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masturbation thoughts

Discussion in 'Fantasies and Roleplaying' started by stuckcuck, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. stuckcuck

    stuckcuck Well-Known Member

    just wondering what everyone thinks about when they masturbate, we all have something that gets us off and i thought it might be fun to hear them. as a submissive cuckold mine center around being humiliated by my wife and or her lover, i'll give you the one that i have used the longest, it goes something like this;

    i am naked in the corner of the bedroom while my wife and her bull are fucking on the bed, he is big and strong and well endowed and is fucking her with long hard strokes just the way she likes it, the bed is creaking from the power of his thrusts and she has her long legs wrapped around him urging him deeper, she is alternately moaning and screaming at him to cum deep inside her. all the while i am furiously stroking my unwanted dick and my eyes close as i stroke faster and get closer to cumming. suddenly i realise that my own moaning is the only sound in the room and when i open my eyes i see my wife and her bull laying side by side on the bed, they already finished fucking and she is gently stroking his half hard cock, still larger than mine and glistening from their juices. they are both staring at me as i am still masturbating and my wife gives him a few quick strokes as she mimics my moaning and they burst out laughing as i cum all over my chest and hand.

    now, raise your hand if you masturbate, if you are already masturbating then raise the other hand. this is for cuckolds, bulls, and the beautiful women who cuck us. we all need a little relief once in awhile, tell us what YOU think about.
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  2. romita

    romita New Member

    When I am allowed to masturbate, the one thought that comes to mind most often is me standing outside our bedroom door listing intently to my wife and her bf. They are fucking like they always do, with lots of moaning and growing and my wife saying "fuck me harder, fuck me harder". All the while I am rubbing and stroking on my dick as fast as I can. Then after they are done she comes to the door and tells me that I need to clean them both up before I can finish myself off.
  3. sheetal.vyas

    sheetal.vyas New Member

    I think about my wife and my friend

    I masturbate thinking about my wife and my friend, lying nude on bed, asking me to suck my friend cock.
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  4. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    (Both hands raised)

    Here are my top ones at the moment. Stayed, it'll certainly change in a few days. :)

    I think about my GF (who I live with) dating, going out on movie and dinner dates and getting felt up. (!!) She's talked about it, but says she's too busy right now for another relationship. :(

    I think about watching her riding a hard cock, or spreading her legs for one. And about watching her suck cock, which she likes to do.

    I also think about me having subs who I can tell what to do in their dating lives. I have a friend I give dating advice to, who very much needs it. And I have an on-line sub I get to order around. I really prefer when they do what they're told. :)

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  5. buckn8kid

    buckn8kid Hair Trigger Cuck

    I always think about the first night my wife took her bull to bed. The way he took his arms behind her legs,pressing her knees against her belly,her feet spread wide exposing her soppy cunt and seeing her distended clit all wet and glistening.Watching as his big fat purple swollen knob leaked a big daulb of precum just before he sunk the whole thing in balls deep.The way her eyes were locked on to me with a look that said thank you my love for giving me this opertunity to enjoy real sex.The sight of his cock going in and out or her,over and over again.Something I was unable to give her.Watching as he long-dicked her,as he thrust hard and deep with her legs wrapped around his waist.I then usually nut when I remember her letting out a guttural roar as she came all over his cock and I saw his ass clench tight as he dumped glob after glob of his load into her.The then sounds of her mewing and squeeking as her intense orgasm left her.Then I eat my cum mess trying to remember what their combined scumb tasted like as I drank it from her red swollen pussy.
  6. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    He awaits my wife's arrival in the restaurant parking lot. Her car pulls in beside his. She gets out, they embrace, kiss deeply but briefly. The walk arm in arm to the door. He holds it open for her and guides her in, his hand in the small of her back.

    The pretty, young hostess takes his name and leads them to their table. He pulls my wife's chair out for her. She smiles and slides onto the chair. The hostess hands them their menus and beams at the attractive, happy couple.

    My wife leans across the table, chin on her hand, her eyes locked on his. The hostess and a waitress glance at them and giggle--he's so hot and she's so into him.

    Before she even arrived in the parking lot, my wife decided she'd give him anything he wanted that night.

    I know this because she told me so before she left home that evening.
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  7. bricbat

    bricbat Guest

    I have one like this too. I peek in through a crack in the door and see a black guy lying back on our bed, my wife on her knees between his legs. She's slowly sucking him off. She's wearing nothing but a pair of black thigh high stockings.

