Max's Lingerie Parties, LTD. - Ch.1

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  1. Chapter 1 - A Friend in Need

    Your wife's old college pal Jenny and her husband Max are having dinner at your house one night. Max's most recent business has failed and he is pitching his latest harebrained scheme.

    “So the bankruptcy of my clothing boutique was finalized this week,â€￾ says Max casually taking a bite of steak.

    Your wife furrows her brow in sympathy. “Oh, I'm sorry Max. That must be very discouraging.â€￾

    “Don't humor him, Erin,â€￾ laughs his wife, Jenny. “He's got plenty more where that came from.â€￾

    Max smiles at his wife and pats her hand condescendingly. “You knew I was a serial entrepreneur when you married me,â€￾ he says. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.â€￾

    “Well what does the great Rockefeller have in store for the world next?â€￾ you ask teasingly. It's hard to take Max seriously. Every one of his businesses has failed within two years. Luckily his wife Jenny has a good career as the CFO of a medical supply company, so they live comfortably.

    “Two words: lingerie parties!â€￾ says Max with a smug smile. “See I tucked away a shipping container of various designer lingerie before the boutique went tits up as it were.â€￾ He pauses to let the women groan at the crude joke. “I don't have enough, uh, spare capital to sign a retail lease, so I thought,why not sell the stuff at private gatherings in people's homes?â€￾ He sits back as though expecting us to break out in applause.

    “You mean like Tupperware parties for lingerie?â€￾ asks your wife with a laugh.

    “That's what he means,â€￾ confirms Jenny with a smirk.

    “OK, but what is your competitive advantage?â€￾ you ask trying to suppress a smile. Max is always going on about his “competitive advantagesâ€￾.

    “I thought you would never ask,â€￾ he says amicably. “Most of these parties are for women, right? But men buy lingerie too. For their wives and girlfriends, you know. What if we had a lingerie party and invited men. I mean, we would have to hire models of course. But I think a lot of guys would attend just to get an eyeful, if you know what I mean.â€￾

    Jenny rolls her eyes and Erin laughs lightly as they start clearing the table.

    “Yeah, uh, great angle there, Max,â€￾ you say, shaking your head and heading out to the living room to start mixing up the drinks.

    “No, it's not some earth shaking idea, but I've got the stock and that seems like the best way to move it,â€￾ he admits. “But, ah, Jenny won't loan me any seed money.â€￾

    “I know, she cut you off a long time ago,â€￾ you laugh. “Don't look at me. Erin would kill me if I got involved in another of your schemes.â€￾

    “No, that's not what I mean...â€￾ he says,trailing off. Then he waits as your wives join you and take their drinks.

    “Oh no, you aren't really going through with this pitch are you?â€￾ asks Jenny giving him an exasperated look.

    “He doesn't want money does he?â€￾ asks your wife uncertainly.

    “Worse,â€￾ says Jenny with a humorless grin. “He wants you and I to be his lingerie models.â€￾

    You and your wife break out laughing at the thought, but Jenny looks grim and Max just grins sheepishly.

    “You can't be serious? Max? Tell me this is a joke,â€￾ you say with amazement.

    He's clearly nervous and sweat starts beading up on his forehead. “Look, just hear me out. I know I have a poor track record here. I don't expect anyone to hand me cash. And I am not too proud to admit I need a hand here. I just don't have money to hire good looking models right now. If the girls agree to model the first few parties, I am sure that I will make enough to hire proper models and then I can move the rest of this stock. If I do well enough, I can get another container and see where it goes from there.â€￾ He holds his hands out plaintively and looks at you and your wife.

    “Oh boy,â€￾ you say and take a gulp of your drink.

    “Have you agreed to this, Jenny?â€￾ asks Erin skeptically, looking at her old friend with raised eyebrows.

