Miranda's Dark Journey

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    Miranda's Dark Journey
    Chapter 1

    Miranda Barnes was startled by the heavy clanking sound as the heavy
    metal door was slammed open... Standing in her Dade County Orange Jump Suit;
    her wrists shackled the heavy leather belt around her waist; her dainty ankles
    secured by the silver chain allowing her steps to be almost babylike. She
    shuffled forward with the other three women prisoners... She had not been
    allowed to shower for the last three days... the three days since the stern
    black judge had sentenced the 19 year old Pre Med student to ten years in the
    Florida State Penal System....

    When the door swung open the bright light hurt her eyes. Miranda had not
    been able to sleep in the strange and brutal environment of the Dade County
    Women's Lock Up. The sounds; the screams; the constant sobbing and crying of
    the innocent and not so innocent young women had taken a toll on her previously
    serene life. Born to upper income parents she was not prepared for the
    brutality that she witnessed.

    Humbled, Miranda shuffled along the bright yellow line. Nervously she
    looked around... and then she saw the pretty blonde that was her lover... and
    her betrayer. Standing against the Plexiglas window of the skywalk directly
    over the enclosed transport area she could see the sobbing beautiful face...
    Miranda stared at her lover... her eyes then caught the blank face of Rick; a
    boy that she had given her tight young body to on numerous occasions. She did
    not love Rick... she allowed him the pleasure of her body but she felt nothing
    for him. Miranda watched as he put his arm around her beautiful roommate... the
    pretty Jennifer. The pretty Jennifer that had packed sixteen ounces of pure
    white cocaine in her overnight bag....

    The trial was rapid..... and there was no defense.. There was a plea
    bargain... TEN YEARS at the George W Bush Correctional Facility for Women...
    Miranda should have felt hatred for the sobbing pretty blonde girl... but at
    this moment she felt only numbness.

    Miranda watched as Rick pulled the crying beauty from the window and lead
    her away from the skywalk.....

    Miranda's eyes were becoming accustomed to the bright Florida Sunshine...
    she searched for the one man that she had truly given her perfect body to....
    the one man that she surrendered her mind and soul...

    Mike had spent only one evening with the beautiful Miranda.... one night
    that lasted forever. She felt herself tingle between her legs... Mike had
    known everything about her... about her strong sexual needs... He had brutally
    twisted her hard little nipples when they entered the penthouse suite.... He
    had stripped her petite body and pushed her against the windows overlooking the
    courtyard.... While she writhed in pleasure he had manipulated her twitching
    clit.... Skillfully; masterfully he manipulated the oily little orb of
    pleasure... She screamed her release..... the first release of many that
    eventful night...

    After her exhausted body recovered she was carried to the bed by the tall
    muscular stranger... He spread her long pretty legs and brought his lips and
    tongue to savor her leaking tight little slit... Miranda writhed in pleasure as
    Mike schooled her in the pleasure of true escastcy.. As her hips bucked
    against the talented tonguing she was receiving Mike brought her to her third
    total orgasm in less than an hour... After her nearly exhausted body recovered
    from her last climax she felt her legs being spread....

    She opened her eyes as the tall muscular man knee walked to her
    entrance.... His manhood was hard and he played with her tender flaps..... She
    didn't think she was capable of another orgasm... The large thick head tickled
    her overworked clit and she tried to scoot away... It was not to be as she
    felt him enter her wet passage... His hard cock slid in...... he only allowed
    Miranda an inch of his manhood. Mike was far more talented than any of her
    previous lovers.. He was gentle and kind; but at the same time he was forceful
    and dominant. His thick manhood filled her nerve lined passage and he pushed
    forward. Miranda screamed her acceptance of his conquest....