    Then from the side of the room I can't see, another black guy walks into the scene and mounts her from behind.
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  8. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    i have participated with a few of my wife's bulls, but i have been totally dominated and feminized/sissified by black men and one in particular.
  9. Ottar

    Ottar New Member

    I do think of the first time I saw another man laid his hands around my wifes waist and belly.
    We were in a private party just two pair and my wife and the other man was dancing in the dining room. All four of us had been drinking quite a lot. The music was finsh and they stood on the floor. He stay behind my wife and pressed his ass against his bulging crotch wispering words against her ear and kissing her neck skin as he were mowing his right hand slowly upward against her right big breast, and began very slowly to finger her breast as he moved his left hand downward over her belly and left hip and tigh and approached her crotch. My wife had closed her eyes as he was unbutton her blouse end entered his hand onto her bare breast. I hear her randy groan and heavy breating.They probably think I did not see what they were doing, or they was too hot to care. But I saw it all and become at first upset and sjalous but at the same time I felt my dick was stifening and getting harder and harder by seeing what happen to my lovely wife whom I up to then never had thought could allowe such to happen to her. As the wife to the other man already was fallen in sleep in a chair, I did pretend I was close to fall in sleep aswell, and the other man and my wife dimmed the lights and moved over to a big sofa where the resumed their hard petting. I could not see them any longer, just hear their moaning and groaning.
    I became too horny to stop them and they had sex together later that night. Later my wife told me what had take place and was very sorry. I told her that I had seen and heared every thing that night and that I did enjoyd it nearly just as much as they did. Later when I have been traveling and been away from home for longer periods I have been thinking about that event and had fantastic mastrubating for several houers.
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  10. johndoe2317

    johndoe2317 New Member

    My fantasy runs from just watching them, to getting a blowjob from her while he pounds her.
    The most exciting parts of the fantasy are when they are kissing in the room and he slides his hand into her panties to feel her wet pussy and she rubs his hard on through his pants. I also would love to see her giving him a blowjob. Rubbing his cock all over her face as she licks his shaft and kisses his balls. She can only lick and kiss the head of his cock as it's big, much bigger than mine. And how she moans as he fucks her. She starts off on her hands and knee's in the doggy position but he fucks her so hard and so good that she ends up with her ass up in the air and her face and chest on the bed. Moaning.... ahhh I love it when she moans. His cock stretching and pulling on her pussy lips when he slides out just before shoving his cock back in all the way.
  11. slutplay

    slutplay Loving Slut

    I love to fantasise about her late at night coming into the bedroom lit by only the light from the hallway. I am in bed and have been waiting for hours. I stroke my cock and watch as she undresses down to her see-through panties and flesh coloured stockings. She has been with him again at his house.
    She sucks me off then lays back and relaxes while I rub his spunk that is leaking from her slit over her clit ( they do it bareback ) then wank onto her cunt and rub my spunk into her hole with his until she comes. Sometimes I like to fantasise that she tells me she doesn't want me to fuck her but proceeds to tell me when she is next seeing him.
    What makes me come is the thought that now it is a regular and accepted fact that she visits him for sex after an evening at the pub together as a couple; that she will do anything he asks and is submissive to him. She is his whore; his bit of cunt on the side and she is available to do what he wishes with her. The thrill is that it has become so normal.
  12. nicesak

    nicesak New Member

    My thoughts run along the same lines, but she tells me to suck the bull's cock...until he cums deep into my throat, at which time I am ordered to sit back and prepare to lap his second load from my girls pussy.
  13. CreampieLover

    CreampieLover New Member

    This is my basic masturbation fantasy too!
  14. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    My wife loves to wrap her legs around a guy when she's being taken in the missionary position. She's a petite blonde, and I usually go over the edge when I think about her being covered by a big muscular guy, only her legs visible, her heels trying to drive him in even deeper, with her muffled, pleading whimpers in the background. I saw her once in this situation. The guy made very little noise except for an occasional grunt, but he was rhythmic and confident as he thrusted steadly into her. I've never been able to get that image out of my mind and it always excites me to think about it.
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  15. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    Rob Y;

    Since you have a masturbation fantasy of having your Wife being Fucked, then I Would have you take Pictures and or Video of Me Fucking your Wife, so you will have the Pictures, Video, and your memory of Me Fucking your Wife. Your Wife can wrap Her Legs around My Head while I'm Sucking on Her Pussy and then your Wife can wrap Her legs around My back while I'm Fucking Her Petite Body. PM Me if you are serious about wanting to Really make this happen.
  16. Rob Y

    Rob Y Guest

    I've been married nearly twenty years to a woman who has never had any problem finding her own dates, including the one described above. Thanks but no thanks.
  17. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    You're Welcome. If either of you change your mind, then just reach out to me and let me know. Happy Fucking!
  18. Thomasje

    Thomasje New Member

    reading all your fantasies got me rock hard!


    reading all your fantasies got me rock hard! :rolleyes:

    Mine are quite similar, all combined in a small story:

    The bull directs me to undress myself, I'm naked first. Next I have to undress her t-shirt and bra, and start giving her a massage of her back. she loves this and she gets excited, as I go lower, I must take off her pants and string.

