Max's Lingerie Parties, LTD. - Ch.2

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  1. Continued from Ch. 1 here:

    Chapter 2 - The Wives Bare it All

    Max arranged the to throw the first party at his house and created a guest list based on the customer records of his failed boutique. He sent the list over to make sure neither you nor your wife knew any of the guests, because having an acquaintance show up to the party would be mortifying for everyone. You do recognize the name of one very wealthy business owner on the list.

    “Wow, Max, how did you get Witherspoon to come? Isn’t he a billionaire?â€￾ you ask him when you see the list.

    “I don't know how I pulled that off. He must really like lingerie. The records show several thousands of dollars in sales to his account. When I sent invitations out to our top customers, I got a response from Witherspoon’s assistant asking for pictures of the models. So I just sent that picture of Jenny and Erin in their bikinis that we took at the beach last year. And the assistant confirmed that Witherspoon would be attending and that we should have good scotch on hand. It’s a really lucky break,â€￾ he says happily. “He might even take an interest in this endeavor and provide some backing.â€￾

    “Ha, don't get your hopes up. Just be happy if he buys a dozen corsets or something,â€￾ your wife laughs.

    On the day of the party, you and your wife arrive at Max and Jenny's place an hour early.

    “I can't believe I am going through with this,â€￾ says Erin with a forced laugh as Max and Jenny usher you in. “I've had butterflies in my stomach all day thinking about it.â€￾

    “I know, dear,â€￾ agrees Jenny sympathetically. “I've got terrible stage fright, myself. Feel how sweaty my palms are right now.â€￾ She holds out her hand and Erin takes it eagerly.

    “Oh you poor thing, your hands are hot little clams,â€￾ says your wife.

    “Look, you two. I have an idea,â€￾ says Max. “We will do this casually. You won't be doing any formal presentation or anything. We will all have drinks, and you two can just mingle and chat with the guests. You can tell the fellas what brand and model of outfit you are wearing and just slip away discretely to change once you've made the rounds in each get-up.â€￾

    “Oh sure, it'll just be a casual cocktail party where I will be walking around in my knickers,â€￾ says Jenny ruefully.

    “Just have a drink and relax,â€￾ says Max handing her a martini with pursed lips.

    You and Erin help yourself to drinks as well, and pretty soon you are all starting to loosen up.

    “You know, I have been tense with anticipation all day myself,â€￾ you laugh self-consciously as you pour your second drink.

    “You aren't the one who has got to let it all hang out tonight,â€￾ snorts your wife. But you can tell the alcohol is starting to affect her and there is no bitterness in her voice. You and she exchange a tender glance and you squeeze her hand affectionately.

    “Well I guess you two should go and get changed...â€￾ says Max looking at his watch. “You want to be properly attired when the guests start arriving.â€￾

    “Uh, ok,â€￾ says Erin hesitantly. She and Jenny exchange a long look and then Jenny sighs with resignation. “Come along my dear, let's go don the slutwear. I have everything laid out in the guest bedroom. And it's pretty hot stuff!â€￾ Jenny takes Erin by the hand and they troop off to get changed.

    You and Max are chatting for a while when you notice that it's taking them a long time to get changed. “They must have cold feet,â€￾ you remark looking at you own watch. It's almost time for the guest to start arriving.

    Finally Jenny and Erin return to the living room and you and Max stare in admiration at how good they look. Erin is wearing a red satin lace-up corset with a red g-string. Your wife has on a transparent nightgown over a lace bra and panties. Both women are wearing thigh-high black stockings and heels. You feel your penis swelling at the sight of them.

    “Hubba hubba,â€￾ says Max weakly.

    “Wow,â€￾ you say simply. “We should party like this more often.â€￾

    Jenny does a twirl to show the back and you enjoy the sight of her tight little ass cheeks, fully exposed by her g-string. The corset also helps accentuate her slim figure and add more of an hourglass shape.