    Miranda's mind was refocussed by the large black hand pushing her
    forward... "Move your sorry ass convict," was the brutal order. Miranda
    recalled were she was.... on her way for ten long years of being Jenny's

    Miranda could not turn and look at the skyway in back of her... If she
    had she would have seen the tanned masculine face staring at his lover. He had
    only sampled her charms one time...... in his mind he had loved her for
    months... Tears formed in his eyes and slowly fell over his cheeks. He did
    not wipe them away....

    The large black man; his aide de camp was puzzled; almost startled. He
    had served the large muscular man for nearly three decades. Their relationship
    started in the mountains of a far away and forgotten land. Never... never had
    he seen tears in his leader's dark green eyes. Even when the man had held
    young boys; new to battle; and near death had the man shown such emotion.....
    and now....

    Frank.... by his many years of faithful service inherently knew that he
    should remain silent. He complied..... As he looked down into the courtyard
    he observed the petite blonde girl as she was shoved forcefully into the small
    transport vehicle. He did not know the girl..... he did not know of the
    relationship between Mike and her... but something was very wrong... very wrong
    indeed. He would be told... in due course.. and when that knowledge was clear
    he would make the faithful master whole....

    With the tears still in his eyes Mike turned... and with his posture
    erect and proud walked briskly down the hallway of the federal building. Frank
    followed him at a respectful distance. Neither man spoke....

    The two FBI agents that had shepherded the railroading of the beautiful
    young coed made the mistake of stepping out of their office the same instance
    the muscular man passed... The collusion was decisive..... both FBI special
    agents were drenched by the hot coffee each had been transporting.

    "Who the hell...." was the beginning of the question.

    The hard steely green eyes bore into the two arrogant agents. At first
    they were forceful; macho....... As the two agents returned the hard glare
    their faces suddenly became ashen.... There was no question who was the MAN
    and who were the little boys pretending to be men... Each of the armed men
    looked briefly to their waist.... they had their weapons at the ready....
    However both men instinctively knew that the man standing in front of them
    would not need a weapon......

    As Mike continued to stare at the two Federal Agents responsible for the
    conviction of his lover the two agents felt a pangs of fear travel throughout
    their bodies. The larger of the two agents felt his knees shake.... the
    smaller agent felt his bladder suddenly become full....

    The black man; following Mike was the first to speak......"You best
    apologize," he simply spoke..

    The two FBI agents acknowledged the simplicity of the suggestion.....
    "Excuse me," the larger of the two men muttered.

    Mike did not respond.... after another minute of intense glaring at the
    two little men he turned sharply and continued walking down the hallway.....

    The two men then turned to the black who was sneering at them.... "You
    did good... at least now you will be able to continue eating solid food... If
    you had not apologized for being assholes your next meal would be eaten through
    a straw....." Frank laughed heartily and then turned to follow his officer;
    protecting his six....

    Charley Tango Niner; his call sign of long ago and far away set his usual
    rapid pace. There was retribution to be meted out.... his lover had been
    wronged and he was not one to leave a debt unpaid.........

    Miranda now seated in the dark cold interior of the van looked at the
    other three inmates being transported. The girl directly across from her was
    almost beautiful. She had fair skin; long blonde hair.. and intense blue eyes.
    She was lean and her small but perfect breasts could be seen jutting against
    the tight orange jump suit. As Miranda continued to stare she could tell the
    young girl's anxiety.. of her nervousness.. She was constantly fidgeting....
    Although Miranda did not know all of the signs of drug withdrawal she did
    recognize the first signs... and the young girl was definitely exhibiting the
    preliminary signals of drug withdrawal.

    The girl was making Miranda nervous and she turned to look at the pretty
    black girl sitting next to the pretty blonde. Their eyes met at the same
    time..... "White girl you best be getting ready.... you be getting special
    treatment at Bush Academy for girls," she laughed... Miranda's stomach felt a
    nervousness... it tensed...

    Miranda looked at her pretty brown eyes and she focused on the gold nose

    Tasha again found Miranda's eyes.... "You will be given to Miss Elie....
    Miss Elie will like you.... She likes a little spark in her new playtoys...."

