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  1. MontanaSwinger

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    When I met Linda, I had fucked a few married women, but always with their husband's consent and with him present. Linda was my first cheater. I was in the Air Force at the time, living on base, and she was a friend of my wife. On my wife's (now ex wife) birthday Linda was over and kept making eye contact with me and just radiating lust. For whatever reason, my wife went to bed early, leaving Linda and I talking in our living room. (I still wonder if the two of them planned this.)

    Linda and I kept talking for about half an hour untill the sexual tension finally became unbearable. I reached toward her, brushed her hair from her eyes, and stroked her cheek. Within a minute we were both naked, she was on her back with her legs over my shoulders and I was balls deep in her cunt. We never used rubbers, thank god, and it was some of the most exciting sex of my life. Linda and I only continued to fuck for a few months, but during that time we managed to find ways to get together at least every day, sometimes two or three times. I have always hoped that my wife was also fucking Linda's husband, but I never have known for sure. I find monogamy intensely disturbing and, while I love fucking wives with their husband's consent, my cheating Linda was incredible.

    If any of the wives on the forum are considering cheating, I say go for it and do it often, even if you are also fucking with your husband's consent. I find most cuckolds have a deep seated need for their wives to cheat anyway.
  2. al10jones

    al10jones New Member

    The first married lady I ever had was the wife of a friend of mine, who was on deployment(Navy). She was an older lady, and thought she was seducing me one night. God was she good, and I was too immature to really relish it.
  3. Terit277

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    I started cheating on my husband when he was deployed to Iraq. Up until then he was my one and only lover since I was 15. I got drunk at a party and ended up in bed with 3 MP's and have been cheating ever since. My husband is older (11 years older than me) and much smaller than any of my lovers have been. I find I am addicted to cheating with guys with large cocks. I hate cheating, but I love the sex. What is a girl to do?
  4. Funtimespa

    Funtimespa New Member

    Come fuck me lol your so hot
  5. emily

    emily Well-Known Member

    "I find I am addicted to cheating"
    My kindred spirit...yay!
    "I hate cheating, but"
    It gets eazier. I mean the lying and all. What you got to do is set things up so you don't get found out. You got any friends or relatives you can tell bout it all who can cover for you?
  6. mywifeinurbed

    mywifeinurbed New Member

    I gave my wife encouragement to go into Vegas and meet guys and take back up to her room when she would go there when I was away. I paid for the room (for her and another gf) and to stripper shows (best seats I could get for them) and anything else to let her know I was in full support of her getting as wicked as she could. Two diff trips she hooked up. I must have J'd 3x's a day thinking of how much fun my wife had and also all the details she would email me or tell me over the phone. Being gone at months at a time it made my being away some of the best times I have had in life sexxxually and I wasn't even there! Each email and phone call was about her doing things. I became obsessed and loved it. Also another time when i was gone she went to a drunk-fest at a past co-workers house. She ended up spending the night with the guy she told me had a thing for her for a long time. She warned me it was going to be one of "those" nights. She got a ride home the next morning and her head wasn't the only thing pounding from soreness. That was amazing not knowing. She didn't contact me the whole time till the next evening. Man, my mind was wandering big time! Just like the first time I remember when a woman dated on me on a date we set up (our first time doing this kind of thing), my stomach was in knots, my mind was racing, I could not sleep laying in bed alone in the darkness wondering, and trying not to touch my steel rod for a 3rd time so I would be ready for my turn. That was an amazing feeling. Hooked from the start. For my wife, I encourage her to do this. We have a great sex life. I really don't watch, unless it's at a bar and watching men hit on her or she flirts. I love her going out and coming back later as she may be intoxicated or tired or both, but very well used and half passed out as she whispers in my ear the details as I get my turn. I'm not a cuck, just a hub who shares his wife when she's in the mood to play. It's been awhile. (not the first woman I was married too and did this with, my first wife was a huge slut and it was almost more than a weekly thing, but that's another post at another time.
  7. TopJohn