    “Ted, don't look at Jenny that way,â€￾ teases your wife, cocking her hip suggestively. “You are making me jealous.â€￾

    “Why not?â€￾ you ask, feeling the liquor now. “Max is looking you over pretty well.â€￾

    Max shoots you a guilty smile. “Well she does look good. I must say, I didn't realize that Erin had such a shapely figure.â€￾

    “Easy, there trigger,â€￾ chuckles Erin merrily. He cheeks are flushed with excitement.

    “Erin, would you mind doing a little spin?â€￾ asks Max hesitantly.

    Your wife complies and you notice Max checking out her shapely legs. Her panties are fairly skimpy and her ass cheeks are hanging out the bottom. The nightgown only goes barely past her crotch which adds to the effect. It obscures and then reveals her bottom as she shifts position.

    “Look at this rear,â€￾ says Jenny impulsively slapping your wife's ass. “That's a perfect ass if ever I saw one.â€￾

    She and your wife cackle with laughter as your wife blushes furiously. Max just gulps and gives you a strange look.

    The doorbell rings and Erin says. “Come on, dear, let's go greet our guests!â€￾

    “Wow, Jenny, your inhibitions are down now. I better drink faster. I need to catch up. I still feel a little self-conscious,â€￾ says your wife with a smile as she links arms with Jenny and they head off to greet the first guests.

    “I hope you know what you are doing,â€￾ you say to Max as you and he gaze at both wives' asses as they head off.

    “You know I don't. I'm just winging it as usual,â€￾ he laughs half-heartedly.

    As the guests arrive and the drinks get poured, you notice your wife loosening up. The conversations are starting to flow more smoothly as well.

    The sight of your wife showing these strange men her body is incredibly arousing. They don't bother trying to hid the fact that they are looking at her body and even remark on it.

    “Wow, this nightgown is very flattering,â€￾ says one guy running his eyes up and down Erin's body as you join the small group of men that has gathered around your wife.

    “Just let me know if you are interested, and I can take your order down on my phone,â€￾ says Max casually.

    “Yeah, I think my wife would look good in this,â€￾ says the guys keeping his eyes on your wife. “Would you mind turning around, dear,â€￾ he asks her gently.

    “Not at all,â€￾ she says, turning around and bending over slightly to present her ass to him flirtatiously. “How's this?â€￾ she asks glancing back at him over her shoulder and batting her eyelashes.

    “Hmm, yes, quite,â€￾ says a gentleman in the group, boldly looking her up and down. He looks familiar and you realize that he’s the real estate mogul, Witherspoon. “But can we see the nightgown without the bra and panties?â€￾ he asks casually. He is perfectly polite, but it sounds more like an order than a request. He uses the tone of a man used to getting what he wants.

    This request takes your wife by surprise and her coquettish air falters slightly. Your wife glances at you involuntarily and then catches herself. The men look on with interest as Erin nervously rubs the tops of her sweet, milky white thighs as she considers her options. After a moment, she gulps and forces a smile. “Um... Ok... I mean, sure, why not? I will be right back, gentlemen.â€￾ She shoots you a quick glance of concern and then departs to go remove her under garments.

    Your stomach flips uncomfortably at this turn of events and you take another drink to steady yourself. You understood that that your wife would be revealing her assets, and you knew that would be hard to watch. But you didn’t realize that she would be forced to comply with requests like this in order to demonstrate the merchandise.

    “That's a fine looking model you found there, Max. What agency did you use?â€￾ Witherspoon asks as he enjoys his single-malt scotch.

    “Trade secret, my good man, trade secret. That's for me and my partners to know,â€￾ Max responds smoothly.

    “Heh-heh. That's a good one,â€￾ laughs Witherspoon with a twinkle in his eye. “Are you looking for more partners, then?â€￾

    “We are always open to talking to people who might be interested in taking a capital stake in this venture,â€￾ responds Max judiciously.