    Miranda had a puzzled look on her face..... a questioning look.....

    Tasha knew the puzzled look.. She had seen it many times before.. Tasha
    was not new to the George W Bush Correction Facility for Women.. in fact she
    was nearly a permanent resident; and she was only twenty five years old.

    "The total population is nearly four hundred inmates... Over two hundred
    inmates are members of "The Crips".... Miss Elie is.... shall we say the head
    mistress. Probably three fourths of the population are black.... another fifty
    or so are Latino... and my little pet; the rest are little white girls like
    you.... They are the ones that are the playthings.... they are trained to
    be... well, shall I say, the slaves of the plantation. You best learn to be
    real cooperative.... If you are they may not cut that pretty little face of
    yours... or worse," Tasha smiled... she already knew the fate of the two white
    girls being transported to Florida's State Penitentiary for women.

    The fourth passenger was a small petite Cuban girl... Her skin was
    dark.... and her eyes showed the fear that she felt. Fear that was quickly
    transported to Miranda's overwrought young mind....

    It was only three months ago when she had been a Pre Med student... in
    the arms of her pretty blonde lover. Miranda closed her eyes and retrieved the
    pleasure of Jennifer's tender lips... she recalled the nights that the two had
    spent in her bed... She tingled at the thought of her delicate little tongue
    touching her sensitive little bud of pleasure......

    "Hey white bitch...." Tasha interrupted her moment of pleasure.....

    She opened her eyes and turned her face to the black girl...

    "If you give your little white tail to me.... I'll make sure that Miss
    Elie will not be too harsh when she initiates you.. Your tender little white
    ass will still feel the belt... but if you pledge your pussy to me I will make
    sure that you will not endure the broom handle...." Tasha smiled. She cold
    tell that the conversation was frightening not only Miranda; but also the
    shaking white girl seated next to her.

    Miranda felt herself tremble..... she knew that the black girl was
    telling her the truth....

    The journey was nearly three hours long.... the poor suspension of the
    van... the cold musky air and the dread of what the girls would endure when
    they arrived at the state prison took a dreadful toll on the four girls. None
    of them had showered during the last three days and they could smell
    themselves..... their hair was oily and stringy and they felt demoralized...

    The van pulled down the long road leading to the gate of the George W
    Bush State Correctional Facility for women. It was late afternoon and there
    was a lump in each of their throats.

    Word spread throughout the exercise yard that the new fish were arriving
    and there was a great rush to the chain length fence as the van slowly pulled
    in.... The women; mostly black pushed against the fence to see the unlucky
    creatures emerge from the back door.

    A large muscular black woman slowly walked towards the fence... the
    gathered inmates quickly made room. She was near the door leading to the
    induction room......

    The door of the van was pulled open and a stern black guard looked in at
    the frightened women. Even Tasha felt the wave of terror careen about in the
    small van..... The first night was the longest..... and she felt sorry for the
    two white girls. They would suffer the greatest indignities.... nothing in
    their pampered lives had prepared them for the next twenty four hours....

    Each of the women were roughly pulled out of the van. Their hands were
    still firmly attached to the leather waist band; their ankles still encased in
    the silver chain of the ankle chains. When all four had been pulled from the
    van they were ordered to walk the last hundred yards to the induction building.
    As they started the first catcalls emerged from the gathered throng.... the
    cruel references to the ordeals that awaited them were unnerving to the
    frightened women....

    "Hey white cheeks.... your ass will be mine....." an ugly scar faced
    black inmate screamed directly into Miranda's face. Miranda did not look but
    stared directly ahead..... the young white girl named Susan was noticeably
    shaking... the terror was nearly incapacitating to the four young women.

    At long last the four had covered the one hundred yards and stood
    silently in front of the door leading into the induction room. Miranda was
    impatient.... she wanted to escape; even if temporarily the lurking eyes... and
    the unkind comments...