    Jenny wriggles uncomfortably under her gaze. “Come on Erin, you know how he is. These ideas of his are what he lives for. It was hard enough to deny him funding...â€￾

    Erin put her hand to her mouth in bemused shock. “You are seriously considering this?â€￾

    Jenny averts her gaze and says softly, “I said I would do it if you would.â€￾

    You and Erin exchange a look of surprise that quickly dissolves into resignation. These are two of your oldest and dearest friends. There is very little that you would refuse to do for these two.

    “Uh, what kind of lingerie are we talking about here?â€￾ you ask. “Is this R rated stuff or triple-X.â€￾

    Max pulls at his collar awkwardly. “I won't lie to you, it's pretty revealing stuff. A lot of lacey, basically transparent material. It doesn't leave much to the imagination.â€￾

    “But we would be wearing regular underwear underneath, right?â€￾ asks your wife.

    Max comes and sits on the couch where your wives are seated and takes Erin's hand gingerly. “Well I was hoping that you wouldn't actually. I mean, that's part of the appeal for the guys you know. To uh, get a show as it were.â€￾ He is blushing furiously as he looks earnestly into your wife's eyes.

    Erin laughs nervously. “Really Max, this is asking quite a bit, isn't it? I mean, to parade around half naked in front of a bunch of strange men? It's not really my bag. I’m a scientist for Christ’s sake.â€￾

    “Well you do have the body for it,â€￾ you say with a chuckle. You can feel the booze sinking in and you are surprised to discover that the idea of your wife modeling lingerie for other men is starting to get you aroused.

    “It’s true, you will fill the the merchandise out in all the right places... better than I will,â€￾ sighs Jenny ruefully eyeing your wife's chest. Jenny is slim, with small breasts and narrow hips while your wife has an hourglass figure with nice wide hips, big round boobs and a perfectly shaped ass.

    Erin blushes now, “Well garsh!â€￾ she jokes. “You are making me blush.â€￾

    “Max, aren't you basically trying to prostitute our wives so you can make a quick buck here?â€￾ you say, only half-jokingly. “I mean, can't you just take a consulting gig for a few months and save up money for professional lingerie models?â€￾

    Max throw up his hands in exasperation. “Come on Ted, it's hardly prostitution to just model some nightgowns. And besides, these are recent fashions, next season all new stuff comes out. So it has a relatively short shelf life.â€￾

    “He just never wants to put his nose to the grindstone and gather up cash like a responsible adult before embarking on these business ventures,â€￾ sighs Jenny, looking at Max affectionately.

    “I'm not a wage slave. I have vision,â€￾ says Max looking uncertainly at his wife. You kind of feel bad for him at that moment. He is really clinging to this entrepreneurial identity, but even he must see how ridiculous that looks after all these years of failure. You and your wife exchange a knowing glance and you can tell she is thinking the same thing.

    Erin pats Max on the knee. “Alright Maxwell. I will do it if my husband agrees. Heck, it might actually be fun in a kinky sort of way,â€￾ she winks at you flirtatiously. “Maybe Ted will pay a little more attention to me when he sees all these strange men ogling my body in a skimpy negligee.â€￾

    She and Jenny cackle with excited laughter at the idea and your cock does start to stiffen at the thought.

    Max smiles sickly at this comment and laughs along weakly. “Yeah, sure,â€￾ he says.

    “Well old man, I will agree to this based on certain conditions,â€￾ you say, adjusting yourself in your chair to hide your erection. “First of all, Erin gets to wear regular, modest underwear under the lingerie. Secondly, I want to be there to make sure no one gets touchy feely with my wife.â€￾

    “Now hold on, Ted,â€￾ complains Max quickly. “The angle here is that the guys will be expecting a show. The point of this is that these guys will be buying sexy stuff to take home to their wives and girlfriends to spice up their love life. Frankly they need to get turned on by the model so they can picture how exciting it will be when their own woman wears the stuff.â€￾ He is puffing with indignation. “And furthermore, if they know that the model's husband is sitting right there, it will put a damper on everything.â€￾

    Your wife chirps up. “Oh Max, I would need to have Ted there to really feel safe. I've never taken my clothes off in front of roomful of strange men before.â€￾

    “Well not since college, anyway,â€￾ says Jenny sarcastically and Erin slaps her shoulder playfully as everyone breaks out laughing.