    Witherspoon just snorts condescendingly in response, “Oh, I'm sure you are.â€￾

    Conversation ceases as your wife haltingly returns to the group. She is wearing the same transparent nightgown, but has removed her bra and panties, and her confidence seems to have gone along with them. She vacillates between crossing her arms over her chest to hide her nipples and crossing her hands to cover her crotch.

    “Why don't be nervous, darling,â€￾ says Witherspoon with a familiar tone that annoys you. “You look simply marvelous.â€￾

    “Why, thank you,â€￾ says your wife meekly, putting her arms to her sides. “Do... do you like this piece?â€￾ she asks bashfully.

    “I do,â€￾ he says rubbing his hands together as he runs his eyes up and down your wife's body.

    Her nipples are discernible through the thin translucent material of the nightgown and they are clearly erect. You can also make out the dark patch of her pubic hair, which is just barely covered by the nightgown. Your cock grow painfully stiff as you notice the men around you gazing hungrily at your wife's body. You are surprised to see Max's mouth hanging open as he checks her out as well.

    “I like how the hem just barely covers her crotch,â€￾ says one fellow, licking his lips unconsciously. “That's very provocative.â€￾

    “Yes, would you mind lifting your arms above your head, dear?â€￾ commands Witherspoon gazing at your woman's bush expectantly.

    “Um...but that...â€￾ she stammers, as Witherspoon just waits patiently with raised eyebrows. She can’t match his stare and finally concedes. “Well, ok,â€￾ she mumbles, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She touches her lovely, bare thighs again unconsciously, realizing that all the men are gazing at her pelvis in anticipation. She shoots you just the briefest glances of discomfort and then raises her arms reluctantly so that the hem of her gown rises to fully expose her dark full bush.

    “Peek-a-boo,â€￾ laughs one of the guys in the group, and you have to restrain the urge to strike him.

    Your wife chuckles and lowers her arms quickly, her cheeks flushed a charming pink.

    “That's a nice effect, do it again,â€￾ says the first fellow, adjusting his hard-on unselfconsciously. You aren’t sure how much more of this you can take. You consider walking away for a moment, but you can’t bring yourself to do it.

    “Ugh... well, you boys, like that huh?â€￾ asks your wife with resignation, looking at you helplessly. “You see, your wife or girlfriend can reveal as much or as little as she wants just by shrugging her shoulders.â€￾ She demonstrates by raising her shoulders slowly which raises the hem of her nightgown inch by inch to reveal her bush. She repeats this a couple of times to various “oohsâ€￾ and “ahhsâ€￾ from the group. Her eyes are bright with excitement now and you can tell that she is moving beyond embarrassment into arousal. “Peek-a-boo,â€￾ she says jokingly as she shows and then covers her crotch. The sexual desire of the men around you watching this is palpable, and your heart is racing.

    Sudden Jenny strides into the group wearing nothing but an open-cup shelf bra, completely transparent panties, and her stockings. All the men gather around in one group now and all eyes are on Jenny's slim, sexy body. Her bra pushes up her modest bosom, making it seem bigger and more pert. Her erect nipples are fully exposed and you gaze at them in fascination. They really are nice, pink and still well formed after all these years.

    “I got jealous that you were getting all the attention, so I upped my game, dear,â€￾ says Jenny to Erin with a devious smile.

    “Wow, you sure did,â€￾ says your wife gazing at Jenny's chest in amazement. “Your boobs are exploding!â€￾ She reaches out and cups them in her hands briefly and both women break out giggling like school girls. Jenny’s nipples stiffen further in response to being handled by your wife.

    This little show really gets the men going and you notice several guys rearranging their jocks.

    Max gapes at his wife's exposed chest and tries to regain his composure. “So, yeah,â€￾ he croaks. “You see that this open cup, shelf-bra, helps to, uh, maximize the... impact of slightly less busty ladies.â€￾ He smiles sickly at the group of men as they consume his wife with their eyes.

    “Quite,â€￾ says Witherspoon, his eyes lit up with interest as he looks Max's wife's body over. “The panties are self-explanatory and leave nothing to the imagination,â€￾ he says.

