More from her journal-She went sailing

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    Some more from her journal
    She Went Sailing
    While she was interning with the staff at the head office for the personal care facility, she worked closely with Alex, a young man in his late 20's - she was 23 at the time she started working there. After working there for a few months with a lot of flirting going on between them, Alex asked her if she would like to go sailing with him and a few friends for 10 days to maybe 2 weeks.

    She told him she would have to arrange for someone to care for her son, but yes she is very interested in going with the group. After telling me all about the plans we arranged for one of her sisters to look after our son while she was gone. Her sister thought that we were both going on the trip and we didn't tell her that I wasn't going along.

    On a bright, sunny Saturday morning I dropped her off at the dock, she introduced Alex to her "brother" and thanked me for dropping her off gave me a sisterly peck on the cheek and Alex said hurry up everyone else is already on board. I watched as he helped her climb on the sailboat and we waved goodbye to each other.

    At this point until the end of this adventure of hers, everything is what she wrote in her journal and what she told me when she came home. When she went on this trip there were no cell phones and no ship to shore type connections. I actually didn't hear from her by phone for 3 weeks until she arrived in the gulf side of Florida and called me from Alex's dad's house.

    She had mailed me 2 post cards during her trip from different ports, telling me that the trip was taking longer than expected due to some rough weather. She also said she was having a great time and had a lot to tell me when she got home. Of course by now I'm sure that Alex has taken her to bed as if they were on a honeymoon (oh how little did I know). I would find out that I was somewhat right, Alex was getting his fair share of her young, married pussy.

    As it turned out the few friends were actually 2 of the Alex's friends from college and that this was an annual trip they took when they returned the sailboat to Alex's dad on the gulf side of Mexico.The 3 of them would take 8 hour shifts steering the sailboat including at night when the moon was out.

    She told me that after they had left the harbor she put on her bikini and had Alex rub sun tan lotion on her and then Alex introduced her to his friends from college Bob and Dominic. She said they were both good-looking athletic men- all 3 had played on their university La Cross team, and she knew right then that her pussy was going to get a good workout during this trip.

    From her journal; Saturday we set sail and the weather was perfect. Alex showed me the Captains cabin and I changed into my bikini and went back up on deck to work on my tan. I had Alex put suntan lotion on my back and legs and when he did the inside of my upper thighs his hand bumped my pussy 2-3 times.

    After dinner around 8:00, Bob took over steering the boat and Alex and I went into the cabin and he took off his shorts as I took of my swimsuit. His cock was already sticking out nice and hard. We both got onto the bed and he said that he has been wanting to fuck me for several months. As he got between my legs I grabbed his cock and rubbed it around my pussy and told him that I have wanted him to fuck me.

    I was so wet that his cock balls deep in 3 strokes. I wrapped my legs around him and I told him how much I loved how big his cock is. He held himself fully embedded in me for a few minutes and then we both started fucking each other. He lasted for about 10 minutes before cumming in me and I had already orgasmed 3 times.

    We rested for a few minutes and I went to the bathroom and when I got back into bed we started making out and I sucked his cock until he was hard again. This time I rode him for awhile and then on my hands and knees and then he really pounded me when I was on my back until he came again.

    We showered and then agreed that we should get some sleep. Around 6:00 I was awakened by him sucking on my breasts and then we had a nice, leisurely fuck until he came. We showered and dressed, had some breakfast. Dominic was sailing the boat.
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    Sunday, another beautiful day and I spent a lot of the day working on my suntan, with Alex telling Bob to put the suntan lotion on my back and legs and again my pussy was bumped a few times again. As Bob slid his hand up across my ass cheek he leaned down close to my ear and said "You were pretty loud both times last night, you know the whomever is sailing the boat is directly above the Captains cabin and all of the portholes are open.

    All I said was "Sorry".

    Sunday night was a repeat of Saturday night with an intense first round and then a second round of several different positions and a morning fuck session on Monday morning.

    Monday another beautiful day and today it was Dominic's turn to apply the suntan lotion and he got between my legs to apply it and worked the inside on my thighs right up against my bikini. The only thing he said was "You know that you and Alex are killing Bob and I".

    Like yesterday all I said was "Sorry".

    During the 4th day we sailed into the harbor to get fresh water and food, I mailed the first post card from there too. While ashore Alex has learned that there was a large storm coming later in the day toward evening- which it did and we just stayed ashore, went out for dinner and then went to a local club that was in the hotel that Alex had gotten a room in. After a lot of drinking and dancing with all of the men, they went to the room and thats when everything changed and I became the center of attention for 3 very healthy, well hung men that continually took turns fucking me until the sun started to come up before we all fell asleep from exhaustion.

    Alex woke me up about 3 in the afternoon and asked me how I am and I told him that I felt great. Alex and I woke the other 2 up, gathered up our things, paid the bill and got back on the sailboat and set sail. Of course things changed for next two weeks I still slept with Alex, sometimes with Alex and Bob, other nights Alex and Dominic.

    From that day on I didn't bother to wear the bikini, and the guys took turns applying the suntan lotion. I did wear the bottoms during my "out of service" days.

