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    It's been awhile since I have been on here. I have a few stories to share. I'll start with this one.

    We had gone to a hotel party to meet someone we had been chatting with online for a good mfm threesome. As we waited for him, a tall black man approached my wife showing very real interest. He introduced himself as Rick. I could tell she found him attractive and appreciated his flirtation, so I kept a conversation going.

    She had dressed up in a form fitting black dress with thigh highs and sexy high heel shoes. As we were talking, I noticed his arm was moving a bit and realized he was rubbing his hand up and down her leg. I then noticed she shifted in a way that uncrossed her legs for access. She was growing more engaged in conversation, smiling and leaning in.

    It was still early and we were still expecting the other guy to be showing up anytime, so to avoid an awkward situation, I asked my wife if she wanted to go for a walk around. I told him we’d see him around and he gave me his contact information. We took a stroll and I tried getting in touch with the other guy. He was over an hour late and I was getting pissed. I may be a cuckold, but I’m not one to let a man disrespect my wife. I asked her if she wanted to wait any longer or if she’d rather I just get in touch with Rick. She decided to wait.

    Another hour and a couple drinks had passed and still the guy hasn’t shown so I text Rick and ask if he’d like to come to the room. He said he’d love to. When he arrived, he was so polite and smooth and my wife seemed so comfortable that I told her that I was going to just take a stroll and give them some privacy. Even though we were there for a threesome, I sensed this guy may want to take my wife alone. The cuckold in me wanted to let him.

    I was right. He beamed and said thank you. I told him to just text me when they were ready and I’d be having a drink. I stepped out and took a walk.

    Forty-five minutes go by. I am sitting in the indoor pool and party area which our room opened up to. I see him step out of our room with my wife. Both of them looking very much like they had just had a great time. Her hair was down and she no longer had on thigh highs. His button up shirt was untucked. Everyone could see this man had just had his way with my wife. I was so turned on!

    He approached me and thanked me again. Then turned and kissed my wife deeply. He said he would like to take her to dinner sometime and get a room if that was okay with me. I said it was her call, but I had no issues with that. He took his leave and my wife kissed me. I asked if she enjoyed herself and she said, “Yes. Very much. I think that was the thickest cock I’ve ever had. Would you like to feel how much he stretched me out? Plus, he left my pussy a little sore and I could use a soothing from your tongue.” And she led me to the room.

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    I've always enjoyed it when my wife got fucked by some guy that wasn't planned at the time. Hot adventure for you and your wife. GTR

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