    However.... it was not to be. The four young women were subjected to
    minute after minute of verbal abuse until..... there was a deadening silence
    that overtook the compound. It was Erie... the suddenness..... and the calm
    still that sort of floated over the entire area. Miranda finally looked to her
    right and seen the black faces part.... allowing a large muscular black woman
    to slowly walk forward. She had large firm breasts and her blue workshirt was
    pulled from her waist and tied in a knot below her unhaltered breasts. She had
    intense dark eyes that seemed to burn through anything that she focused her
    glare on.... "Miss Elie" slowly sauntered forward... the inmates quickly making
    a path... When she was at the fence she looked directly into Miranda's
    eyes..... Slowly she parted her thick lips and let her long pointed tongue
    slip out and coat the red coated lips....

    As the two stared at each other Miss Elie finally spoke....."Maybe you
    and me can go out on a date tonight.. if you are not busy....."

    The simple statement brought a soft roar from the several hundred
    gathered inmates.... Miranda merely stared blankly into the uncaring and
    glaring faces...

    A loud clank signaled the opening of the door to the induction center and
    Miranda quickly turned and sauntered along with the other young women....

    Once inside the large door slammed shut.... the significance of which
    finally sunk in Miranda's clouded mind. The large black man who escorted the
    women stepped in front and in a booming voice informed the women of their
    current situation. "My name is Sgt. Merrick...... remember my name. From this
    point on you will address me as Sgt. Merrick... I am your only friend in this
    shithole.... You will be given a full body search; a shower; and then be
    incorporated into the general populace....You best be minding me...." the
    orders were stern. There was no question among the four women who was now in
    compete control. They were truly in a prison.....

    Miranda was second in line. She watched a female CO (Correction Officer)
    unlock each of the locks on her wrists and ankles. She moved like a robot....
    each of the women rubbed their raw and bruised wrists and ankles.

    "Strip......" was Sgt. Merrick's stern and direct order.

    Self consciously Miranda and the other women slowly unzipped their orange
    jump suits and let them fall to the floor. Miranda could feel Sgt. Merrick's
    dark eyes explore her tight body as she reached around to unclasp her bra...
    She looked up as the bra slipped from her small breasts... Sgt. Merrick's eyes
    were sparkling as the tender little buttons became visible... Miranda tried to
    put the eyes out of her mind as she pulled her pretty lace panties down her
    legs.... She did not look at the large black man but merely returned to an
    upright position and looked directly ahead...

    Susan; the petite little blonde was the first in line. She had stripped
    everything but her black panties.... She was trembling. Miranda could not
    tell from her shivering and shaking if it was from fear.... from the drug
    withdrawal..... or??

    As the four young women stood silently looking forward Sgt. Merrick
    walked in front of Susan. He towered over the small blonde.... A smile crept
    over his face as he saw the frightened girl start to shake.... He reached out
    his large black hand and covered her naked breast.. he squeezed gently and
    felt her tremble even more....

    "Inmate.... you are going to have a hard time... It looks like you need
    a little fix to relieve that knawing deep down in your little tummy... Do you
    want ole Sgt. Merrick to get you a little fix....?"

    The petite blonde looked anxiously into his face... she was too
    frightened to speak..

    "All you have to do is tell me that I'm now your little sugar daddy...
    How about it Inmate? Do you want ole Sgt. Merrick to take care of all your

    Susan tried to speak... but her parched throat and overwhelming fear
    prevented any sound to squeak out.

    Sgt. Merrick was amused at her trembling young body... He reasoned that
    she would be easy.. He felt a tightness in his long black cock....

    "Take those panties off Inmate... I'm going to have to check those sweet
    little holes of yours... we wouldn't want any of those bad drugs to enter our
    little bit of heaven would we Inmate?"

