Meeting a new male friend with benefits

Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by HerSubmissiveHubby, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. HerSubmissiveHubby

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    We have both been super busy lately with little time to be online or to meet new people more less time to play.

    One evening a week ago we met a guy out while at the gym. He approached while my wife was finishing up on a machine and he and I ended up talking as he waited on her to get done so he could do a few sets. I learned he had never hooked up with a married woman before and despite being young is divorced with two kids. He says he has not been with anyone other than his wife who he married while still in high school and had always thought they would eventually end up back together. He seemed very lonely and to be a nice guy.

    Long story short after our workout I ran into him again in the locker room while we each waited for a free shower. Once we were done we exited the locker room and my wife was waiting out side looking at her phone. I invited him out with us for a drink and he accepted. He and I really hit it off and my wife seemed to like him so I invited him to come home with us and he followed us.
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  2. tractorman

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    go on sounds exciting
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  3. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the abrupt ending last night.

    Our new friend turned out to be a real gentleman. We all went out for a sandwich and drink and then headed to our house. My wife was really impressed with him and I knew she definitely wanted him. At the restaurant she asked me if I had seen him nude in the locker room and I told her yes. He was in he rest room and she kept asking "how he looked" and I just kept telling her guys don't pay any attention to that. In reality I had checked him out in the locker room and although he was not "hung" he had what looked like a nice cock. Soft (as he was in our company) he was probably fairly small but I was sure like most guys he had some size when erect. He did have a belly and had a very hairy chest and stomach along with his legs but he had his pubic area and balls clean shaven which I knew my wife likes.

    My wife was grinning and smiling when he returned and he asked if he had interrupted anything. My wife told him no but he could tell we had been talking about him I am sure. I went to pay the check but he stepped in and paid our check in full and we all left with him following us to our house.

    Inside my wife went inside as he and I talked in the living room and my wife came back out after using the bathroom. There was some very awkward silence and time and then he leaned in and kissed my wife. The kiss lasted for a few moments and then broke as they both laughed nervously and seemed to not be sure what to do. I moved in and pulled my wife's shirt off over her head leaving her in her bra and jeans. I quickly let the shirt fall to the floor and then unfastened her bra behind her back and let it fall forward off her shoulders to reveal her perk erect nipples and tits to our new friend as he starred intently.

    There was still an awkward moment so I moved back and said casually "so, baby, you asked how he looked so I figured you could judge for yourself." I nervously reached out and grasped his pants and began to unfasten the button and to unzip him. I really expected he would take the task or my wife would have stepped in but he reached forward and gently cupped my wife's breasts so I continued pulling his pants and undershorts off his hips and guiding them down his legs where he stepped out of them. At this point his cock was hard and I could not help but to grasp his shaft and jerk him lightly as he and my wife kissed each other deeply. I backed away and stood and watched.

    Finally, he and my wife moved apart and he asked me if I was ok. I replied yes and he stepped over to me and undid my button and then pulled my jeans and boxers down off my legs. I was not sure what to think at that point but he got my pants off my ankles and then took me totally by surprise as I felt his mouth encompass my cock and balls. At the same time my wife began to kiss me deeply and pull my shirt off. I was unable to resist either of them.
  4. tractorman

    tractorman Well-Known Member

    Fantastic god ive been there myself never had a bull suck me though as im caged please continue your so, so lucky
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  5. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    ONLY once have I had a cuck strip me while I kissed his wife and later when I had her on all fours he got underneath us and licked my dick while I drilled her pussy.

    On a side note I have had cucks suck and blow me while the wife went to the bathroom to shower.

    For you to instinctively unzip and take his dick in your mouth shows what a good husband you are to your wife and bull.
  6. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    This was really a first for me, I have unzipped her bulls in the past and I have also taken their cocks out or pulled their underwear off to help keep thing moving along. This time was different, a first for all of us I think. After I got his pants off and his dick out he returned the favor and did the same for me but didn't stop at just getting my dick out, he got on his knees and began sucking me.

    What followed was amazing, he was a very talented cock sucker but my wife soon got down and joined him and they both sucked my cock and my balls. He also stuck a finger into my ass while they did this. They stopped short of allowing me to cum.

    My wife was still in her jeans and she got onto the couch and he and I worked together and pulled her pants and panties off of her. He then got between her legs as I held them apart for him and he began to lick and eat her pussy. He continued for a long time and then got up between her legs. My wife moved and got up on her knees doggy style and he pressed inside her from behind. I knew what she wanted and got in front of her and crawled underneath her and licked her clit as he fucked her.

    He alternated between fucking her deep with his balls hitting my face and pulling out and sticking his dick into my mouth letting me suck him before pulling out and pushing back inside her. As my wife began to orgasm hard with my licking he also began to cum.
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  7. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    I don't have any pictures of him as he is VERY phobic about having pictures taken but this is my wife the day we met at the gym at least.

