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    Casino Night

    "Your wife has already been fucked twice this evening, do you want some of this well fucked pussy now or do you want to hear about my evening first?" my wife asked as she climbed onto the bed after her shower and wrapped her hand around the base of my already hardening cock and licked the head like an ice cream cone. A few more licks and she was squeezing the base and said "Well?". "I want hear about your evening first.", I stammered. She could play me like an instrument and she knew it. "Of course it all starts at the charity auction, so I'll start there." she said, and I knew I was in for a long night.
    The Annual Charity Casino, Auction, Dinner and Dance

    Each year in the early fall a local organization held a charity event that was $250.00/couple, and it included casino style gambling that what you actually won was play money (like monopoly money)your ticket got you $50,000.00 to start and you could play Black Jack, Shoot Craps, Roulette Wheel and poker. If you ran out of money you could purchase more. The object was to accumulate play money to use at the auction that was held while they were serving dinner and then the dance started around 8:00. There were usually a number of very nice items that had been donated. We always attended and did win a few small things during the auction, but we usually didn't have much "money". My wife's activity that I am writing about is mostly from her journal and what I can recall that she told me afterwards.

    This event was always on a Saturday and one year I had to work until the early afternoon, so I told my wife to go on ahead of me because the casino part started at 1:00 and ended at 5:00. I finally got there at about 4:00 and as I entered the main gambling area I clearly heard my wife's voice say " Come on give me that big 10 again, I want it, I had it before and I want it again now." I could see that there was a large crowd at the Craps table and thats where my wife's voice was coming from. I asked one of the waiters what was happening and he said that the woman's voice that I just heard was on one hell of a hot streak at the craps table. I moved a little closer so I could get a better look and my wife was right up against the table and there were several men in close to her and they were all chatting and talking with her.

    As the men moved around her, I could see that she was wearing her favorite little, short, black party dress and knee high 4" heeled boots. knowing my wife, all she had on was the boots, black dress, black lace bra and thigh high nylon stockings and I'm sure that the men around her were enjoying the view of her 38D's filling out the top of her dress and how much leg was exposed when she would lean in to pick up the dice. She would tell me later that the men were doing more than just enjoying the view.

    Her next roll was an eight and she clearly said "Oh I can handle 8 anytime, come on give it to me again, and she did roll another 8 and then she said" I knew i could handle 8 easily now come on and give me that big fat 10, I want it!" And just like that she did roll that 10 and she squealled a real loud "OH YES, THAT'S WHAT I NEEDED". I could tell at that point that my wife had been drinking-not too much just enough to calm her nerves and let her enjoy herself. She then rolled a 7 to win again and at that point said that she was going to the ladies room and she wanted to cash out.

    At that point one of the men around her offered to and with her consent picked up a tray with her chips on it and headed toward the cashiers table. Some of the other men there complained that they wanted her to stay and keep playing and she just waved them off saying that she had had enough for now.

    I had set down at a table and just watched as the cashier totalled up her winnings and said you have 3 million 3 hundred and 75 thousand, congratulations. The cashier handed her several stacks of the play money.

    The entire time the man that had carried her tray of chips had his right hand on her ass and would slide the hem of her dress up a little, there were several men around her again as they wanted to see how much her winnings were, from my vantage point I saw his hand go under the hem of her dress and I saw her ever so slightly shift her legs a little further apart, so I'm sure he could play with her married pussy. She told me during dinner that he wasn't the only one that has done that today.

    At that point my wife said "Excuse me gentlemen I'm going to the ladies room and then I'm meeting my date for dinner and the auction." With that she turned and smiled and left the room. When she returned she came over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I knew that tonight I wasn't going to be introduced to anyone as her husband-just her date.
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    Casino Night continued
    We went into the dining area and found our table. Each table had seating for 8 people and on the table were stands that had your bidders numbers that matched your ticket number for the event to use for the auction. As we seated ourselves the others that were assigned to the tables soon joined us and after introductions the staff started to serve the meals. Simultaneously the auction started and my wife bid on a few small items -she had the winning bid on a few- and then one of the major items was offered. The item was Solo "Hot Air Balloon Ride". Details were it was to be just the balloon pilot and the winning bidder and at least a 2-3 hour ride aloft on the day of the bidder's choice.