    “They are nylon,â€￾ says Jenny, snapping the waistband playfully. This draws everyone's attention down to her crotch and you see that she trimmed her bush a lot more closely than your wife had.

    “What about those stockings? There is some sort of elastic to hold them up?â€￾ asks Witherspoon, turning his attention to Jenny's long shapely legs.

    “Yep,â€￾ she says matter of factly. “No suspenders required.â€￾ She snaps the band at the top of her stockings for good measure and your own stomach churns with arousal at how casually she is showing off her body. You always realized that she was a good looking woman, but now you feel yourself really lusting after her. You look at your wife guiltily and, sure enough, she notices you eyeballing her girlfriend. She reads the naked desire on your face and arches her brow laconically as though to say “We will have a chat about this late, mister.â€￾

    “Pardon me, dear, Jenny is it?â€￾ asks Witherspoon confidently. “May I feel that elastic band at the tops of those stockings?â€￾

    You watch Max turn white as a ghost as his wife shrugs nonchalantly and readily approaches Witherspoon. She extends her leg lasciviously, offering her thigh to him for examination.

    Witherspoon boldly grasps her thigh, holding her leg up with one hand while he delicately slips a finger of his other hand under the elastic band at the top of her stockings. Jenny gasps softly in spite of herself and you notice that his wrist is brushing up against her crotch as he does this.

    The men gathered around are provoked by the sight of this and start muttering excited comments to one another.

    “Yes, this is good. Nice and tight,â€￾ says Witherspoon looking into Jenny's eyes.

    She gulps in response and gamely responds. “Well it keeps them up, that's for sure.â€￾

    Everyone laughs raucously at this sexual innuendo.

    Witherspoon releases Max's wife's leg reluctantly and she falls back into Erin's arms dramatically.

    “Well boys, if you excuse us, I need to go cool down a little,â€￾ says Jenny, her voice thick with lust. You notice her making eye contact with Witherspoon and they exchange a smoldering glance for a moment before she and Erin depart. All eyes are glued to their asses as they go, but you catch Witherspoon discretely wiping the back of his hand with a handkerchief out of the corner of your eye. You blanche when you realize that he must be wiping Jenny's juices off his hand. Her crotch must have been sopping wet. This makes you harder yet and you are forced to adjust yourself, but you hope Max didn't notice.

    “Wow, yes, that was getting pretty hot,â€￾ gulps Max. “Let’s cool off ourselves, shall we, gentlemen?â€￾ he says, leading the group back over to the bar to have another round.

    “If anyone would care to place an order, just let me know,â€￾ he say.

    The men are all in high spirits now and and you and Max hear many crude remarks about what the various guests would like to do to your wives. Max can see that this is making you angry, so he discretely motions to you to go check on the women.

    You stride away, struggling to control your emotions and go tap on the guest bedroom door which your wife and Jenny are using as a dressing room.

    “Go away!â€￾ laughs your wife through the door. “We aren’t decent.â€￾

    “It’s me,â€￾ you hiss.

    Erin unlocks the door and you slip into the room. Jenny is sprawled out on the bed wearing a modest bra and panties and fanning herself with an old-fashioned hand fan. You notice that your wife has changed into a corset with lace panties and stockings with suspenders.

    “What the hell was that all about?â€￾ you demand angrily, turning to confront Erin. “Playing peekaboo with your cooch? Really?â€￾

    She stares you down boldly and her voice is thick with drink. “I didn’t know what to do!â€￾ she says with exasperation. “I didn’t think they would ask me to... do things like that,â€￾ she says. Her eyes are bright with exhilaration and her color is up.

    “Oh you loved it,â€￾ says Jenny languidly from the bed as she fans herself.

    “And you!â€￾ you say pointing at Jenny in accusation but unable to suppress a smile. “You practically gave your husband a heart attack. I thought we agreed that there will be no touching!â€￾

    “That is Reginald Witherspoon out there,â€￾ says Jenny simply. “Max scored a huge coup just getting him to attend this little soiree. I felt like I had no choice but to play along.â€￾
    You shake your head in disbelief but find yourself checking out her pale gorgeous body as she lays stretched out before you. She is showing a lot of skin and it’s hard not to notice.

