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    I recently and accidentally found out about my wife's infidelity while I was deploying in the Navy over a span of a few years. In the emails to her lovers I have seen a side of my wife she never showed to me. She is much more flirtatious talking to her lovers and doesn't waste time getting to the point. I feel like I have to schedule sex with her, but her emails reveal she aggressively pursues cock as soon as I walk aboard ship.
    If I was married to a military woman, I would be able to occupy myself in those six month periods without resorting to cheating. My wife couldn't wait. One of the most intriguing things I saw: one night while I was deployed she emailed me immediately after using her hitachi magic wand talking about how she couldn't hold out any longer and how hard she came. Within five minutes of emailing me, she sent another email to one of her hot firefighter boyfriends talking about how much she needed his cock. The knowledge that her orgasm only intensified her need for dick was intensely erotic to me, although difficult to process.
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    Shortly after we got married my wife and I lived on base in a multi family housing unit. At The time we were not playing or looking for others outside of each other.

    At the time 7 other married couples in our housing saw 5 of the guys deployed leaving their wives behind. (There were no children or families with children in our housing area) Most of the women were actively cheating during the time. During this time I had my first woman other than my wife one night.

    My wife had made good friends with one of the other wives and they spent a lot of time together mostly at our place. I got used to her being there and really never gave it much thought. One night we were up late and drinking heavily (as was the custom on base) and decided to play strip poker. It was not long and both my wife and her friend were both naked and I was in my boxers and socks. The girls were both giggling and pulling at my shorts and my wife was the one who suggested I play with her friend. Apparently her friend had been confiding in my wife about how horny she was and how she didn't know if she could take another 8 months of her newlywed husband being gone. I ended up fucking her on the floor of our living room that night while my wife encouraged us.

    Afterward my wife arranged for me and her friend to hook up several times a month until we got orders and moved. The friend was wild and I definitely enjoyed her. I never did know if she told her husband or if he found out but there was no privacy in our housing unit and not many secrets. My wife never did join in but watched each time. It was definitely a turn on for her to watch and usually for several nights afterward she would initiate sex and replay it all verbally saying things like "do me like you did Claudia."

    Once we moved it was another 20 years before we ever hooked up with anyone outside of each other again. My wife says she has never cheated but has always maintained that if she had been in the situation that her friend, Claudia, was in at that time that she would have done the same thing with no guilt.
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    This original post goes years back - in fact, I doubt the original poster is even here at the forum anymore.

    None the less, I'll give a reply which is obviously personal and based on my own thoughts regarding cheating.

    I admit, that to me there is a magic to a cheating spouse - the pure LUST of it - I'll even go as far as saying that a wife who gets off on the cheating itself is interesting and possibly highly sexual. I believe I have elsewhere written about by own experiences in this regard, so I will try not to repeat myself.

    To me it's thought provoking, that the original poster hates cheating... why? Isn't that where the rush comes from? So why hate it when you actually adore it?

    Or am I out on a limb here?
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    Mixed on this one. On the one hand I Definitely align with your thoughts and feelings on a cheating wife (or in others cases cheating SO), BUT I Can’t align with the part that others including the OP need or should align to it
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    It IS a controversial issue, for sure, mon ami. Nobody should align to more than they feel comfortable with, absolutely - my point simply was that the original poster seemed to express both sides of the coin, so to speak - and I merely gave my personal interpretation of it as I read it.

    To me the notion of cheating holds its own, almost sinister (or is it liberated?) eroticism.
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    I really believe that when my husband would have sex with my friend back then that the sex between the two of us was much more intense and hot. I don't know why that was but it sure did seem to be.

    As far as cheating, No, I have never cheated on him and never would. But, back in the day if I had been in Claudia's place I think I would have done the same thing and been guilt free. By the way, the strip poker game was a total set up thought out by me and my friend lol.
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    All4HerPleasure, this is fascinating to me. Can you expound upon this quote? On one hand you say you would never cheat but you say you would have cheated if you were Claudia. Is that comment based only on Claudia's situation? Thanks!
  8. All4HerPleasure

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    I guess after reading that I probably should have clarified my statement a little better as it left some ambiguity.

    Both my husband and I have made decisions regarding our careers that have ensured we are always together outside of routine short business travel. I think the longest we have been apart has been 5 weeks and that was tough. More-so in regard to my husband, he has been offered some extremely lucrative positions that he has turned down due to them requiring him to be away or outside the country for extended periods of time. In our or my situation I would never cheat on my husband. Primarily because I know how much it would hurt him and I would never do that to him.

    In retrospect to my comment that you bring up, I always have said never say never and I realize that if I we made a conscious decision to be apart for extended months on end that I would physically need to find physical and mental companionship. I guess that would need to be and would be determined, discussed and agreed upon during the decision making process on the travel portion. So, when I say I would have no guilt or regrets I am thinking in terms of our relationship and how we work.
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    I admire your pragmatism. My wife couldn't go more than a few weeks before she was bringing home men from her favorite bar or emailing old boyfriends pics of herself in a bikini. Even though I made every effort to call every day it wasn't enough. Most of them weren't attentive enough to make sure she cums. My rule is she always cums twice. I think just the companionship was enough for her.
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    For me, being in this lifestyle began in the military. I didn't know in the beginning that I would like it and fought the feelings I was having.

    My first wife began working at the NCO club and was soon coming home later and later. After working there about 4 months, I confronted her and she confessed that she was meeting with customers after work and having sex with them. I asked how many and she said around 15 in those 4 months. This was the mid 70's and we divorced within a couple of months. Back to dating and oddly enough, I turned my main attention to married women. I didn't care if they were strangers or wives of friends/co-workers or just neighbors. I found that the married ones were much easier to bed than the single ones, and can honestly say that a married woman rarely turned me down for sex.

    My second wife was one of the wives that I was fucking. Her husband got courtmartialed and went to jail and she divorced him, We married soon after. Within a couple of months, she was spending more and more time at the Navy Base CPO club and about a year later she left and moved in with some Navy officer. Good riddance. Single again.

    It was during this period that I got involved with my neighbor and began to understand what I was and what I was looking for. One evening, my neighbor, her husband, and I had a few to many drinks. He passed out on my floor, or so I thought, and she began telling me about all the affairs she has had. Most of them were friends husbands and a couple of her husbands co-workers. She laid back on the couch with her skirt pulled up a little and her panties showing, and just reached out toward my. Mama didn't raise no fool and in just a matter of minutes, I was sliding my cock into her. I hadn't had any in a while, and to say I didn't last long is an understatement. It couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 minus and I was cuming in her. As I was climbing off her, I looked over and her husband was sitting there watching and smiling. Over the next few months, I fucked her several times as he watched. He fucked her several times while I watched. And I also watched a couple of other guys fuck her a few times. I learned that I enjoyed watching.........a lot.

    That was my introduction to wife sharing and at the age of 34 I finally understood what I was.
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    Thanks for the post. What is interesting to me is that you conclude with "what I was." I expected "what I had become," because your previous wives fucking around didn't do it for you. What was the difference? Was it because they did it behind your back and your now wife is honest about it, or did you change? Or was it other reasons, like they were just bitches?
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    I said "what I was" and not "what I had become" because I think I was like this all along. Your correct that I didn't say my previous wives fucking around didn't do it for me, but the truth is, it did do it for me. But being the early to mid 70's and a hick from the sticks to-boot, it wasn't something that was openly discussed. I thought a husband that wanted his wife to have sex with other men was insane, and I had no idea there were not only others like me, but there were hundreds of thousands of others like me.
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    I just notice that I put my age back then as 34. Bad math. I was about 30 during that time with the neighbors.

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