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Discussion in 'A Womans Perspective' started by georgedgerton, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member

    I know this does not fit exactly into the guidelines, But I would like to hear from other ladies who have had sex with multiple males. I am not talking your average one or two guys - I mean quite a few.

    I know this is rare and a lot of ladies have good reason for reservation, but I have had one or two partners that did it, loved it and confided their reasons (please keep in mind it takes an unusal male to watch or join in)

    The good folk I would like to hear from (so I may understand various needs) are the people people who have top reations with their partners, communicate, and share in boundary stretching experiences.

    As I said I don't want to hear from the twitter and bisted just the genuine boundary stretchers.

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  2. Katie

    Katie New Member

    I have had around 100 different lovers over the last 30 years and have enjoyed each one of them. I love the excitement of being with someone for the first time, exploring each other's bodies and enjoying all the new sensations.
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  3. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member

    enjoying sex


    Thanks for your reply

    I have been very fortunate over the years with my regular partners all enjoying very active sex lives. I had one partner (she was 15 years younger than I ) and realy would stretch the boundaries of sexual experimentation.

    I like to get into peoples heads and listen to what makes them tick - were all so different and what one person may find highly stimulating another may find revolting. Fascinating, I love life and don't wast a second of it.

    Have you had group sex with several guys at once? If so would you care to share your experience?

    The partner mentioned prior really loved this activity but it seems now she was rather unique. She just loved getting every single experience out of life she could.

    Genuine replies appreciated

    Many thanks

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  4. Katie

    Katie New Member

    Yes, I have been with several guys at the same time and have been in several threesome with two guys at once, several of these my hubby was one of them. i enjoyed the experience of being with several guys and the sensations I felt as they took turns fucking me, each one feeling different in me and all feeling good. Being the center of attention with several guys is hot, but all of that said I would rather be with just one guy at a time. I like to be able to give all my attention to one guy at a time and not worry that I am leaving someone out. I had one experience where I had four guys in one night but was with just one at a time. I took one guy to bed while the others waited for their turn. I have to say this was one of the hottest nights I have ever had and I got to give each guy all my attention when they were with me and still had the experience of having all of them in one night.
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  5. DomMorgan

    DomMorgan Guest

    Success doesn't have to be perfect

    Katie: You outrank me. As best I can calculate, I have had about 60 lovers. Did I enjoy each of them? That would be stretching it. I agree that the excitment of being with someone for the first time is quite intense. But by hindsight, there are a few on which I would have passed, given hindsight (sigh). Perhaps you know something I do not, or have a perspective I have not learned.


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  6. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member

    more than one

    Katie, Thanks once again.

    I think the centre of attention is a huge turn-on.

    The partner I refere to was very intelligent and full of self confidence. She said she used to get this mental high from having several guys geting so excited and basically being all over her like a rash. As I said it is a case where one person would find that threatening or being abused to another who got this mental high from having such influence over guys.

    Mostly I loved it, a few occasions got a bit trying, however she was very good to me. She was BI and only ever came home with other girls that were willing to have me join in as well. How good is that.

    My time with here was possibly closer to an Extreme Sport than sexy fun and devistating when it came to a very sad end.

    I still enjoy some casual relationships and communications with confident people who make every second of life count.

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  7. Katie

    Katie New Member

    I will say that I enjoyed some of the experiences much more than others and if we had hindsight there might be some I would pass on now. There were still things about each one that I was with that I enjoyed and I enjoyed the new experience with each one.
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  8. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member

    Lots A Guys

    So sad this post has gone stale.

    There must be others out there who want to venture forward.

    I am starting to think the expression of my partner ( I hate that term I would love to refere here by her by her real name) Is "Out of your comnfort zone" seems to be true with how many potential contributors?

    Katie sems to be the only one willing to contribute.

    How sad is that?

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  9. baboonxxxx

    baboonxxxx New Member

    Mostly my wife likes one at a time and has just started to go " out on the pull" as it were.
    But about ten years ago we attended a house party at her friends house and as the wine flowed, my wife and her friend got into a conversation about making guys cum. They had a compatition among the guys in the house ( a couple wouldent join in :() my wife made six guys cum but came second to her mate who did eight ( some of them were done twice )
    she said she loved the attention and everyone watching her and eging her on.
    we hope to move on to mutipule sessions as we get more into this
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  10. Vixen

    Vixen New Member

    As a woman on the site who has lurked for a while now, and being fairly new to finally getting around to posting on here, I am not sure how stale a thread can get before it is deemed inappropriate to respond to, but I am typing forth anyway.
    (am sure someone will tell me if I am doing something I should not be)

    George, you say you want to hear from the female viewpoint, but having read over your words a few times in this thread, I am still wondering exactly what you meant…by those of us who have had sex with multiple males. I understand you meant more than just a few, but what I am unclear of, is whether you meant cumulative over ones sexual lifespan or incidental multiples from gangbang kind of situations. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the low number responses. But for some of us, those are two very different kinds of responses. The joy of this typed format would suggest a bit more clarification, perhaps.

    For myself, I’d fall more into the grouping of multiples over lifetime (yes, over the 100 notch category) but my gangbanging days are very much decades ago in my younger years, being more of a private slut now in my late years. <wry grin> So if it is that kind of participation you are seeking to find out about, then I should not be typing to this particular thread.

    Also, I would guess that generally, women are not given to the need of dragging out the Brag Book as much as our male counterparts are want to do.

    All in all, I am still not sure my answers are anything you are looking to find out about, but I hope that perhaps it has helped in some way.