  8. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    We have seen our new friend everyday since we met almost two weeks ago. He has stopped by the house on his way from work each evening. Ricky has been working in Connecticut a lot and has a apartment there since he is only getting home about two days once every three weeks so we have been here alone and it has worked out.

    Last week my wife was out of town just for one night for work and I was home alone Our friend stopped over and I told him I was alone and he still came in and I offered him a beer and he sat on the couch where I was watching a movie on Netflix to pass the time. It was almost ten and the movie ended but he remained and I went in and got us both a beer. I was sitting in a recliner as he sat on the couch and we talked about my wife and the fun we had shared since meeting.

    In the middle of the conversation he unfastened his jeans and got them lowered enough to get his dick out and he was rock hard. He sat stroking himself lightly as we talked. I was not sure how to take this and just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Up to this point he and I had both sucked each others dicks but it was a part of sex with my wife in the center of the attention. After a time he suggested we should face-time her with his phone. I told him she had an android and he said he had another app and asked if I cared if he called her to find out if she wanted to talk online. I have him her number and he called using his app.

    My wife was already in bed in her room since she had to be in the office early and then was flying home in the afternoon. He tried to get her to have cam sex and to masturbate for us but she was not going along. He had her laughing and told her that he thought her husband had a very hot ass and asked her if anyone of our hookups had ever fucked me. I was sitting right there but he was talking to her like I was not in the room. My wife replied that yes, I had been fucked by several of our friends and enjoyed being fucked. I was not sure what to think as I sat listening to the conversation. My wife then suggested that our friend should use me as a proxy in her absence.

    I was still dressed but hard with watching him stroke himself. Our friend still on the phone looked over at me and said it would be a good time for me to take off my shirt and to get undressed while getting us another beer. My wife teasing replied she agreed. I got up and pulled my shirt off over my head and then our friend told me to loose my jeans as well. I paused and then with my wife's prompting pulled them off my legs and was now in my boxers. He turned the phone camera to me and both he and my wife commented on my having a "boner". I then was told to take the boxers off and grab the beers which I did.

    When I came back to the living room our friend told me to take his clothes off and my wife chided in support. Once I had him naked he told me to suck his dick and I lay on the couch with my head in his lap and as he grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head I took his dick into my mouth. I sucked him as he and my wife continued to cam and comment on my work. Finally our friend told my wife he really wanted to try my ass and she told him he should go for it. She told him we had lube and anal ease in the nightstand beside the bed if I was having a hard time taking his dick inside me. He went in and got the tubes and came back out and told me to bend over the back of the couch while standing behind it. He then placed his phone on our coffee table so she could see my face as he fucked me from behind. He put a dab of the cherry anal ease on my hole and used his finger to loosen me up as my wife commented about my facial expressions. Once he began to work his dick in he felt huge and he did not put on a condom.

    Our friend was grunting and moaning about how tight my ass was and how good it felt. The anal ease had him a little desensitized and he lasted for over 20 minutes before he began to cum as he held himself against me hard. Up to this point Ricky was the only man to ever cum inside me. As he slowly pulled his cock out from inside me the air he had pushed up into me as he fucked me hard also pushed out making some very rude noises. Our friend and my wife both thought it was funny and my total embarrassment made it even more comical for them.

    Once he was done they got off the call and he said he had too much beer to drive so he followed me into our bedroom and we both got into bed after turning out the lights and other things. I was woke back up around 5:30 before my alarm as our friend was once again hard and pressing inside of me. Spooning me he once again fucked me but this time using his leaking cum from my ass as lubricant and he came after only a few minutes inside me. This time he had reached around and was jerking me off as he fucked me and once he came and pulled out he turned me onto my stomach and sucked me until I filled his mouth with my load. This was another first for us. He finally left around 6:30 and I jumped into the shower to get ready for work.

    My wife got home around 5 that evening and asked me how I liked it. I told her it was different and unexpected but that I had enjoyed it. That night our friend came back over while she was home and that is another story.
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  9. All4HerPleasure

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    Just read through my husbands posts and wanted to add that watching this from my phone was very arousing for me. I didn't let the guys see me but as soon as they were done and the video chat ended I got my pajamas off and got myself off really hard.
  10. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    You should have taken some pics of that sexy body being fingered or more.

    Always appreciate the honest posts you and hubby post . . .you have to be the hottest couple on the site.
  11. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    I had to leave town this week for work and would love to have that video or those pics with me while I am gone lol.
  12. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    I have one more flight and will be home around 4:10 this afternoon after being on the road all week for work. My wife left earlier this week and gets in tomorrow around 10 in the evening.