    “Alright, Ted, take a break from inspecting Jenny’s figure and go rejoin the group,â€￾ says your wife teasingly. “We are almost ready to come back out for another round.â€￾

    “But what are you going to do about these indecent requests from the guests?â€￾ you say. You are annoyed that it comes out sounding petulant and you try to square your shoulders to appear more confident.

    “We have decided to stick together and help each other out more,â€￾ says your wife with a sigh. “This is going to be tougher than we thought, but we will just have to work together to get through this.â€￾ She gives you a devilish grin and you can tell that she is actually enjoying herself immensely. “Now out!â€￾ she commands jovially.

    You return to the living room rubbing your head in confusion. On the one hand you are enjoying the perverse insanity of this situation, but on the other hand you find it deeply disturbing that your wife is enjoying it too. You sigh realizing that this isn’t fair so you steel your nerves and go grab another drink.

    Max is busy taking orders from a cluster of guests standing around him but he shoots you a questioning glance. You give him a thumbs up and he nods briefly before returning his attention to his customers.

    “So what was your favorite part so far?â€￾ you hear one fellow asking another as the guests mill around waiting for the women to return.

    “Oh man, I don’t know. I liked the game of peekaboo, that was amazing. And watching that guy feel up the skinny one’s legs was pretty good. But the best part was probably when the busty one grabbed the boobs of the skinny one. That was outstanding,â€￾ responds the other, face flushed with drink and sexual stimulation.

    You just grit your teeth and walk away. It annoys you to hear these guys discussing your wife so flippantly. But then you try to put yourself in their shoes. These fellows don’t know that these are your wives they are looking at. You take another drink and wander off by yourself to wait for the women.

    Presently Erin and Jenny re-emerge arm in arm from the dressing room and join the group. Some men actually break out in applause as they return and they bow modestly.

    “Shouldn’t you be describing the garments that the ladies are wearing?â€￾ prompts Witherspoon, turning to Max with an arrogantly arched eyebrow.

    “Uh, well, we were hoping to keep this more informal, but sure, I can give you a rundown of these items,â€￾ says Max nervously.

    “So, Erin is wearing a black corset with matching lace panties and black nylon stockings with suspenders,â€￾ says Max looking her over approvingly. “As you can see this corset accentuates her hourglass figure. It can also help slim a woman who has a bit of a belly, not that Erin needs that,â€￾ he says with an oily smile.

    There are various murmurs of appreciation as Erin runs her hands up and down her sides, outlining her hourglass with an ironic smirk. She’s acting quite jaunty, practically mocking Max with her expressions as he describes the outfit.

    “Now Jenny is just wearing a simple matching bra and panty set in light blue lace,â€￾ says Max, visibly relieved that his wife opted for a more conservative piece to show. “So this is the sort of thing your wife might like to wear on a day to day basis, just to feel more pretty. Some women
    feel more confident when they wear attractive underwear to work for example. It’s their little secret.â€￾

    “Also, you never know when you might get an unexpected chance to show it off,â€￾ says Jenny, winking deliberately at Witherspoon.

    Everyone has a nice laugh at that except Max who can barely keep up a smile. You can tell that Witherspoon’s chest is puffing up with the attention from Max’s wife. He has a smug little smile on his face as he looks the women over.

    “I say, isn’t that corset terribly difficult to unfasten?â€￾ asks Witherspoon with a furrowed brow, pursing his lips in mock concern.

    You look over at Max and he rolls his eyes as though to say, “Here we go again.â€￾

    Jenny smiles unctuously at Witherspoon and says. “You bring up a valid concern, sir. Of course the whole point of woman putting an outfit like this on is to encourage her man to take it off of her. And if that were a cumbersome process, well, it would just spoil the mood wouldn’t it?â€￾ she says wrinkling her nose cutely.

