Miss Frankie & PeeWee Go Swimming

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    PeeWee was wondering what kind of humiliating things I’m capable of. What would I do to make sure he was thoroughly embarrassed if we were to go out on the town. I had an idea for a fun filled afternoon, and according to my mind, this is how it would play out……
    On a hot summer day Frankie and PeeWee were hanging out, Frankie suggested they take a trip to the public pool. Being it was a Saturday, it was bound to be filled with people. So when PeeWee couldn’t find his trunks, Frankie went and found them. What PeeWee Didn’t know was that Frankie happened to take out the drawstring…..oh no, how was PeeWee going to keep his trunks up?
    “C’mon PeeWee, Lets Go”, Frankie yelled.
    “But I wanted to change first”, Cried PeeWee.
    “Too Bad, I’ve got your suit in your backpack, Lets go while its still hot!”
    So PeeWee grabbed his towel and went along with Miss Frankie. They arrived at the pool, they couldn’t believe how many people were there. Because Frankie brought his suit trunks with, PeeWee was going to have to change in the men’s locker room , in front of the men with the big dicks. (Humiliation Tactic #1)
    So Frankie was waiting by the pool in her sexy two piece black halter suit. Out comes PeeWee and he’s pulling up his shorts saying they’re loose, he thought there was a drawstring, but oh well, they’re still snug enough.
    Frankie quietly chuckled because she knew there was no way his trunks would stay up after getting wet…….
    They both jumped in and were messing around, wrestling & laughing. Then, a sexy guy with huge guns, nice body did a fancy dive off the diving board. Oh my god was he sexy….I started gawking at his body when he got out of the water. PeeWee was jealous and said he could do the same thing, even better. ( My plan of making him having to prove himself worked, he’s always trying to compensate for his little dick.)
    PeeWee Runs up to the diving board, does his little trick, pops out of the water and oh no!! His trunks came right off when he came back up! Even better, was he didn’t realize it until after he jumped out of the water. HAHAHA!! I yelled at him ” Is that shrinkage? I didn’t think it could get any smaller!”
    PeeWee covered up his weewee and ran into the locker room, humiliated in front of all those people! All the girls around the pool were laughing and gossiping about the boy who lost his shorts.
    So Frankie & PeeWee’s adventure at the pool turned out to be humiliating for him afterall.
    So, when do you want to go swimming?
    Miss Frankie

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    Pee wee has an appropriate name! Good for you showing off his inadequate equipment. The girls in town should know what Pee-wee is packin (or, rather Not packin,!)

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