    The bidding was fierce and fast paced until it got up close to 1 million that was bid by my wife and after being called 3 times the auctioneer called sold to the lovely lady in the black dress for 1 million dollars and a loud round of applause. Finally the last item for auction came up as the deserts were being served. It is called "Living the Good Life". It is an all expenses paid 5 day weekend, including limo service, private jet to New York, all meals and night lodging with your host in his Manhattan high-rise suite, arrive Thursday afternoon and then have dinner, some sight seeing on Friday and then evening dinner and then to the opera, site-seeing the city again on Saturday, then dinner and a Broadway show. relaxing time on Sunday and Monday was an open day for anything,then flown back home late Tuesday evening.

    My wife opened the bidding at 1 million dollars and the bidding went up from that point at 25 thousand dollar increments among several bidders until my wife said " 2 Million dollars", there were a few more bids until my wife had the winning bid at 2 million, 225 thousand dollars and a thunderous round of applause.

    As the auction concluded, the M.C. for the event gave a short speech as the band was setting up, and the waite staff removed the silverware and plates from the tables. As the band started to play 2 of the couples at our table excused themselves and said that they were leaving. My wife and her "date" me danced to a few songs and as I went to get us drinks my wife returned to the table. A slow song started and when I got back to the table I could see my wife was dancing with the man that had helped her cash out her winnings. The band continued with a second slow song and my wife and her dance partner continued to dance. I could see that she had her arms around his neck and he had both hands on her ass now. They were chatting and laughing about something-I had know idea what, it was obvious to me she was enjoying his company.

    At the conclusion of the slow song they made their way to the table and my wife introduced me as her brother (her date) for the evening and that his name was Stewart. He continued to dance with my sister off and on all evening, she told me a little later that he would be bringing her home later tonight. As the evening wore on other men stopped by the table and asked her to dance, one being a guy by the name of Matt, he owned the balloon that she had won the ride on and another was the man that would host the 5 day get away long weekend his name is Carlton. She also danced with a very hansom black man, she introduced him to me his name was Silas and he told her he would be the man flying her to New York.

    Around 11:00 my wife said that she was tired and that Stewart was going to take her home. I told them that unless something changed that I would stay until it was over at 2:00. So that my wife knew how much time she had to spend with Stewart. When I returned home about 2:30 my wife was curled up on the bed. She said the Stewart had left about 15 minutes ago and that she had a wonderful time with him.

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    Yeah Gattordw, I'm sure your wife did have a wonderful time with studly Stewart. Beyond wonderful I would say in the light of that incredibly hot shot of his beautifully long and girthy and enviably big-headed erect cock---which I'm supposing was taken by your wife before he started fucking her with it.

    Stewart looks young, flat-bellied and sexily slim, but very fit and oozing youthful stamina.

    How old is he, and did he fuck your wife bareback?
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    Yes, my wife took the picture just before they got into our bed and he did fuck her bareback both times. She was 25 at the time and I'm guessing that he was in his early 20's. She told met that he had excellent control and she could feel that big head expand when he began cumming in her, and he came a lot both times. When It was my turn to fuck her I could easily tell that he had stretched her and of course her pussy was silky smooth-just as I like it to be. GTR
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    Early 20s eh? And he fucked her bareback, with "excellent control"? Twice you say?

    That's way hotter than hot, Gator.

    Your wife must have fucking loved the sensations produced by that superbly-sculpted already huge head of the lad's cock expanding in her as he started to orgasm, and the no doubt youthfully vigorous spurtings of him ejaculating so copiously in her.

    Ahhh, those awesome advantages of Youth!

    Can we take it that your wife orgasmed enviably strongly and repeatedly with him in response to him fucking her so manfully? How close in were you to the action? And were you holding your wife's hand or kissing her before the she orgasmed?

    And Yeah, I'm very familiar with that lovely feeling of thrusting into one's wife straight after her vagina has been thoroughly stretched-up and taken two big cum-loads from an energetic and better-hung 20 year-old. Her love-sheath is then so deliciously slippery and soothing to one's aching cock, and sensationally sexy in every other way as well.

    It's utterly divine, isn't it Gator, and I simply can't get enough of it :p
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    michael, this was one of her "adventures" that I wasn't in position to observe or participate. She loved to play with and tease my cock as she would tell me what she had done and/or what was done to her. She would also make notes in her journal about her "adventures" and how she had told me about them before letting me fuck her. She always had me right where she wanted me and she knew it.

    I had learned early in my personal relationship with my wife-to-be that it almost always set her off when she would feel a cock cumming in her. So I'm certain that she was cumming along with Stewart. GTR
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    Hot DANG Gator!!! That journal of your wife's sexual escapades must make agonisingly arousing reading!!

