My buddy baby-mating my ex-wife

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    The above video-clip was shot by me during one of the many fucks that resulted in my then-wife being impregnated (with my enthusiastic agreement) for the second time by my beautiful young black buddy---who several months ago married her; again with my blessings.

    Some month ago I posted---at other short but very erotic clip of another session of their baby-making in that particular fertile time of my wife during which he very easily and surely impregnated her---very likely first time up.

    I have posted this second one at the request this morning of my buddy who---quite unwarrantedly I assure you---tells me he feels totally outclassed by the physique and superb sexual performance of the young Rastafarian featured in the beautiful video I posted fewer than 24 hours ago at .

    My buddy and I are strongly bisexual and have many one-on-one super-satisfying private jerk-off sessions---lying back naked together on our sofa while my wife is at work---while watching the above video of the spunky young Rastafarian so effectively ploughing that hot-wife.

    Significantly, my buddy gets off even more often and convulsively and copiously than I do when masturbating to videos of other well-built young blacks fucking and cumming in the wives of other men, especially with bums as beautifully muscular as this young Rastafarian's :p

    Which rather goes to him feeling outclassed by them from time-to-time, does it not?

    Poor suffering lad.

    As anyone can see from my videos of him in action with my wife, he has no reason whatever to envy my physique or sexual performances with her. But he believes he does, even though my wife has chosen him as her life-long mate instead of me.

    Such are the touching and revealing anxieties of even especially beautiful and super-potent young men. Bless them.
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    My apologies, there is an unintended break in the video at 1.01.

    The video resumes at 1.10---with yet another a beautiful view of my buddy's manly young powerfully-lunging bum :p

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