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    It's a few months since my wife gave birth to her 24 year-old lover's baby---the second of two perfect boys he has fathered for her.

    He is already getting that procreative glint in his beautiful eyes again and my wife is becoming openly excited by it. And by his sexily toned athletic body which she is starting to gaze lustfully at again when he provocatively saunters naked round the bedroom and showering in the ensuite.

    The sexual tension between them is mounting rapidly and I believe it's only a matter of a few weeks--perhaps days--before he resumes fucking her. As before, it's sure to be bareback and he will finish by cumming in her and possibly impregnate her again during her very first post-baby ovulatory cycle.

    Truthfully, I don't know how I'm going to emotionally handle their first post-baby fuck. I anticipate it will be enacted perfectly naturally and urgently in the bed beside me, probably in the early hours of the morning when my buddy is always at his horniest. But it could just as easily take place when they are even briefly alone together.

    I know for sure that their first fuck back will be wildly impulsive and completely unstoppable and that my wife could easily conceive within an hour of him cumming in her. But for some reason which eludes me I cannot bring myself to raise with my wife or my buddy the question of contraception to avoid that.

    What I do know is that I am incredibly excited at the prospect of my buddy impregnating my wife for his third time---hopefully as he spoons her while I cuddle her face-to-face as in Chapter 5 of my account linked to above.

    Such is Life.
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  3. Did you feel any kicks ?
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    Do you mean the kicks of my buddy's baby in the womb of my wife?

    Sure I did, and I still do---including the kicking against my cock as I deep-fuck her with my buddy lying beside us wide-eyed, open-mouthed and breathlessly masturbating.

    It's fantastically erotic for me I can tell you---knowing it's his vigorous third love-child that is so hugely enhancing the pleasure I am getting from fucking my wife, especially with her pregnancy-escalated libido presently rocketing through the bedroom ceiling.

    Now when my wife orgasms with me I feel her womb tightening so strongly and the baby kicking so hard in protest it feels like he/she is trying to kick my cock out of her vagina! It's fucking beautiful.
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  5. You are lucky....I never got we never got that far....make sure you three take care of the little person :)
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    Thanks for that, Carl. We surely will.
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    How lovely!
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    Several members here have recently pointed out to me that the link above doesn't work.

    For those members and others who would like to read the hot story of my best buddy beautifully baby-mating my wife, here is a link to it that does work:


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    Hi All! I'm on Cloud Nine!!!

    Around 9 in the morning yesterday my wife gave birth to a beautiful very healthy baby girl fathered by my young black buddy, her and my live-in lover for the last 4 years.

    Labor was brought on by my buddy (and only my buddy) fucking and heavily ejaculating three times in my wife during their deliciously long and slow and loving dawner that began in the dark and woke me up at around 4 a.m. when I joined in by sucking on her right nipple and hugely relishing the sweet colostrum that was leaking and spurting from it as she orgasmed almost continuously under my buddy.

    The womb contraction component of my wife’s beautifully strong orgasmic responses to my buddy fucking her moved smoothly over into obvious labour pains at about 5.30 am--about 10 minutes before he finally withdrew his cock from her vagina--and her waters broke while he was still kissing her while she lay facing him in her beautiful post-fuck bliss.

    Two hours later I drove the lovers to the obstetrical unit of our local hospital where the delivery went swimmingly, with my buddy kissing my wife, murmuring lovingly and massaging her baby-bump, cold-sponging her forehead and holding her hand while I sat quietly in an armchair in the far corner of the delivery room.

    My buddy’s huge morning load of semen in my wife had almost certainly been washed out of her vagina by her waters breaking, such that the midwives (both of them lovely and black) who were in attendance and examined her vaginally may not have perfectly worked out my buddy’s role in the triggering of my wife's labour and the wonderful smoothness of the delivery, but he was so loving towards my wife as well as naturally cock-sure he was getting plenty of beautifully sexy admiring smiles from them---and from my delighted wife of course, with her having just delivered her third mixed-race baby by him.

    Naturally I was and still am as proud as Punch for him for his handsomeness and extreme sexiness and procreational power as those have all very obviously contributed to his making of his third child with my equally lovely wife.
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    Congratulations to you all... whos name will go on the birth certificate?
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    Thanks All.

