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My adventures Hotwifing and Cucking my Hubby!

Discussion in 'Hotwifing, Swinging and Swapping' started by wildphoenix, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    Hello group!
    After 6 months of living the lifestyle to its fullest, I decided to begin writing about my experiences. If you do not know, Myself and my hubby film most of our encounters we have. We got tired of watching the 90% fake cuckolding content with the scripts and the fake bf etc.. so we started our own!
    All of the people in our videos are real, including the two of us of course lol. Usually we include where I found the Bull in the video with photo proof (Like a profile snapshot from FetLife for example) so you know its real. Because of how much fun its been, we decided to also do events in the swinging and cuckolding community (since they have way more swinging events then cuckolding ones and its easy to find people in the lifestyle there)! We recently went to Swingzotica and found a hot bull to play with! Since everyone keeps asking us our stories, I decided just to write about them instead :)
    My blogging isn't going to be most about the sex, thats what the video and description is for, but mainly about what I thought about the experience and what lead up to it!
    Please let me know if you have enjoyed so we can keep things going and I will add new experiences in the comment thread!
    BBC from the Grocery Store
    I was shopping at the grocery store, and, I think it was the cereal isle when I first saw him staring. As a girl with a big ass, I kinda get that a lot lol but he was repeatedly doing so. I gave him a look over, he was good looking, tall, a little pudgy but thats not a bad thing in my book. Overall he was a big guy, and thats important to my attractiveness. I decided to stroll on over to see if he was interested. After some small talk I told him I noticed him looking at me. Now some guys get cocky at this, but he kind of blushed and mumbled that he was and apologized. I told him I didnt mind and that brought him out of his shell a bit. I asked if he wanted to come home and fuck me after shopping, and he was taken aback by my upfrontness lol. He said he didnt think that was possible because of my ring, to which I laughed. After I explained my lifestyle, he shrugged and said "sure if that's the case, that would be hot!"
    I texted my hubby that I was bringing someone and after checking to make sure he was ok being filmed, told my cuck to get his camera out and start jerking that pathetic cock of his!
    When I brought him in the bedroom, you could tell my cuck was surprised at his size and my bull was already excited through his pants. He wasnt long per say, but man was he as think as a coke can! When I pulled it out I was like trying to fit it into my mouth as best I could. Of course my cuck was staring at me taking this thick cock in my mouth while he played with his little tiny one.
    I got pretty worked up by all this so I wanted to combine his penetration with some clit fun, so I teased both of them by masturbating with my wand hahaha. Finally I motioned him to come over and give it to me, which he did. He pushed it in me and if you see the vid, you can see me having to spread my pussy to take his girth, it was stretching my pussy so much!
    Using the wand and him stretching me, as you can see from the video I came hard several times, clutching the pillow as the orgasms were intense!
    He ended up cumming on my pussy and of course I make my cuck come over and clean up after. Nothing like showing how pathetic he is by having to clean up the load from another guy on his wife's pussy!
    Maybe I will see him again sometime, but probably not. Thats the best thing about fucking strangers ;)

    Snapshot_2.jpg Snapshot_0.jpg Snapshot_1.jpg
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  2. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    Phoenix meets a Pro Bull on Vacation

    While we were driving to Orlando, my husband asked if I was going to do anything naughty on our vacation. I told him most likely not, since I figured we would be too busy and tired from going to the theme parks. However, the thought kept coming back as I sat in the passenger seat. I started getting wet thinking about it, and realized if I was going to, it would have to be tonight as the rest of the nights I would be too tired. I hastily put up an ad on Craigslist and sat back and watched the emails roll in on my phone.
    One of them stood out, and it belonged to a young black bull with a long cock. He sent pictures and video of himself with other hotwives and this peaked my interest. Most of the guys I do this with have little experience handling a hotwife, so this was definitely a plus. After some exchanges, we set it up for an hour after we arrive at the hotel.
    After checking in, I sent him the room number and waited, but not for long. Less than 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door and he was here. Unlike some guys that are nervous, he went right to the bed and told me how excited he was to fuck a wife like me. I told me cuck hubby to start filming!

    After pulling his pants down, I could definitely tell I was in for some pleasure as his long cock came springing out. I could only go about halfway down on it as it was so long. Then he laid me back and began eating my wet pussy like a pro. After fucking me doggystyle he came but then was ready to go again within seconds! He fucked me in several different positions and made me feel like a pornstar in some of them, including fucking me hard while I was hanging over the bed. I came at least 5 times, but I lost track. He finishes his second cumshot on my pussy.
    You can see in the video my cuck is very turned on and wants to get in on the action but I deny him several times, this isnt a threesome its a bull fucking a hotwife silly!

    If you want to see the video of this encounter, you can see the link and photos. Due to the fact that we film in HD, with good lighting, edit and format the videos for your viewing pleasure, we do ask for a small price for the video. We dont make any living off of the videos and all the money so far has gone into buying equipment (the lights were $300 for example), so its always appreciated when you help fund a hotwife:thumbleft::bootyshake:
    [video]https://youtu.be/TUl0dn3bn9o[/video] Snapshot_2.jpg Snapshot_0.jpg Snapshot_1.jpg
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  3. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    Red Pleases Phoenix with his thick cock!

