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Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by juno, Dec 9, 2019.


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  1. juno

    juno New Member

    WHOAH.....WOW! Words fail me. I've been Servicing the BBC Like..giggle....Forever! Butt !last night into this morning.....11 Hours. ...having al! My Holes filled by some of the most Magnificent Ebony Cockmeat.......at least 60 Gangbangers, real Ghetto Thugs have left Me sore. I'm Soooo filled with Slimy, Hot, Nigga Seed that before leaving I had to insert a Black Pyrex Butt Plug so I didn't leak. My be!ly is filled with both their sperm and piss!
    My entire 44dd-34-56 body and face is entrusted with it!
    And My Black BullMaster made me walk home like that and in my 7" Stiletto Cum Fuck Me Heels. And he made a Video of the whole thing. ....and he's threatening to put it on the Internet if I misbehave!
    The highlight was being gangbanged by 3 Black Transvestite Hookers. One in my mouth, one in my Huge Ass And another in my hot fuckhole!
    And they were huge. At least 11 inch Cocks and Massive Boobs. Each one was easi!y Six Feet Tall, but even bigger cuz they were wearing Thigh High Platform Boots.
    I have to get myself cleaned up and enjoy a nice 5 Quart Enema With Hot Water and French Castille Soap and of course a Bardex Nozzle.
    Bye Bi Bois,
    Slut Juno

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