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    Sorry about how long this is

    Some basic background Wife and I been together 14 Yrs, lived together 4, married 8. Second marriage for us both, 3 kids no kids together.

    3 yrs ago we had a couple MFM with a friend of mine she absolutely enjoyed them, first one was my idea second one with same friend was all her idea she invited him over then told me a couple hours later. My friend and I were texting that day he was sharing with me screenshots of my wife’s and his text just so I knew what conversation was taking place.

    The second MFM started a bit different, I had made a video of the first one but the wife wanted nothing to do with watching it with me, she said it was to embarrassing to watch with me, So I told her that she should watch it with my friend because neither of them have seen and are the stars of the video. So he arrives and I turn the video on in our bedroom TV and left the room for about 20 min so they could watch it. When I went back to our master bedroom and walked in he had my wife on her back pounding away at her pussy, I undressed and joined in, all three of us had a great night.

    Over the following few months my wife and I would occasionally talk about the threesomes, I would always express how hot it was watching her get fucked and how I enjoyed watching her and then joining in after he had cum in her. She would agree it was fun but follow it up with she would never do it without me there, and that she didn’t want it to become the focus of our sex life but on occasion we could do a repeat. I had also expressed several times that sense she has a much higher sex drive than I do she should look at getting serviced when she needed more than I was providing. She always said she would never do anything without me present but also on occasion tease me that she was bent over her desk at home getting a good fucking, and she would be nice and sloppy for me when I get home.

    A few more months passed and all of a sudden she turned into a Nun. There was no more flirty text between us, If I started being flirty while texting her she would go dark and just not reply to me or not engage that conversation at all. Then one evening we had a little blow up about her not getting enough sex from me and that needed to change, I replied back that she has shut me down. That we cant discuss sex anymore and that she doesn’t reply to my text if I get flirty. She unloaded on me and brought up our threesomes and that it was horrible she didn’t enjoy either of them, she wished she had never done it. It was my fault she did it, I am a horrible husband for wanting a threesome. Now I will take responsibility for the first threesome I encouraged it but it took months of discussing it and the three of us texting about it before it happened.
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    The second one was all her doing she set it up, texted my friend for 2 days getting the timing right when she knew the kids would be at our ex’s. It wasn’t until after she invited him that she told me he was going to stop over in 2 hours to view the video with her. So that one is all her.

    All this change of attitude and lack of adventure was a shock to me I didn’t see it coming, it came out of nowhere, I was puzzled but accepted it and tried to figure out what caused the whole shutdown, she was 180 from what our relationship was. Wont get into the boring details but after about a year of this all of a sudden she started accusing me of fucking around on her, it was a once a week attack on me, one of my employees walked in my office one afternoon and overheard my wife accusing me of having an affair and asking who she was and if I was in love with her.

    My employees wife is friends with my wife and was shocked at what I was being accused of. He even heard her say that he is probably covering for me. He of course couldn’t believe what he was hearing, I just told him I don’t know what to say to her to convince her I have never cheated on her or anyone.

    He brought up that it was probably her that was fucking around on me, so I started looking for signs of her getting some strange, I got her phone a couple times and seen text about her and I to her friends about the kids her lack of sex from me, as well as some other disturbing things but no text that she was fucking around but with an Iphone, Imessanger doesn’t keep a back up once you delete them. But I did start checking her panties for signs of her getting filled with someone’s cum

    I bought a bunch of semen detection kits and over the course of about 4 months they all were negative but then I got a few positive then a few more ( I didn’t test every day just kind of random when, I would notice her panties being abnormally crusty, the ones that appeared positive just so happened to be waiting in the laundry room at the bottom of basket.

    I started trying to keep a small log on what day I tested them weather it was a negative test or a positive , couldn’t figure out a pattern, I caught her is a couple lies but nothing big and I didn’t confront her and still have not.

    One afternoon she found in my truck a piece of paper I scribbled on that said “ black panties tested positive” she asked me what that was and I played it off as I was testing paint samples on a house I was getting ready to work on for lead based paint with a test strip. I don’t think she believed me but she let the topic drop.

