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    I have had a lot of embarrassing nights, days, or situations, but this is the story of one of the most embarrassing situation I have ever experience. The sad thing is it started out with the best of intentions.

    By this stage my wife had already agreed to take a lover. She had slept with two different men by now, and was feeling a bit selfish. She decided she was going to show her gratitude for me being such a great hubby and encouraging her to take lovers. She was going to set up a threesome with a friend of hers, who I always thought was very sexy. Now my wife did not talk about this with me, she just assumed, two women at the same time was every guy’s fantasy.

    She invited her friend over for dinner, and some drinks. As the evening progressed my wife and her friend slipped out to go into the master bedroom. I did not think anything of it, it is what women do. When they came out they were wearing some very sexy lingerie. I was sitting on the couch and my wife came over and straddled me. She gave me a deep passionate kiss and said, “I bet you are surprised.†That was putting it mildly. She stood up, and taking her friend by the hand they both walked back into the bedroom. I followed like a puppy dog.

    Once in the bedroom, my wife began taking my clothes off as I kissed her friend and began running my hands over her incredible body. Once my clothes were off, my wife pushed me on the bed. I was on my back and she straddled my face, and pulled her panties to the side so I could get to work. At the same time her friend began sucking my dick.

    This is where the embarrassing part comes in. As her friend went down on me I was all too aware that I was still limp. There is nothing physically wrong with my penis, except for its size. It was the emotional stress of having to please two women. It was too much for me. It is something that has happened before with my wife, especially if there was a big stressor, like work issues, or some family problem.

    After a few minutes my wife was starting to grind her pussy against my face, really getting into it, and I was still limp. Then her friend started giggling, as she continued to play with my pathetic limp dick. I began to sweat as my whole body turned red. My wife turned to see what her friend was giggling at, and saw my sad limp dick.

    “Oh, No†my wife said, “Don’t you do this to me.â€
    My wife got off me and went to try to help her friend. She put a generous amount of lube on my shriveling dick. They both began giving me an amazing handjob. Probably the best handjob I have ever had, or will ever have. But it was no use, still limp.

    It is so, just awful when we are alone and I can’t get hard and my wife is disappointed, but she set this whole evening up and now I am embarrassing her in front of her friend.

    I covered my face with a pillow and just tried to hide from my shame. With some encouragement from my wife I was finally able to relax, enough to get an erection, but it took almost 15 minutes. My wife held my penis as the base and her friend tried to put a condom on me so we could start the threesome. But to top off what was already a wonderful evening, as she rolled the condom down my penis, I began to ejaculate.

    I was so embarrassed I almost cried. My wife shot me a look like she was going to rip my head off. She was so pissed she could not even speak.

    She yanked the condom off my already shrinking dick, and right in front of her friend she locked me in my chastity device. This was very amusing to her friend as she had never seen a chastity device on a man before. After that night my wife left me in chastity for 2 months. It was over two years ago and her friend still can’t look me in the eyes.
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    Wow, what a great story. I would have been very embarassed, too, but you are so lucky that your wife set up a night like that. And I envy you for having a wife that will lock you up, too. I hope you have another night like that and get a raging hard on!
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    That's got to be humiliating.

    Your wife takes the effort to set you up with a threesome with another one of her friends, and not only do you show that you are a limp dick, but also a premature ejaculator?!

    Embarassing. Ever wonder what your wife and her friend talk about when they aren't around you?! I bet a lot of her friends now know of your embarassing situation.
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    Hey Mike

    Its was such an interesting story. I think that is a normal thing that a person will be overwhelmed with the situation between 3 of you. That thing was purely Psychological. I will mention you a sililar incedence which happaned to me 10 years ago. I happen to meet a cute Asian lady and we had a wonderful candle light dinner and movie and then when we went to her place she played her Piano and then we slowly headed to her elegant Bed room . And we started kissing and getting turned on and started oral sex. I was so much nervous that I could not get up my thing to work. She tried and tried but no action. Finally she gave up and I was so embaresed and I thought I will never have a chance with her again. But she was very understanding Lady and she encouraged me saying it is just a Psychological temporary draw back and I am sure your will be fine next time and said please don't worry. It gave me lot of strenght and I was so relieved. Then we met after a week and every thing worked normal and from there on I was a real stud to her and we use to make love for hours together and I never had any problem. She knew that I have tremendous potential and she was right, I made her cum 13 times one night and stayed hard even with out the aid of any pills. My uniqueness is that I stay hard even if I am in deep sleep and she use to take the advantage of it and use to make love side ways till she use to get exhausted. We had a healthy sex life for many years and I still feel I have the same sexual power. I live in San Jose California. Infact she use to get sore while we made love many many times and I was with her for 10 years. Then finally she passed away due to cancer. I really miss her so much. She was my inspiration and my strenght and very understanding person. I pray to God to give her best place in heaven. So my dear Mike you are perfectly normal so don't worry its a temporary set back due to nervousness and I hope you will surprise her friend the next time you meet her. So good luck buddy.
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