    How long has she been keeping it? I trust that it's tastily illustrated with photographs of her spunkier young lovers and their superior cocks :p
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    michael, her journal has almost 35 years of her life and "adventures" in it, there are many, many pictures that are dated and/or written on the back of them the who, where, when and almost always she loved to measure her men. Almost all of the pictures are kept in a lock box (most are Polaroids) it has a combination lock and a note taped to the top that it is to be destroyed -unopened when I die. Her "men" photos range in age from teenage to a few that were in there early 70's when she was volunteering at the retirement community.

    If reading her journal didn't arouse me I'd know that I was dead-LOL. GTR
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    I think it's very hot that she loved to measure "her men".

    Over those 35 years of sexual adventuring, has she developed or always had a strong preference for very well-hung younger men like Stewart?

    Has she ever compared the length and girth and stiffness and long-lastingness of your erections to those of her younger lovers?

    Have you masturbated over that sensational shot of Stewart's beautiful cock and his athletic mid-riff and sexy groins and upper thighs? I have, several times---the first time being after my wife went into raptures about them and more-than-favorably compared them with my "slightly less desirable" ones (her words and compassionately over-rating emphasis).

    Since then when I jack off to that shot I always imagine Stewart's huge pre-orgasmically bulging perfectly-shaped cock-head thrusting up against your wife's gaping cervix faster and faster and more and more strongly, before it's rammed home to invade the back of her vagina at the finish of each of Stewart's impassioned and fateful custard strokes and the forceful delivery into your wife of spurt-upon-spurt of his super-fertile semen.

    My frankly homosexual deliciously vivid visualisings of the final stages of my own wife being fucked by such a magnificent cock gets me cumming like crazy---more especially because she is now at high risk of being impregnated for her fourth time by my huge-cocked and beautifully-built and superbly athletic young buddy.

    I have always been intensely visuo-erotic, both in my fantasies and especially when my buddy fucks and cums in my own wife beside me on our bed.

    On such occasions I always start out, somewhat self-defeatingly, striving to suppress the distressing but delicious mind-pictures of my buddy's cock-head dangerously battering my beautifully horny wife's thirsty cervix. But when she orgasms on his cock during its penultimate balls-deep thrusts into her, my defences are swept away and I abandon all self-restraint and cum with them, adding my orgasmic grunts and groans and final bellowings to their enviably way more beautiful and passionate and super-satisfied ones.

    So, Gator, thanks again for that shot of Stewart's magnificent erection. It's been standing me in good stead these last two nights and mornings since I've been sleeping alone on the couch in my study, gently excluded from our marriage bed for my wife to enjoy my buddy's splendid body and fantastic cock in private.
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    Over the years when we would "pillow talk", about the men in her/our lives. My wife often stated that she knew that she was a slut, but one of the reasons she loved me was because she was my slut and I loved her for being that way. She had an intense desire to fuck and/or be fucked. She also knew that I enjoyed hearing her say/whisper in my ear "god, I love his big cock", depending on whom she had been with earlier.

    For me one of the things that I loved most about her was that just below the surface of her "soccer mom" appearance in everyday life was a woman that if a man piqued her interest and she let you touch her "triggers", nibble on her neck, fondle her breasts, slid your hand up her thighs (and not find any panties) you were next up to fuck her. She told me that she couldn't/didn't want to change that desire to be fucked that for her was just under the surface and I didn't want her to either.

    There is no doubt that she preferred virile men that could get really hard, regardless of age. She was just 24 when she got involved with my much older, hugely hung boss and she told me that the first time he had her at one point as he was fucking her in the missionary position she whispered in his ear that she just loved his big cock and within moments he got as hard as a teenager and that after several minutes when he wasn't as hard she again whispered it to him and again he was as hard as a rock. My wife knew how to get what she wanted. When she was volunteering at the retirement center, she said that every one of the older men that had her responded the same way when she would tell them that she loved their big/huge cock.

    She didn't tease me about the difference between my cock and what she was getting from her lovers very often, but after her very first (Willie the black co-worker at the New Years Eve party), I'm a little over 6 inches and fairly thick and Willie is over 8 inches and maybe a little thicker, when I was fucking her later that night she said that he had fucked her pussy in places that I don't use, and another time I remember she said that "Pete" her/our first live-in 2nd husband's fat, 10 inch cock gets way past the part that I use. She could play me well and we both knew it.

    I tried not to masturbate too much, because about 99% of the time she wanted me to have the sloppy seconds that she was offering and I loved to have some of her well fucked soccer mom pussy as she would lay on her back and wrap her legs around me and rock her hips up stroke for stroke and whisper in my ear for me to fuck her well used pussy. God, I loved that woman and what she could do to me. GTR

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