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MWF 44dd-34-56 Cuckoldtrix

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by juno, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. juno

    juno New Member

    Wanna Do Me? You first need to cum on my pics and send the evidence to me via emale. Look at the vid and some of the pics I posted on my profile.
    I'm a Married White Suburban Woman, 42dd-30-52, of a "certain age", verrry experienced, I worship at The Altar of the Ebony Cock Godz ! I luv encountres erotique' at fine hotels with my BBC dates & at times with their friends! I'm super conservative for business butt after work the word bimbo cums to mind. I get sooooo wet when I dress like a slut for my sessions. i luv tons of makeup, tight corsets & bustiers, spandex or leather micro-mini skirts, nylons, and of course CFM shoes or boots with six or more inch heelz. I have a cuckhubby who photos me in action, makes videos, cleanzup & fluffs providing we allow it. Otherwise he stays home jerking his little thingy if he's real lucky, & listens to me in action over the phone! (giggle)

    i luv BBC gangbangs and bukkake sessions. i get sooooo wet when I dress like a slut for my fun. Does tons of makeup, tight corsets and bustiers, spandex or leather micro mini skirts, nylons and of course "fuck-me" shoes with six or more inch heels get you hard? Oooooooooh, i bet (giggle). And i get sooo wild posing for pics and vids.I've been in "The Life" for nearly 11 years now. I'm 50 yrs young, 6'2" in My spikes......42dd-28-52, & I have a cuckhubby who will do anything to please Me & My Ebony Cock Godz ! I have a BlackBullMaster who arranges My servicing as well as whoring Me out when it pleases Him. I luv very high heels & boots, micro mini skirts, nylons, and slutty makeup. One of my "hobbies" is to go teazing at the mall!! Sometimes I'm joined by one of My gorgeous pre-op Shemale grrlfriendz I host a weekly BBC Gangbang & Bukkake party at a nearby luxury hotel cuckhubby, if he's been good, get's to join us to make his videos & fluff My Bulls so that I may be serviced until mid-morning....or beyond.
  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Is AOL even still in business?

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