    TopJohn New Member

    Not counting some professional gals, I've only had sex w/ one married woman that I can recall. We only did it a few times and messed around/fondled a few other times as well. I always felt one of her offspring was my own (there are a couple of obvious physical similarities that are not present in the sibblings and the timing would have been 'right'....) and I think that she and her hubby also know deep down, but none of us have mentioned it to each other and we probably never will do so. I don't know him extremely well but from what I'm told by her and what I've observed, their marriage is a marriage in name only and they just 'deal with' each other on a day to day basis.
  8. jamiecruz60

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    Asian Wife cheated with NAVY Officer

    i was in the Navy when my wife cheated with a Navy Officer. She was hot to trot and needed extra cock. They fucked for 3 years. They were working at the same command and would call in sick after lunch and go to their favorite motel. They were regular customers there and were greeted each time they came to fuck. They would stay for about 2 to 3 hours and fuck at their leisure. The first time he got her naked, he was afraid he would break her. She was 5' 105 lbs asian, and he was over 6' and HUNG. At first she could not take it all, but after a LOT OF PRACTICE she would take him balls deeps. It was so hot when she finally told me of all the times they fucked. I wanted to have caught them, but never did. On a later email I will tell the story of her fucking my ex-best friend for about 4 years.
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  9. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Although my wife and I don't / can't cheat because play doesn't require preapproval and we tell everything, walking in on her at home fucking someone is particularly hot.
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  10. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    You are doing the right thing, continue and be happy, supporting the service men that have to stay at home!.
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  11. subhubjon

    subhubjon Well-Known Member

    When I met my first wife I'd been a virgin. I was not her first, she admitted to having sex with 3 other guys before me but I've always suspected that it was at least double that number. When we married I was already scheduled to go into the military. After my initial training she joined me at my first regular duty station. During the time before she joined me, I never really suspected she'd cheating, but I was jealous. She was very cute and had a body guys dream of including nice big tits, all the right curves, long shapely legs and a killer ass. I soon discovered horny GIs hit on her constantly, even when I was with her. I became concerned because she relished the attention and flirted right back. Then I remember chatting it up with some of the guys, laughing and joking about poor GI's who we knew had cheating wives. Unknown to me was some of these fellow GIs and co-workers were fucking my wife. I worked in a headquarters office with a few other guys 2 of them were unmarried and not particularly attractive guys. I felt I was enough better looking that it would be safe to have them over for dinner one night. It was a Saturday and my wife was a pretty good cook. The guys showed up with some beer and hungry looks. After a few beers I realized they were hungry for more than food and began to worry that I'd made a mistake in asking them over. As we ate, they joked and teased with my wife and she loved it. I was jealous and growing more so every minute.

    After dinner someone suggested we play cards, so we all got refills of our beer and sat down to play. We began with a few hands of hearts but they quickly bored of that and I suggested we play poker. I had a stash of coins so I got that and we divided it up to use as chips. After a few more beers and many hands of poker, they began to suggest alternatives to bet when my wife had lost nearly all her chips. They included lap dances, kisses even a hand job was tossed out. I decided it was time to stop at this point. My wife only laughed off their lewd suggestion or threw it right back at them with quips such as you would be able to handle it, etc.

    The game end and my wife suggest we turn up the music and dance. I didn't like the idea because she was the only women here and that would mean I'd have to share her with these two horny bastards, but that's what we did anyway. We kept drinking and I was getting more and more down finally I announce it was late and time to go to bed. None of them were buying into it and my wife said it's not that late and nobody has to get up early tomorrow. They kept dancing and drinking and I wandered off to our bedroom thinking if I lay down for a few minutes then get up, I can make them leave. I quickly fell asleep or more likely passed out. I awoke with a start, she'd not come to bed and it was nearly 2 am. I could hear the music still playing but it was a much softer, relaxing tune. I got up and headed back toward the living room. Almost there, I heard other sounds which caused me to pause. There were soft moans and rustling sounds which immediately alarmed me. Slipping quietly down the hallway I peered into the room and saw all three of them were naked. She lay on the sofa with her legs wrapped around the guy on top of her. He was fucking her for all he was worth and she was moaning with pleasure. The other guy sat nearby stroking his cock which appeared to be twice the size of mine.