    Over the few years with stress of owning our own business and her changing jobs, kids, me getting older my sex drive took a dive, along with her turning into a prude, the only sex we have was after she got under the covers with the lights off and no talking of sex she expected that my cock be hard and to fuck her but no talking about sex no moaning because our daughter may here us , let alone flirting or texting unless it was all kids or business. We had many discussions about our sex life or should I say the lack of it, it always starts the same I am not fucking her enough she expects sex more than 3 times a week and she isn’t even getting that. I express that its difficult to have sex or get aroused with her daughter with us all the time ( daughter now is 24 ) Even on weekends she goes out to dinner with us there is no couple time for us. During some of our heated discussions about sex I have told her she should get a Fuck Buddy if she wanted needed more sex, that always upped the heat in the discussion.
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    About 18 months ago after one of her chats about not getting enough sex I expressed that I myself seemed to have lost my sex drive, I ended up going to Dr and was told I have very Low testosterone, So I started taking shots once a week, after about 3 months my sex drive started returning, I was waking up with morning wood and wanted to have sex more but as things seem to go I would get home from work hopping to get some action flirt with wife try and get into her pants while she was cooking dinner but always ended up the same “ don’t do that someone may catch us” ( child is home and may come out of her bedroom and catch me with my hands in her pants or hugging her)

    Or I would get home and she would start some form of argument. I ended up stopping the shots of testosterone after 4 months, the arguments didn’t seem to stop about her not getting fucked enough. I tried to explain that we need time without child around, That I enjoy it when I watch masturbating in bed next to me. That always leads to sex. I have made more of an effort to be playful that when I do get my hands in her pants, and we end up having sex how I love playing with her pussy after I cum in her. That she needs to keep it wet like that for me, She knows I love sloppy seconds. Her reply is always the same its always wet I just need to have sex with her more

    That brings up to the last few months, She has been on me to get us a new Hot Tub because ours went out 2 years ago, She only used the hot tub maybe 8 times sense we bought the house in 2008 . She still get on me for us not having any sex ( we now have sex maybe once a month ) but she refuses to try and do anything like flirt with me send me a text being flirty anything that might create the though of sex.

    She has seemed to open up a bit more, we have gone on a few weekend trips the last couple months without the child with us and had some good sex, also during a conversation at a restaurant she pointed out this table with 2 guys and a girl eating she made comment that that girl was going to have a good night. I said you really seemed to love the attn of 2 cocks a few years ago. She blushed and said shhhh and then said yes she did enjoy that. ( that’s a first sense the 180 she did 5 years ago .

    Now to the last couple weeks, I still on rare occasions if I am doing my work clothes will check her panties, I can say that over the last 8 months if I do check her panties look like they have never been worn. Varey little if anything at all, the only way you would know they were worn is because they are in laundry basket. I was cleaning out one of my junk draws last week and found a few unused semen test kits.

    So out of pure curiosity I tested the 5 pair in the basket none of them looked soiled but could tell they had been worn. One pair tested positive the other tested negative. Surprise to me. So I figured I somehow fucked up the test but when I decided to smell them they smelled like cum, not her normal pussy smell it smelled like male cum.

    So I tested the ones today that she wore on Saturday and they tested positive again. I know she was with me all day Saturday but the panties that tested positive she wore Friday so my thoughts are the positive test was from whatever was left in her pussy made it onto her panties on Saturday . ( the test kit says will detect semen for up to 36 hrs after intercourse if no condom is used.

    She did act a bit odd on Friday, I got not one but 2 unexpected calls from her around lunch time. ( she usually never returns my calls or text until she leaves work)

    If she is getting fucked I really don’t have a problem because I know her sex drive is way higher than mine, I have expressed to her many times that I would not have an issue if she was a HOTWIFE or Cuckold and had a fuck buddy that she just needs to share it with me She knows how hot our sex was for weeks after our 2 threesomes. I expressed so many times she needed to come home with full pussy that I love sloppy seconds.

    We get along great in all aspects of our marriage, the only issue seems to be she wants way more sex than I do. She has made it very clear that 3 to 4 times a week isn’t enough.

    I am looking for thoughts and advice from the ladies or guys that have experience or similar stories

    1. On the test kits I used a brand called INSITE Semen Test kits. Anyone tried them
    2. How would I get her to open up to becoming a Hotwife or Cuckolding me if she is getting fucked
    3. I will not confront her at this time with the testing because I really have no issue except her doing it behind my back
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    I really can't offer much insight other than the problem you guys have is not primarily about sex, it is about trust, communication and love. Think about what else happened besides the MFMs. You two need to talk, but there's no way to force her. Counseling perhaps, I have no experience with it.
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    Not sure what to for your situation specifically. But from my experience, when you have that feeling that you are being cheated on, you probably are. I have been cheated on in the past, and kept picking up on little hints, but just brushed them under the rug. After finding out that she was fucking around with a co-worker I realized how dumb I was to ignore the obvious signs.

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