    Thursday around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, Bob asked me to go below deck with him, we took a shower together for me to wash off the lotion and for him the sweat and Bob took me to his bunk and fucked me for about an hour.

    He told me that he and Dominic had talked with Alex about what had happened in the hotel room and Alex said that I could fuck anyone that I wanted to.
    Friday I went below deck with Dominic and spent the afternoon being fucked in his bunk.

    Saturday afternoon, another beautiful day I went below with Bob and Dominic and the two of them spent the afternoon taking turns fucking me and holding off cumming until I told them that I was getting tired from cumming on their cocks and I wanted them to cum in me now.

    Bob layed down on his back and I climbed onto his cock and then Dominic slowly worked his cock into my ass and a few minutes of intense fucking the 3 of us started cumming, not quite at the same moment, Bob came first which set me off again and as I clamped down Dominic poured his cum into my ass.

    For the next 8 days, one of the three would take me below deck and give my pussy a workout and like last Saturday, sometimes 2 of them would take me below deck and have me suck one cock as I was being fucked by the other. The last 5 days of the trip I was "out of service" as I called it, but still did plenty of blow jobs and titty fucks, and Alex ass fucked me one night.
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    On Sunday evening, three weeks after we left we arrived at our destination and I met Alex's dad "Gray", it was his boat and he actually owned the personal care company where we all were working for.

    She told me that it was very easy to see where Alex had gotten his good looks and charm from, and later on that evening where he got his big cock from also.

    After everyone had freshened up we had a very nice evening meal and some very good wine, as the evening wore on I realized that the others had left and it was just Gray and I.

    Gray said to me "You can just come along with me.", which I did and Gray had me lay on his bed and stripped my clothes off and then buried his face in my pussy until I couldn't take it any longer and I asked him to "fuck me now". I watched Gray get undressed and realized that my host has a huge, fat cock.

    Gray got on the bed and climbed between my legs and slowly worked that very large cock into me. I'm always a little tighter after I've been "out of service".

    He propped himself up on his elbows and told me that it had been awhile since he had been in bed with a woman and that he intended to take his time and enjoy me. I don't know how many times I came on his big, fat cock, it was a lot.

    He would slowly fuck me for several minutes, and then stop and suck on my girls and kiss me some and slowly start to fuck me some more. He put his arm under me and rolled onto his back so that I was on top for a while. I did as he asked and rode him with a slow pace until I came again.

    After catching my breath I told him I had to pee and I got off of him and went to the bathroom and when I came back he had me lay down on my back and as he easily slid back into me as I'm well stretched now, he asked if it would be all right if he came in me.

    I told him thats exactly where I wanted him to. With that he hooked my legs with his arm and steadily increased the pace until he was (to use one of GTR's expressions) banging my ass like a screen door in a wind storm, until he bellowed like a bull and pumped his cum into me and he came a lot.

    After resting a little we showered and when we got back in bed, he spooned in behind me and we got some much needed sleep. The next morning I was awakened by Gray's fingers sliding in and out of me, I told I needed to pee before he fucked me and when I got back we had another long fuck session. I took a shower and stretched out on the bed again as Gray showered and I fell back asleep.

    As it got close to lunch time Gray told me that the others had already flew back home- they had left before I had gotten awake. Gray asked me if I would like to stay for a few days, he would take care of handling my absence from work.

    I told him that I would have to call my brother and see if I would be OK with it and also to have my brother call my sister to watch my son a little longer, to which GTR totally agreed.

    After spending a week with Gray, he took me sight-seeing and we ate at some very nice places and having my pussy thoroughly fucked by him all week, I flew back Monday morning with a great all-over tan and a very well fucked and well stretched pussy for GTR to enjoy.

    Imagine my surprise as I walked thru the airport, there was Bob from the sailboat, Gray had called him and directed him to pick me up at the airport and drive me home. Arriving home late morning on Monday, GTR was already at work, Bob carried my suitcase inside and in less than 5 minutes he was fucking my brains out on the living room sofa. This wouldn't be the only time that Bob fucked me in our home.

    GTR did enjoy my well fucked pussy and I filled GTR in with every detail I could remember about the sex I had with 4 different men on my first ever sailing trip of a lifetime. When I told him that Bob had brought me home and fucked me on the living room sofa GTR started cumming before I finished saying that.

    Toward the end of the week she remembered that she had also taken some pictures, many of them were things she had seen, and there are a few of Alex, Bob and Dominic and of course some of Gray. When she showed me the pictures I just had to have some more of that well used pussy, and I did.

    An interesting little side note,I didn't know that Bob was black until I saw the picture she took of him, he must have been below deck before they left, because I only saw Alex and Dominic when I dropped her off that Saturday morning.
    Alex.jpg Dominic.jpg Bob.jpg Gray.jpg
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    Another Great posting of her Adventures. This one was extra special in it's Group of Well hung Real Men receiving and providing Pleasure with your wife. While sharing a Sailing Adventure making it even cooler. Then Gray being the icing on the cake.
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    More like the icing in the cake.
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    Worth It, you are so correct about the icing being inside her. She always loved to feel the man between her legs cum inside her. GTR
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    I also like the term "Baby Batter." My wife used it when she was trying to get pregnant.
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    I've always liked that term also, and my wife would occasionally use it.

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