    I was sick with jealousy and fear. I couldn't move and watched as the guy pulled his cock out and unloaded his cum on her tummy and hairy bush. She had him move up to her face and she licked and sucked his cock clean. He too, was much better endowed than me. Seconds later the other guy with the huge cock was moving to her. She grabbed his cock pulled up to her mouth and sucked him for a few minutes. By the time he pulled it from her mouth and moved down between her legs, my cock was also hard as a rock and I pulled it out and began stroking myself as he started to fuck my wife. I'm not sure she'd ever had a dick that big. Her eyes were like saucers and tearing up as he pounded her cunt. Before he finished she was flailing around like a stuck mackerel and making every sound you can imagine. I covered my fist with cum long before they were done. Instead of pulling out he pumped it into her pussy and she encouraged him all the way. When they finally collapsed with spent exhaustion, I slipped back down the hall and into my bed. I later learned not only had they been fucking her off and on for a month or two but another guy from my office who was married had also fucked her.

    I never confronted her about it and things seemed as normal as could be. On Monday the 2 guys thanked me for having them over for dinner and one even sort of apologized for hitting on my wife. While we were stationed there I had them over several other times and essential repeated that evening. When we moved on to a different posting, it wasn't long before I was sure she was once again fucking some of my co-workers and then one day I walked in on her as she was kneeling on floor between one of my best friends legs and sucking his cock. That was the final straw and she left me.
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  12. waynerobertson

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    Very hot and honest post. I wish I had been there for you to clean us jon. I know you would have made me hard to fuck her again a second time.
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  13. Mickle

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    Like you, I have never confronted my wife, deep down I always knew what was happening
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  14. Jen9

    Jen9 Guest

    I use to be a military wife. That life gets depressing. The army drained the life out of my husband during that time. I cheated on him with someone incredible. We have gone our separate ways now. I dont approve of cheating but sometimes the right person does come along while youre married. Life is just too short.
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  15. Cucking nuts

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    On base living=cheating
    Former Airmen here.
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  16. The1hung1

    The1hung1 Member

    My mother when i was in high school my stepdad was a marine and he left for like 5months... I caught my mom with another guy at least 3x in those 5months he was deployed
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  17. slinky1

    slinky1 Well-Known Member

    My wife's ex was in the military and he would be deployed for long periods. She said as much as she desperately wanted and needed sex while he was gone, she was way too shit scared he'd find out and a even her male friends that would want to fuck her while he was away, were shit scared of him as well. She knew he was fucking women, hookers while he was gone, but he was also waaay to jealous the share his wifes pussy, it was his pussy and only his pussy. She was certain he'd lose it and shoot someone. So she spent years on and off having to fuck dildoes until he'd get home and get the real thing.
  18. FunLoving85

    FunLoving85 New Member

    I actually started off cheating and then my husband and I talked and we got into the lifestyle we are in now and he knows. It was a hot and taboo feeling but I'm pretty happy now he knows.
  19. Pathedick

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    As MUCH as I ADORED, her Cuckolding me. I must admit the thought that she Probably Cheated on me before I let her know I was into being a Cuck hubby and possibly also doing it AFTER I told her while we were engaged and she was Still living 800 miles away. Is another level of Arousal.
    But she never would tell me for sure and I learned not to push an issue if she decided not to reveal something.

    There is just something about a woman, being SO Horny, SO turned on by ANOTHER Man, SO in NEED of a GOOD Fucking, that she will Risk Whatever repercussions of her act, just to collect that Sex Adventure.
    Bonus for those of us that are Submissive as well as Cucks is when you know that YOU, and YOUR inadequacies played a BIG part in her decision
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  20. HardT

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    Feels good sometimes, trying to research whoever invented monogamy, such a bore
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