    I knew this guy was a little different. Normally when I search for bulls, I go strictly on respect and
    intelligence over age, appearance, or even cock size. If I am going to bring a guy home for a nice hard
    fuck, I want him to be respectful but I also want him to be able to put a sentence together and carry a
    decent conversation. When I look for bulls I definitely want confidence but not necessarily hard
    dominance. I am an extremely dominant woman myself and need men who can respect that without
    feeling threatened. I want a sexy fun time, not a power struggle, and I could tell after just a few
    messages that I was going to get that with my red haired bull. I had been searching FetLife for someone I
    might be able to have something of a date with rather than just fuck and ditch. From Red’s profile, I
    could see he was slender but athletic and confident enough to have face pics intermingled with the pics
    of his very large cock. My cuck husband sat with me while I looked at his pictures and exchanged
    messages. He is a little less concerned with pics and places his priority on whether or not I am going to
    completely enjoy the bull. With his encouragement, I asked Red many questions and was delighted to
    learn he was a very very experienced bull and had serviced a few hotwives in front of their cucks many
    times. Just awaiting his emails was more than I could bear, I gave him my phone number and we
    switched to steamy phone calls.

    At some point, I told Red that I am looking to get back into shape and we discovered that we actually go
    to the same gym. It really felt like destiny that we should give each other a shot. We picked a day and
    time and agreed to meet for a workout and see if any chemistry flowed between us.
    On the day we were meeting, I had one last phone call confirming our plans, he asked if he could look at
    my ass bouncing while we worked out. I could feel the heat pulsing in my thighs and felt my clit twinge
    as he talked. I was ready. I left my cuck husband sitting at his desk in the bedroom and told him I
    probably would not be at the gym long so he should be ready. Red and I met up in front of the gym. We
    gave each other a hug and I could feel the bulge of his cock against my thigh. His slender, warm body
    pressed against mine. I suddenly didn’t want to work out anymore. I wanted to snatch him up and rush
    him home right then and there but decided that maybe a little cardio would get my pulse going and
    make it even more intense. It was the fastest workout I have ever managed. I could feel his eyes on my
    body and when we moved to weight training, his contact became more frequent. I lay back on the bench
    for some presses and he moved to stand over my head and spot me. I could clearly see the outline of his
    cock. It was so close, I could smell his delicious scent, and closed my eyes to breathe it in. When I
    opened them, he was still standing over me, smiling slightly as I could see the outline of his cock begin to
    grown and push against his pants. I smiled back and asked if he was ready to get out of there, I didn’t
    much feel like doing bench presses anymore. He agreed and we left the gym.
    He followed me back to my house. I led him through my front door and across my living room. I was
    bringing him down my hallway when we passed the guest bathroom. He asked if he should shower again
    since he got a little sweaty at the gym? No. He smelled wonderful, a light musk with vanilla notes, I have
    to remember to ask him what cologne he wears. I pull him down my hall and into my master bedroom.
    There, sitting patiently at his desk, on the other side of our king sized bed, my wonderful cuck sat
    waiting in his boxer briefs, just as I instructed. His smile said it all, he could tell I was very happy with my
    selection. He is completely in tune with my body language and probably knows me better than I know
    myself, so to see him smile was just an extra confirmation to what I already suspected. I had made an
    excellent choice.

    I sat down on the bed, near my cuck, and pulled Red down next to me. I introduced Red to my cuck and
    proceeded to discuss how great the day had been with Red. While conversing and building up my nerve
    to unbuckle his pants, I heard the beep of the camcorder. He wanted to capture this for all to see and I
    felt my nerves strengthen like steel cables. I couldn’t hold back anymore, I needed to see his cock, to
    taste it in my mouth, to feel it stretch my tight pussy. I leaned in and grabbed his cock through his pants.
    I couldn’t find the head, tucked somewhere by his hip, his dick was so thick and long. I needed to see it.
    Finding the zipper, I made my way through the layers and pulled out his thick member, stroking it,
    admiring it, before wrapping my lips around it. He tasted sweet and filled my mouth, stretching my jaw
    nearly to the point of pain. As I slid my lips down his shaft, I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat,
    I wasn’t even close to halfway. My fingers gripped his shaft as it filled my hand. I stroked and sucked until
    I felt like my clit would explode if I didn’t have him fuck me soon. He made very short work of removing
    my clothes. His lips on my nipples as I groaned for more. I glanced at my cuck, his small cock was out of
    his boxers, he was stroking it slowly, clearly trying not to cum too soon.