    Susan's trembling body nearly collapsed. Her delicate fingers finally
    reached the hem of her panties and slowly pulled the pretty black panties off
    her hips. Miranda noticed something...... as the black lace slid from her
    tight little buns the tattoo became visible.... Miranda's tired mind read the
    inscription within the red circle......"Property of the Street Man".........
    Miranda's mind wandered... she did not know the significance.

    Sgt. Merrick pulled Susan forward to an exam gurney and pushed her
    forward..... It was at this point that he seen the clear and distinct tattoo.
    His laughter filled the antiseptic room..... "Well sweet cheeks... it looks
    like you know something about a Black Master don't you?" he questioned.

    The petite blonde started sobbing....

    Sgt. Merrick felt the tight little tattooed ass cheek. He rubbed his
    hand over the painted surface. He held out his right hand and another CO
    pulled on a rubber latex glove... Holding out his index finger the CO squeezed
    a dab of K-Y jelly.... The small blonde continued to shiver as Sgt. Merrick
    grabbed her left knee and pulled it up on the hospital gurney.... When he had
    accomplished the simple task he inserted his finger between her tight little
    ass cheeks. The small girl shuddered at the insertion and grabbed the edge of
    the gurney.

    "I asked you a question little girl..... Were you owned by a black
    master on the outside..?"

    Susan finally found her voice..... "Street Man was my master... "

    Sgt. Merrick allowed his finger to slowly saw in and out of the tight
    little chute... He enjoyed the squirming little blonde... But he had the next
    ten years to enjoy her tight little body... He finished his simple example of
    who was in charge and allowed the small girl to slowly pad over to the wall.
    She stood shaking with her small hands trying to cover her breasts and shaven

    Miranda.... beautiful Miranda stood silently.....

    Sgt. Merrick allowed a clean glove to be pulled over his large black
    hand; a small amount of lubricant was applied on his index finger. Walking
    over he stood towering over Miranda's petite frame..

    Looking down at the trembling beauty he softly spoke... Use your
    fingers.... open that hair covered little slit for me...

    With trembling fingers she held herself open as the cold lubricant rubbed
    the top of her sex... It found the hiding little sex organ and very gently...
    very softly he stroked her sex.... She quivered but dared not move. It took
    only a few moments for her clit to harden... The gentleness of the finger was
    surprising... Miranda closed her eyes.... Holding her two lips wide she
    accepted the first sexual contact for nearly three months... She struggled with
    her emotions... but finally she felt herself start to respond... The
    finger... the finger was causing her intense pleasure in this barren place....
    She subtly brought her legs together to tighten the finger against her now
    protruding oily clit. A soft moan escaped her lips......

    Sgt. Merrick's other hand found Miranda's firm breasts.. He teased the
    nipple.... it quickly hardened. Miranda closed her eyes... the pleasure... the
    deep pleasure being produced by the finger.... Miranda opened her eyes and
    looked at the large black hand completely covering her tight little breast...
    the contrast caused her to leak lubricant in the pleasure producing hand....

    Miranda's orgasm came swiftly.... The months of absentince finally
    caught up..... Miranda did not allow herself the verbal release but she held
    the intense pleasure inside as she tighten her thighs around the finger... it
    was captive to her tight thighs.... Sgt. Merrick smiled at the quick orgasm he
    brought the young pretty blonde vixen. She like the young junkie would soon be
    treated to more pleasures.....

    As Miranda's climax subsided Sgt. Merrick pulled his finger from her
    tight little pussy... He looked deeply into her eyes.... and smiled.

    The black girl and Latino girl were given similar treatment. Only Tasha
    had known what to expect and gave herself freely to the familiar finger of Sgt.
    Merrick... His white teeth shone brightly as he recalled the young tight body
    of the black prostitute. She had many memories of his long thick black cock
    that she would only be too pleased to share with the other three girls.

    After the examination the four young women continued their journey down
    the long hallway......
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    Please continue

    I for one would like to see a continuation of this story line. It is very erotic.

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