted and I slowly warmed her up. I promised that I would take my time to make her feel good beforehand, and I did just that. I kissed her over every inch of her body until she was rolling around from being soo sensitive. Eventually I went down on her and she had an orgasm really quickly.

    Not into porn writing, so ill basically say from here I fucked her in a bunch of different positions while the husband snuck back into the room and watched from the corner. At one point I was really pounding her and she wanted me to put her legs over my shoulders, I did and she started moaning loudly and her pussy actually pushed my dick out of her! I laughed and she said "oh my god I think I just squirted" then she explained she hadn't squirted for almost twenty years. I looked down and sure enough my dick and the bed were soaked. We went at it for a while and then she turned around and had me fuck her from behind, she got into it and eventually was slamming back into me, it was so hot that when she started to orgasm again I couldn't stop myself and I ended up cumming too. overall it was an excellent experience and they offered me to come back again soon. I hope to hear from them.

    however whats even more exciting news for me is the following:

    I love joining couples, and playing with wives, but at heart I'm really turned on more by seeing my girl with a huge cock, I have only had one experience before and although it was very short (3 - 5 mins of penetration) I enjoyed it very much. The girl who hotwifes me is a girl iv been seeing for around 9 months, I'll call her "I". she had been talking to the bull and setting up another meeting for all 3 of us, and he kept expressing interest in seeing her alone, which is a no no for us, I'm there or he doesn't get to join. after thinking about it. Me and "i" realized that maybe he will perform better without me watching.. and the thought crossed my mind of letting him think I'm not privy to her seeing him, and to let him think shes seeing him in secret without me. this idea made me rock hard! i don't know what it is about this scenario but is has my heart beating fast from excitement. I plan on hiding in the basement and watching on a camera while he comes over and she pretends to cheat on me with him, I also am considering calling her while she is blowing him, so she can pretend to be a dirty slut cheater and suck him while on the phone, all with him thinking I'm away on business and being cheated on. I literally am bursting at the seams thinking of it.
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  13. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    ".....bursting at the seams" ??? I know the feeling rgby, but I inform and warn you that your scotum and cock possess only one seam between them (running forwards along their undersides) and if that bursts there is nothing that can take its place except the corresponding seam of your lady's lover. So you would do well to contain your ball-busting imaginings and pre-visionings, at least until you get to perv on the live action you are thinking of secretly viewing by camera.
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  14. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    So i figured I'd update on the latest, as well as some backstory on the girl. So the guy we brought in has been asking for the past month to see her again, which we are fine with, but he wants to see her alone, and he has been persistant. He knows thats against our rules so he is testing his boundaries by hoping she can get her to go behind my back. She tells me everything he says, so I know what hes up to. The thing is, the thought of him thinking he is getting her to cheat totally turns me on, and thats where this is heading.

    After a fews days since we made the agreement to let him think she is cheating, he became very hard to communicate with, and didn't respond. it was pretty annoying because both me and her were excited about the new idea and wanted to get it rolling, he just wouldn't respond. I told her maybe ill look for a new bull, ill make sure he is clean shaven, has good hygiene, and is more dependable to talk to. She replied, make sure he is at least 9 or 10 inches. This statement made my jaw drop, it was the first time she openly displayed interest in a big cock, previously it has always been my idea, and she had always persisted that she likes them but doesn't need them. After this, I laughed and questioned her, and finally got her to admit that she gets wet at the thought of a big cock, which to me was a huge turn on, before this she has been afraid to admit it because she was afraid to make me feel inferior.

    Heres her backstory, she was married at a young age to an obese guy with a tiny dick for over ten years, he was emotionally abusive and controlling. from what I understand about 2 years ago she started getting into working out, she lost over 100 lbs, developed confidence, and a serious sex drive. I met her about 9 months ago, she was in the midst of a cheating binge on her husband, i was to be the next guy in line i guess. Things kicked off and she liked me, and the cheating binge stopped. She realized she was sick of him and got a divorce. So before me she had been in a few short relationships, one guy with a ten inch dick was a 1 time fling, it was her first huge cock and the first time she had orgasmed from sex, this is when she realized she loved big cocks. After him was two other guys, and then me neither of the two other guys were anything special. Since she met me she has been able to orgasm multiple times during sex, and she loves that i let her get her big cock fix, even though she says she does it for me.

    shes seriously the most sexual woman i have ever met, she is almost insatable, and hands down the best blowjob i have ever had, over the last few days we found a new bull who is ten inches and THICK, he looks like a damn pornstar, she is much more excited about this guy than the last, but the old bull started messaged yesterday, and we might use him for fun one last time. I will update soon, I think we are planning on having the cheating scenario on tuesday or wednesday. I will get some picks of my setup for viewing, and maybe some video of her with the bull.
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  15. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Today's the day, he will be here in an hour. I'm pretty excited and nervous. I have the camera set up and the monitoring device ready. It's going to be hot. I'll update as things start happening.
  16. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Ok so.. it was really hot, at first I wasn't into it and was just nervous, but as soon as his dick came out and I saw how she started to attend to him I was instanly aroused. I got a short video of him fucking her and one of them 69ing. But the fun was short lived, he seriously came as soon as I ended the video, he lasted all of two minutes, just enough to get her turned on then leave her wanting more, I guess big dicks arnt everything.

    I'm looking for a more dependable guy after this... overall it was hot but way too short
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  17. rgby7879

    rgby7879 Active Member

    Got messaged by a couple today, the girlfriend/ hotwife messaged me asking to meet. Her boyfriend has a fantasy of watching his girl get fucked by another man (just like I do). They wanted me over last night immediately after we started talking, but I was already in bed. Waiting for tonight or tomorrow to see her. She us a brown haired bbw, she's in her 20's and kind of cute. She sseems to be very interested in her boyfriends fantasy. They are a cool couple, video gamers and fantasy nerds, I think its kind of hot.
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  18. inkekiryan

    inkekiryan New Member

    it'd be insanely hot to see a video of her, passionately pleasing you with her mouth!
  19. Donald_Cuck

    Donald_Cuck Active Member

    My cock is a lot thicker than Brett's. I do cause her enormous pain when we have tried to have sex again. She prefers average girth, but is willing to try one longer.

    I told her to try the man she was with when I met her. He was according to her 9 inches and not too thick (I think she meant cock size) like I am. I still hope we find one and Brett likes to share.

    I may have to ask Brett if we plans on sharing my wife with others.

    We have considered chastity for me, but have not found one that will fit. These custom places have no guarentee (typical adult accessories, no guarentee).
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  20. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    My wife's preferences have nothing to do with dick size. She has told me that she can make any dick work for orgasming. Most important to Audrey is that the guy has a wife or long term girlfriend who plays as well in FFMs. The guy's wife doesn't have to do her, but has to be open to Audrey eating the wife while her husband fucks Audrey.
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