    Our friend has been texting and calling and says he wants to pick me up at the airport this afternoon and to head out for a beer. I took Uber to the airport so my car is at home. We have not seen him since last week when my wife got home and he says he really wants to try to put something together for this weekend. My wife said that sounds like fun so we will see what happens today when we meet.
  13. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    Had a good visit with our friend last night when I arrived back home. We went out and had dinner and a drink and then he dropped me off at home around 8 last night.

    He is coming over this afternoon and then he and I are planning to pick up my wife at the airport tonight. He has made reservations for the three of us at a clothing optional lifestyle place for the next two nights and we will be going with him. Should be a lot of fun
  14. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member


    Our trip away two weeks ago with our new friend went good despite a few challenges. We sat around the house for a long time waiting for my wife's flight to get in since she had a delay on the northeast coast due to weather but she finally got back, and we picked her up at the arrivals terminal.

    We missed the check in availability time at the place he had reserved so had to grab a motel about 30 miles away. It was an older mom and pop roadside motel that was very outdated but the closest thing we could get. The couple lived next to the office and we rang the bell and an older man got up and came to check us in wearing his bathrobe. He had two rooms open as it was in a lake area and filled with fishermen and their bass boats. Both rooms only had a solo double bed and he did not seem to want to rent it to the three of us together. While in the office a guy came in pulling a boat and wanted the other room, so we finally got checked in with lots of very strange looks.

    My wife was totally beat after 14 hours of airports and travel so nothing was happening. The three of us crowded into the small bed and despite some fondling my wife was out in less than five minutes. My wife was wearing her flannel pajamas and our friend was in his boxers while I lay down naked as usual. I could hear him breathing and some sighs obviously disappointed at my wife being so wore out.

    I felt his hand move over my waist and rest on my cock, I was almost asleep and was soft and limp. I felt him take my hand and move it over my wife as she slept, and he then rested my hand on his crotch. His cock was rock hard under his boxers. After a minute I slowly reached inside his waistband and grasped his cock hearing him groan in pleasure from the feeling of my warm hand. I was still soft and as I stroked his cock softly underneath his boxers I felt his hand move between my legs as I spread them for him. His finger began playing with my anus which got me hard quickly. For the next fifteen minutes or more we continued this as his finger was inside me about knuckle deep. My wife was still in the middle of us soundly sleeping.

    I got up out of bed and walked to his side of the bed. I reached down and putting my hands in both sides of his waistband pulled his boxers off with him raising his hips to assist me. I bent down and started to lick his hard cock and he stopped me saying he needed to fuck me. I got up and moved to the solo chair in the room. It was a stuffed cloth chair like you would find in an older living room, dated to the seventies like everything else in the room. I sat down and raised my legs up bent at the knee on the edge of the cushion. Our friend got up and moved standing in front of me as he grasped my ankles and pulled them up straight. He rested my legs on his shoulders and was playing with me and pinching my nipples. He then stopped and went back over to the bed and started to pull my wife's pajamas off of her. She told him to stop that she was too tired and tomorrow she would play but he convinced her that he just wanted her naked so she let him continue.

    With my wife now joining us in being naked he got me up and got me doggy style over the top of my naked wife. My knees were next to her hips with my ass up in the air. I felt a cold glob of lubricant on my hole and then he worked his finger inside me until I relaxed allowing him to get two fingers deep inside me. My wife was about half awake as he climbed up behind me straddling her legs and started to stick his dick inside me. I was really embarrassed to be over the top of my wife getting my ass fucked and was grunting trying to remain quiet to not fully wake my wife inches beneath me. He was telling me he wanted me to beg him to fuck me and tell him how much I wanted him inside me. I started quietly trying to tell him to fuck me. His dick was filling me full and he grabbed my hips on both sides as he began to fuck me deep and hard and I lost myself in telling him I wanted more.

    I felt my wife reach up and wrap her arms around my neck and she began kissing me deeply as I was getting fucked deep in my ass bent over her. I heard him tell me he was going to cum inside me and my wife kept kissing me as he exploded inside my ass holding me tight onto him.

    My wife crawled out of the bed from underneath me and used the bathroom as I gave out and lay on my stomach flat on the bed with him still inside me. My wife came back to bed and said now that we had that out of our system now maybe she could get some sleep. My wife got on the side of the bed and said for us to stay over there where we were. I fell to sleep still on my stomach with him still inside me and laying on top of me. I woke up around 9 that morning with our friend beside me and my wife on the other side of us.

    We all got up and showered and checked out and headed for the resort for night two.
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  15. All4HerPleasure

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    I was tired but really enjoyed that position and watching them on Friday. I am sure he will post about Saturday too. It was fun. Ricky is finally back home this week so going to all go out on Saturday. He and my husband are catching up talking all night now. I don't even think they realize I left the room and am laying in bed on my tablet.
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