    Back to lurking & reading again,

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  11. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    My wife Kate has fucked well over 200 different guys. Although I do love to brag about it, and I love being married to a woman who has willingly had that many different cocks in her, it does not make it any less true. We kept track for the first several years. When we stopped tracking she had just fucked her 160th guy and that was several years ago.

    Kate loves the 'first time' with a guy and usually, after she fucks a guy a few times, she loses interest. Keep in mind that Kate has been acvtivly seeking out and fucking other guys for almost 20 years now. Many of them have been one-night-stands and a lot of them just a few times, but she does have boyfriends who have been fucking her on-going for many years.

    We tried 'multiple guys at once' a few times but Kate prefers one guy at a time so she can focus on that experience. She will be with more than one guy in an evening as long as it is one at a time. She has fucked three or four guys one at a time while the others waited and sometimes watched with me.

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  12. DomMorgan

    DomMorgan Guest

    It's all in the parsing, as Bill Clinton would say

    I also have reread the original post. Indeed it can be read in more than one way. I took the original meaning to be that women should talk about what are essentially gang-bangs. But the responses were not going in that direction. Hence, I followed the responses with my first reply on lifetime statistics.

    The irony is that I actually have had sex with "multiple males" at one house party. OK, the multiple was two, but that counts. And while I also had sex with both women, both guys were bisexual submissives. To me if not to Bill Clinton, a blowjob is sex.

    And yet, I still suspect the original question was asking about the gangbang psychological experience. In other words, one is the center of attention for many. I have had a few (well, several) threesomes with two women. But that still isn't the same.

    And yet, the question I found most intriguing was about being the center of attention. I believe that was Vixen's reply. I would have to check. I have actually experienced that from another perspective. We started a threesome with the woman with whom I was then living, and with a special guest. Since I lived with the first woman, I was able to plot and plan our seduction strategy. It was one of those "from the nipples, I'll wander North while you travel South" things.

    It worked beautifully until we retired to the bedroom. It worked for a while there. But when I switched my attention to the woman who slept in that bed, the guest excused herself. Apparently even as a submissive, one can need to be the center of attention. Well, I shouldn't sound so shocked. But that was definitely part of my learning curve.

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  13. 3incher

    3incher New Member

    What A Woman!

    Dear ROB -- You have every right to be PROUD! WOW! My wife is just getting started--she has a couple of boyfriends she has just stared fucking --and I have just found her her first official stud that I contacted thru swinging sites! I can't WAIT till SHE is as active and accomplished as KATE! If you have any advice about how to speed up progress or how to enhance our enjoyment--I'D LOVE to hear from YOU! I'm on my way to look at Kate's pix in the gallery--I am sure to enjoy them! My Compliments Kate--keep on Fucking!! With Admiration 3incher:):):):D
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  14. Goooner1

    Goooner1 New Member

    My wife has probably had between 150-200 partners since we got married 18 years ago.

    She enjoys threesomes, with me involved but her favourite is one on one, although she does love a gangbang on the rare occasions we arrange one or get to a club.

    She's got a couple of guys that she sees on a pretty regular basis, but mostly her partners are one-offs. She certainly doesn't enjoy all her encounters, not by a long way. Mainly due to the guy being only intersted in his own pleasure, just wanting to turn up for a quick fuck and leave, without any thought to her pleasure. Needless to say, they don't get invited back.
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  15. georgedgerton

    georgedgerton New Member

    Back from the dead

    I have just discovered my original post live and well.

    Firstly let me clarify the multiple sex bit. I am refering to gang-banging.

    I thought my partner was unusual in as much she got an enormous buzz out of having several guys all over her at once. We were very much in the nudist scene at the time and as you would be aware there is no shortage of guys willing to help. She would deliberately create situations where we would be with a few guys and generally flirt, talk sexual banter and create a tense sexual atmosphere of expectations. She loved building the whole thing up untill it boiled over and then they would be all over her like a rash.

    As I said earlier I thought she was rather adventurous and wondered if many other ladies felt the same.

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  16. mjsocal

    mjsocal New Member

    In the four long-term Hotwife/cuckold relationships I've enjoyed with women over the years, three of them had fucked into the hundreds of men and one only a dozen or so. Two of them indulged in and enjoyed the gang bang aspect which we usually engaged in at swing parties in the group room because there was no organizing involved or concerns about no-shows.
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  17. Meybur

    Meybur New Member

    Oh my..! That is one of my obsessed fantasies! To have two or three guys with me and my wife in a hotel room socializing with some drinks and then just to take turns on her one by one in missionary position while other guys are just watching and having drinks few steps a side. Until she gives a sign, that it's enough for her by closing her legs or saying it. I just wonder if Katie is somehow unique or could this be acceptable way to have a gangbang for most of women who accept multiple men at all.

    PS. I can see the dates of previous postings. Cross my fingers you guys are still active here
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  18. TruHotwife101

    TruHotwife101 New Member

    The most was 4 and my pussy was so red and like an hour after we were all done i was so sore and swollen... My hubby sure.enjoyed the creampie... Done 3 alot with 2 guys and hubby when i get home.
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  19. emmamackey

    emmamackey Guest

    I fucked five guys in a row on my 50th birthday. For about 2-1/2 hours I was fucked vigorously. It was a lot of fun but I too became a little raw. It was because of condoms and no downtown in between. Sat in the Jacuzzi and aimed my pussy right on one of the jets. Even got a few more orgasms and it was soothing. My pussy was back in service within 48 hours.
  20. Tod

    Tod New Member

    My wife has been with 22 different men. Most of them only once, but five of them have become regulars and she has been fucked by them 100's of times. Her boss has cum in her over 300 times over the years.
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