    The group responds with a chuckle and Erin looks at Jenny with a bemused smile, surprised at how smoothly she responded.

    “But that’s already been accounted for and this corset unsnaps quite easily,â€￾ says Jenny with a lewd grin. Then she turns to your wife and says politely. “May I demonstrate, dear?â€￾

    Erin’s eyes widen in response and she looks nervously at the men gazing at her bosom in anticipation. She gives Jenny a look admonishing her to be careful and says aloud “By all mean, darling. By all means.â€￾

    Jenny reaches over and starts tugging the snaps apart, starting at the top and working her way down slowly. “You see gentlemen?â€￾ she asks as she undoes your wife’s corset in front of these men. “Each snap yields to just a little tug.â€￾ You wife is just looking down, watching Jenny’s progress with obvious trepidation.

    She gets about half way down and your wife’s generous breasts are starting to spill out of the top when Jenny stops and hold the front of the corset closed. You hear a collective sigh of disappointment from the men around you who were all watching in fascination.

    “You thought I was going to undo the entire thing, didn’t you?â€￾ says Jenny with a teasing laugh. “Naughty boys... Well maybe you deserve just a peek,â€￾ she says and pulls Erin’s corset open suddenly. Erin shrieks with laughter as her breasts pop right out with a satisfying bounce and the men murmur with approval. She slaps Erin’s ass playfully and then grabs the front of her corset and tucks her boobs back inside as Jenny quickly assists her in snapping it up again.

    “Good stuff,â€￾ mutters Witherspoon looking over at Max approvingly, “Good stuff.â€￾

    Max gives him a perfunctory grin and then looks over at you with concern, but you just wave him off and take a slug of your drink. That wasn’t so bad. You tell yourself. I was just a little tease. But you feel your pulse is pounding in your ears and your member is engorged from the sight of your wife being stripped in front of a group of ogling men.

    “How about the panties?â€￾ asks one fellow who seems more sober than the rest. “Don’t those suspenders prevent easy removal?â€￾ he asks with a perfectly straight face.

    You feel the blood draining from your face as he asks this and even playful Jenny seems caught off.

    Max chimes in smoothly. “Well sometimes women wear the panties over the suspenders to make themselves more... available. But often models put them on underneath because that looks better.â€￾

    Your wife gives Max a look of gratitude and he just nods slightly in acknowledgement.

    “But surely it isn’t so hard to just unsnap the suspenders, is it?â€￾ muses Witherspoon aloud.

    “Well, no, not so hard,â€￾ says Erin with a look of discomfort on her face.

    “Would you mind demonstrating that for us?â€￾ asks Witherspoon, tilting his head back appraisingly.

    The other men voice encouragement as well and your wife is blushing furiously. She looks at Jenny for help.

    “Let me help you, dear,â€￾ says Jenny, spinning Erin around gracefully so that her rear is facing the group. “It’s true, my brave lovers, that these suspenders don’t unsnap as easily as the corset, but of course, one must sometimes work for love. And I am sure the effort will be worth it.â€￾ She deftly unsnaps Erins’s suspenders and tugs her panties halfway down revealing the top of her ass crack. Erin looks over her shoulder with concern as she does so, ready to grab her knickers if Jenny decides to get clever again.

    Jenny notices the men admiring Erin’s smooth, round butt. “Now I know that this party is strictly about the merchandise, but you must admit that Erin wears this stuff well,â€￾ she says with a smirk, tugging Erin’s panties down a little further in back as your wife giggles nervously and grabs hold of them from the front to prevent them being pulled all the way down.

    “Personally, I am quite jealous of these buttocks,â€￾ says Jenny turning to examine them judiciously. “So white, so smooth.â€￾ Jenny pulls Erin’s panties down bit further to fully expose her butt cheeks and the men murmur with satisfaction as Erin wriggles fitfully and loosens her grip on them slightly. Jenny runs her hand over Erin’s ass as though polishing it and then slaps it suddenly which makes Erin yelp and the men all laugh. Erin pulls her panties back up and turns to face the crowd again. Her face is burning with embarrassment as she snaps up the suspenders again.