    The baby's surname entered on her birth certificate is set to be my buddy's for a reason we have kept under wraps until now. That reason is that I have agreed to my wife divorcing me and marrying him.

    I know it sounds strange, but this logical solution to the social problem of our "coming out" as a menage-a-trois and at the same time legally settling the surname issue for my buddy's children by my wife has been in the air since the birth of their second baby.

    Thankfully the idea has grown on me to the point where it is exciting me wildly. My buddy is 8 years younger than my wife, but she has been getting steadily younger in body, spirit and sexual need for my buddy with each birth and is mentally, emotionally, romantically and physically so publicly grafted to him now that it would be hypocritical of me to stand in their way.

    The wedding date is set for late Fall. I will be Best Man and also formally give my wife away during the ceremony. My buddy, touchingly and very seriously, wants to marry me in the same ceremony, but legally that would be bigamy and so he and I have decided to settle for an exchange of vows to be homosexually faithful to each other while continuing to co-husband my wife in every way---which of course we have been with increasing fervour and satisfaction all round since he was 19.

    Such is Love.
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  13. Congrats Michael.....keep us updated :)
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    Thank you Tractorman, Wife4others and Carl. I will pass on your congratulations to the elated lovers.

    Last evening when I arrived at the hospital to visit them in their private room they were lying in each others arms on the bed, kissing and in other overtly sexual ways canoodling like crazy---which I found so deliciously hot I had to jack off (solo) twice when I got home :p
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    ............while watching over and over again the sadly short video that 9 months ago to the day I shot of my beautiful buddy manfully deep-fucking my lovely wife to make their second baby boy. Hot hot HOT!!!

    Throughout, I was deeply regretting not having videoed them making their beautiful newborn daughter, but I was too caught up in the erotic drama of their long and extraordinarily passionate multiple matings of that week to think of it.
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    .............But thanks to my apt framing and emphasis on the lovers' beautiful bodies and their supple movements as they orgasmed together in last year's video, on my re-viewing of it last night I got off on it more wrenchingly and satisfyingly than I have on any other of the countless occasions I have watched it.

    Of course I want to be in there discreetly recording the fast upcoming wedding-night love-making of my buddy and my soon-to-be ex-wife, but I haven't had the balls to ask for their permission to do that yet. Perhaps I will later, at a suitable moment after my wife comes home with their new baby.

    Any suggestions as to when, and in what domestic circumstance? Right now I'm at a bit of a loss to know.
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    My wife and her brand-new baby girl were driven home from the obstetric unit by my buddy on Thursday morning while I was at work.

    All is going very cozily indeed. I've given up the master bedroom to my wife and my buddy and their new baby, so I'm sleeping on the thankfully long sofa in my study.

    My wife is already asking me when is the very earliest she can have her IUD re-interested so she can safely start back having full sex, obviously with my buddy who she is already openly canoodling with very sexually and who---from what I've been overhearing these last few nights and mornings through the wall---has almost certainly resumed fucking her already.

    One especially lovely expression (!) of her strong physical desire for him so soon post-natally is that when he kisses her---in and out of their bed, and very arousingly in front of me---her breast-milk spurts strongly from both nipples. My buddy who gets off on the sweetness of it is simply lapping it up and at every opportunity he gets is suckling at her breasts even more voraciously than their new baby.

    My wife is totally loving it and blushingly told me this morning that my buddy's eager suckling is giving her super-long and unusually strong orgasms---and giving him raging erections at the same time. As with the births of her first two babies by him, she has suffered no vaginal or perineal tears and therefore no stitching was needed with her latest delivery. So with penetration by my buddy's oversized eager cock being already pain-free for her, it's a matter of a only few more days before he gets back to fucking her even more freely and full-time, with the considerable risk of impregnating her again before her IUD is re-inserted at her in 6 week follow-up appointment with her gynecologist.

    It seems their sex-life hasn't missed a beat, and the continuing expression of such beautifully exclusive erotic love between my buddy and my wife so soon after the birth is exciting me like crazy.

    Such is Love, to the agonising exclusion of me---who my wife says she doesn't want penetrative sex with now---who obviously will be having to make do with the friendship of the hand in my enforced sexual solitude for the foreseeable future.

    Hot, or what?
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    If this is true, you are incredibly lucky
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