    He joins in the massage and is also naked, I can do the shoulders while he does her lower back and buttocks. He turns her around, looks at her and asks who has the biggest penis. Mine is already rock hard and his not fully erect.

    She answers they are quite about the same size when he is not fully erect. "We'll fix that", he says and puts his still growing cock in her mouth and directs me to lick her.
    After a while he gets out his cock, lies next to her and starts kissing her. He tells me to stop licking her and directs me to take a condom and put it on his cock.

    By the time I have the condom unpacked his wet cock is not fully erect anymore, as I take it in my hands to put on the condom he tells me to get it hard first by sucking it.
    Reluctant but super precum-dripping-horny, I start to put his manhood in my mouth tasting her mouth and a bit of his precum. I really try to please him while sucking him and he gets hard. He pushes my head away and says I had enough and he wants the condom.

    I roll down the condom and once on, he rolls over her, spreads her legs and as she is nervous for the second cock ever entering her pussy he starts pushing her lips. She moans while he slowely puts his large cock in her until his balls hit her pussy. He starts pounding her slowly. She looks at me and says: "no more wannabe". She smiles, moans and her face is totally red of excitment. I ask: "Do you like it", she says: "More than with you, but..." she holds her breath. "... but?" He asks. She answers she doesn't like condoms in her but there is no other way.

    He says there is and gets out of her. He directs me to fuck her. I do as I told and I start fucking my wife in front of the bull. He asks: "do you like him to fuck you?". Still a bit shy, she answers "less than you". "Okay, you can stop". He says.
    I get out and in no time he's fucking her again.

    After a while he opens his hand and shows the condom. He is fucking her bare in positions I have never fucked her. She moans, squirms and ultimately orgasms for the first time without having to stimulate her clit. Soon afterwards, he increases the pounding, starts to moan and orgasms ejaculating his white warm seed in her pussy.

    After the cuddle I get the sloppy seconds but after some fucking, she tells me to stop and starts jerking me off until I orgasm while he laughs at me getting his cock ready for the second round.
  19. Mercator

    Mercator Member

    When I masturbate I often think of the first time I saw my wife with another guy. The things I like the most aren't necessarily the sequence of events and what happened, but more the emotional turmoil I saw her go through. I saw her excited in the days leading up to it, and then she had lots of worries and concerns - these became massively amplified as we approached the time of the meeting, and went into overdrive as we sat in the hotel room waiting for the Bull (big black one..) to arrive. She was very nervous indeed (probably a bit like a novice sky-diver might experience prior to first jump). She had to overcome her natural shyness and ultimately bare her pussy to him, him being a complete stranger. She was also worried whether a big cock would just plain hurt. She wasn't a Domme (and still isn't), just a normal housewife with 2 kids, and as she approached the moment of her Bull-fucking she clearly felt very uncomfortable with the situation. He did fuck her, and he did it somewhat vigourously. From the moment he entered her and began to thrust I know she was lost in his World. At the end of it she was a changed woman, more confident and actually rather pleased that she'd been brave enough to do it. So.. when I masturbate, I think of her during that first time - he broke her in, and did me a favour!
  20. marknaughty

    marknaughty Guest

    Since her and I no longer have sex my only release is masterbation. I am only allowed to masterbate when she is with another guy. The arrangement means that in order for me to pleasure myself she must be having intercourse with another guy. I think about the things that she has told me bout and that I have seen. If she is out, she is dressed slutty both pantyless and braless in heels, painted toes, etc. She sits next to her lovers and is felt up, groped and exposed in public. There is always the possibility that friends and family will see her out which is very humiliating to me. The car ride to the hotel, his house or other places where they couple usually involves her performing extended long lasting fellatio on the guy. Once at their place of coupling she calls me and the phone is left for my listening and masterbation pleasure. the noises are usually enough to send me over the edge more than once. If they choose to couple at our house it is usually on the living room couch in front of me or in our bedroom with the door closed. I listen from the door or from the spare rooom next to ours if it is an all nighter. In either instance, hearing her in ecstasy is what sends me over the edge.

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