    Max puts his hand out palm down and tilts his head to the side. “Look Erin, you won't be actually undressing in front of anyone,â€￾ he says patiently. “You and Jenny will change the in bedroom or something. Secondly, if Ted is going to be there, we need to pretend that you aren't married. He will act like just another guest. I will be doing the same with Jenny.â€￾

    You just shake your head in disbelief and take a drink. “I can't believe you Max. Aren't you bothered by the idea of your own wife slinking around in front of these guys, trying to get them aroused so they buy your product.â€￾

    Max looks lovingly at his wife for a moment. “Yes, of course. I love my wife. I am incredibly lucky to have such a good woman. She has stuck by me all these years through thick and thin. And now she agreeing to do this too...â€￾ he pauses for a second as he gets choked up. “And then I think about these other guys looking her over like a... sex object. And it makes my blood boil, sure. But you know, when we talked it over, Jenny actually thought it sounded sort of fun. She's been this upper-middle-class, button-down wife all these years. Maybe she misses all the attention she used to get from guys when she was single...â€￾ He gazes thoughtfully at Jenny and she blushes slightly.

    “Single and younger!â€￾ she blurts out in embarrassment.

    “Yep, you turned a lot of heads back at school,â€￾ says Erin patting her hand consolingly. “I'm sure it's been a long time since anyone looked at me as a sexual object. The idea of letting other men take a gander at my stuff is sort of titillating.â€￾

    “I know!â€￾ says Jenny excitedly. “Then I think, well, what if the guys aren't really getting into it? Will we have to really get naughty to heat things up?â€￾

    “Omigod! What are you thinking?â€￾ asks Erin in delight, grasping Jenny's hand. Jenny whispers in her ear and they both breaking out laughing. “I dare you to try that in front of your husband!â€￾ she shrieks.

    “I'm afraid to ask,â€￾ you say but your erection has grown stiffer and stiffer as the idea develops more. You are really starting to get into it. “What are you getting us into here, Max?â€￾ you ask, afraid to reveal how much you like the idea.

    “I don't know, my friend,â€￾ he admits, looking at the two conspiring wives skeptically. “This is really just a business deal that I need some help with. I'm not trying to reinvent our sex lives or anything,â€￾ he says, clearly uncomfortable.

    “But I think it will help re-ignite our love life, Ted,â€￾ says your wife, getting serious for a moment. “Don't you?â€￾

    “Well, yeah, maybe.â€￾ you say looking at her helplessly. “But, what are the repercussions going to be? I mean, I was never a particularly jealous person, but having your show off your body for these other men might bring that out.â€￾

    “Maybe you take your wife too much for granted after all these years, honey,â€￾ interjects Jenny gently, looking at you with compassion. “Maybe it would be a good reminder for you to see that other men still find her attractive.â€￾

    “Wow,â€￾ you say, and you know that it’s true. You have a sick feeling of excitement and fear.

    “Ok, great,â€￾ says Max hopefully. “So we are agreed? An uh, no modest underwear underneath, ok?â€￾

    “Jeez, Max!â€￾ says your wife. “Given an inch, you take a mile.â€￾ She looks over at you but you just shrug. You don't want to reveal that you would actually prefer her not to wear underwear. Also, you are starting to picture what it will be like to see Jenny's body revealed and you look her body over unconsciously. Your wife notices you looking at Jenny and sighs. “Alright. Whatever you say. If we do this, we do it all the way.â€￾

    “Outstanding!â€￾ exclaims Max happily. “This idea is really going to take off, I can feel it.â€￾

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