    The men break out into spontaneous applause again and she and Jenny curtsy cutely and then run back to the dressing room together.

    Your own face is burning with shame and you are really glad that no one knows that this lingerie model who got her ass spanked in front of a crowd of men is actually your wife.

    The women do a few more costume changes and chat with the guests for a while. You are drawn to stand near your wife, but it maddens you to see the men brazenly examining her tits and ass in the various teddies and baby dolls that she models one after another. Her mood fluctuates between embarrassment, arousal, and playful teasing all night. By the time that Max announces that the party is over, you can tell that she is completely exhausted.

    The men file out, each one taking the time to politely shake hands with the women and you see more than one fellow hand over his business card. Finally only Witherspoon remains and the women excuse themselves to go change.

    Witherspoon casually clips and lights up a cigar without asking. Then he tosses the match and cigar tip onto the coffee table.

    “Matt, I must say that I did enjoy this party. Though I would say that your biggest accomplishment was finding the modeling talent. I have been to a few parties like this before, but these models are really outstanding. They are both good looking, mature, and refined. Not to mention the excellent rapport they have with each other and the way their body types compliment one another. I like seeing the slim petite one and the voluptuous busty one together. They satisfy all tastes,â€￾ says Witherspoon puffing out a noxious cloud of smoke.

    “Uh, I am glad you enjoyed yourself,â€￾ says Matt eying the cigar with distaste. “Of course having the contrasting body types also allow the customers better imagine how the outfit might look on their own wives...â€￾

    “Sure, sure,â€￾ says Witherspoon impatiently cutting Matt off. “I get it. Like I said, the general idea of these lingerie parties is nothing new. But your talent is clearly the differentiating factor. If you have more women like this available, I think I might have my people take a look at your business plan and review the numbers.â€￾

    Matt's face lights up ecstatically, but he wisely keeps his mouth shut and waits for Witherspoon to continue.

    “In the meantime, I will have my assistant contact you and schedule another party at my place here in town. I want these same two models. I will be having some of my personal acquaintances over, so you can stay at home that night. We don't need any of the sales schtick.â€￾

    Matt gives you a look and turns quite pale. Your palms break out in sweat. You can understand his dilemma. Witherspoon is a major player with vast real estate holdings. Getting him involved as a capital partner would open a lot of doors for Matt. But at what price?

    “Well, that’s not...â€￾ he says hesitantly. “I mean what sort of party are we talking about?â€￾

    Witherspoon looks at him strangely. “Why, the same sort of thing. Send the women over with some outfits to model for myself and some friends of mine. I can’t imagine why that would be a problem.â€￾

    “Oh no, it’s no problem.â€￾ says Max struggling to recover his composure. “I will just have one of the girls take the orders then...â€￾

    “I don’t think you are following me,â€￾ says Witherspoon tilting his head in annoyance. “I don’t care about buying clothing. I want the experience of a party with these models showing lingerie. They have talent. Of course we will compensate you, just send us an invoice for their services and we can forget the lingerie sales.â€￾

    “Right,â€￾ says Max taking a deep breathe. “I will work out the other details with your assistant.â€￾

    “You do that,â€￾ says Witherspoon decisively. Then he raises his brow as a pleasant thought crosses his mind. “Good night.â€￾ Max sees him to the door and a waiting car whisks the mogul away.

    The women rejoin you wearing baggy sweat suits. Everyone is drained and subdued.

    “I did a boat load of sales tonight, and Witherspoon wants to have another party,â€￾ says Max unhappily.

    The women just nod sleepily.

    “Let’s discuss it in the morning,â€￾ you say. Do you mind if we stay in the guest room tonight?â€￾

    “Of course not, dear,â€￾ says Jenny with a yawn.

    And with that you all troop off to bed. You and your wife are too depleted to discuss the events of the night and just drop immediately off to sleep.
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