    Now was the moment of truth, I could barely contain myself. He laid me back and use his large cock to
    smack my clit a couple of times before pushing his head into my tight, wet, pussy. I could feel him
    stretch me wide open
    as he slowly worked his way deeper and deeper. I locked eyes with my cuck and
    he smiled ear to ear. His excitement was palpable and watching him stroking his little cock, smiling in
    ecstasy, I could feel my juices flow onto Red’s cock. With each thrust he worked his way deeper and he
    stretched me in all the right ways. A slight push of his hips and he hit my G spot. I was not going to last
    long, I could feel my muscles tighten, a hot rush swept over my body, my pussy tightened, and an
    explosion of pleasure erupted from me, coming all over Red’s large, rock hard cock.
    He was lifting me and flipping me over. He wanted some doggy style and I felt him slide in and out of my
    dripping pussy. His pelvis would push into my ass cheeks with every thrust, bouncing them hard. I heard
    him groan and knew he was admiring my full, voluptuous, ass. He wasn’t going to last much longer as I
    felt another orgasm build. I felt myself squeezing his cock as another hot wave of electric energy rushed
    over me and released in a gush of wet pussy juice onto his cock. I found myself being flipped back onto
    my back. He thrusted hard and fast into me, I felt stretched, more relaxed, and completely soaked. He
    groaned louder, thrust harder. I locked eyes with my cuck as he stroked his hard little cock, he couldn’t
    wait. He knew it was soon and he wanted that cum all over me. At that moment, I felt Red pull out of my
    pussy and shoot thick ropes of cum all over my stomach. The hot, wet cum covered me and I felt a deep
    satisfaction come over me.

    Now it was time for my cuck husband to take care of me. As Red sat to the side and recovered, my cuck
    slid onto the bed and lay with his face at my crotch. Slowly, lovingly, he began to lick my pussy. He slid
    his tongue up my clit and over. All the way up to the ropes of cum on my stomach. I coaxed him to be a
    good boy and clean me. Clean me he did, he licked all of Red’s cum off my stomach and tongued my
    pussy until all evidence of the bull was gone.

    I felt deeply satisfied and very energized after our encounter. I actually have his number saved in my
    phone as “Red Bull.” I am certain I will be calling upon his revitalizing services again. My cuck husband
    cannot wait for his return either.


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    quality production
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  5. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    I was vacationing in Orlando, hitting up the downtown scene, when a tall, fit, drink of water started chatting me up. He offered me a drink, I mentioned my husband, he asked if my cuck likes to watch? YES PLEASE. Tony lived up to all of my expectations. His pussy eating skills left me begging for more, then we moved to sex.. first doggy.. then sideways. All the while verbally staking claim to my pussy.. my cuck could barely contain himself. I came so many times I lost count. My face at the end says it all.. words simply do not do this justice.
    You can see the Summary Video free HERE
    You can see the full Video HERE
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  6. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    Fucking Young Savage

    Young Savage contacted me on Fetlife asking if he could be one of my Bulls. I told him he would have to go on a waiting list. After weeks of attempting to meet up through FetLife, the stars finally align and bring me together with Young Savage. I invited him over to fuck me in front of my Cuck. With much anticipation, we planned to take our action to the bedroom but we never make it off the couch as we begin to tear at each other eager to see what the other is packing. Young Savage doesn't hold back and deepthroat, spanks and pounds me while giving me a verbal play by play of his inner workings in front of my cuck. He knows what to say to get a girl wet! There is more rough fucking in this one than usual, and he bends me over the couch and pulls my hair to spice things up. Amused and aroused, I enjoy this one... and definitely plan on a callback.
    You can see a summery video for free HERE
    Or the full video HERE
    Snapshot_21.png Snapshot_22.png Snapshot_23.png Snapshot_24.png Snapshot_26.png
  7. wildphoenix

    wildphoenix Member

    Reclaiming Cuck

    After much courting and build up, I finally find myself in a hotel room getting ready for a bull that I made a lot of exceptions for because of our chemistry. I normally require all of my bulls to allow me to film them in order to fuck me but I liked this one enough to try "dating" first which lead to this moment where he would be meeting me for our first time to fuck. Still nervous about his on camera performance and if he will live up to my expectations, he agrees if he can fulfill my needs as a bull once off camera, he will consent to be filmed going forward. My cuck films me getting ready, slightly nervous about if this Bull will show. My potential Bull texts that he is about to leave, and I send my cuck back home.

    Does he show up and fulfill my needs as promised? Does he deliver the goods to my pussy, burning hot with horny desire for his cock that up to this point I have only had the chance to play with? Yes... yes yes yes! I am left breathless and near speechless. My pussy dripping wet and stretched from his pounding, I text my cuck that it is time for him to return to the room. He has been so patient while I teased and played with his desire as I courted this bull. Spread on the bed, I inform my cuck what happened and allowed him the chance to taste my dripping cum. To clean me and pleasure me further after having been taken on such a wild ride. I felt such a connection to my cuck for his loyal devotion to my pleasure that I offered him a chance to let his cock feel how stretched I was.. to feel my wet pussy and get sloppy seconds to my Bull. He could barely contain himself and I had to remind him firmly to be sure he pulls out, as he is not allowed to cum in my pussy. Since he is very faithful, he pulls out and finishes on top of my pussy so I am covered in cum inside and out. I show it off to the camera exhausted, and wish everyone a goodnight.
    To see the FREE version, visit: Free Version
    To see the FULL video, visit: Homemade Cuckolding
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