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    I'm a white Caucasian professional man. As related in many of my nearly 1,600 postings on this forum, I have been cuckolded by my beautiful wife who has for more than 4 years had my young best college-student buddy---who is black and like me bisexual and “versatile---as her full-time live-in lover with whom I have been co-husbanding her throughout.

    Since then my buddy has, with my prior full approval, fathered two beautiful boys with my wife and has impregnated her with their third child (a girl) due to be delivered next week.

    Both my buddy and I are handsome and well-built and athletic. We are each others exclusive male lovers both in private and in our frequent very hands-on threesomes with my wife.

    Since my buddy and I met when he was 17 years old he and I have been lovers and mentally and physically very easily, and pretty equally, aroused by each other, especially and increasingly so from watching each other making love to my wife.

    Speaking for myself, over the last 4 years I have come to see myself as especially and increasingly blessed and deeply satisfied by the free expression of my powerful homosexual urges towards my young buddy who admits—along with my wife---to being erotically fascinated by the more recent flowering of his similarly powerful homosexual urges towards me in our menage-a-trois with my wife.

    I am very interested to know if there are any other similarly honest bisexual men members of this forum who can admit to sexual desire for their wife’s lover, or who have first discovered their homosexual interest in the process of being cuckolded, more particularly while watching their wives being fucked by especially handsome and physically outstanding younger men like my buddy.

    Clearly, cuckolding scenarios, in every variant and manner of being acted-out, give many and excellent opportunities for very gratifying homosexual bonding between the husband and the lover of his wife, whether or not the husband has acted on it physically or only romantically, even “from afar”---that is either unspokenly or in a limited way admitted and expressed his attraction to, or taking pleasure in, the erotic attributes and sexual performance of his romantic rival for his wife.

    So, you cockier and less cocky husbands out there, please honestly review your true feelings, established or developing, about your wifes’ lover---whether he be a true buddy or a stranger of only of passing interest erotically to you, or not, or is by the superior sexual attention he is giving your wife affecting you homosexually----and share with me and other members of the forum by posting the result of your review.
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    I know your setup is exactly what hubby and I hope to eventually find with a long term lover that is less concerned about being found out outside of the house and with labels. Outside we can present what we want but to be able to be free and just enjoy various dynamics without really worrying about how it all fits into some box would be a perfect scenario in my book....even if it involved another couple!
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    Thanks for providing your understanding wife's view and personal ambitions concerning the homosexual dynamic in cuckoldry.

    You and your husband are perfectly right to be unconcerned about how your sexual desires and behaviour might or might not fit into some societally-acceptable straight constructed box. Life is too short to be small.
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    I identify as a bisexual and my wife knows about it. I get turned on by the thought of my wife being with a lover. We have discussed a possible threesome in the past. My wife admitted that it would turn her on to see me with a man. Interesting, but moving on in this discussion both I and my wife admitted that we both prefer not to have each other watching while we have extramarital sex. I certainly would love to suck the cock of someone who has just fucked my wife, but I am not sure I would like to do it in front of her.

    Browsing cuckold forums, I realised that a few cuckies are probably hiding their homo interest behind their cuckolding. I guess they don't even want to admit it to themselves that they are homosexually interested.
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    This is an old post but I thought I should say that if you want to be happy in cuckolding you must confess or inform your wife that you are bi. Actually I told my wife i was tri-sexual. If it invoked sex I wanted to try it. She understood after some deep discussions.

    MY wife early on admitted that she went with the flow during sex. Ordinarily, giving head isn't my wife's favorite thing. But, she admits that sucking cock with a new man is "hot" and hot is what she's looking for. It certainly improved her skills. Her goal was to be the best. She was very proud if she could suck a man to completion.

    In the same way, I think it's hot to eat cum from her pussy. She understands that. It gets me hot to see her suck a cock. Makes me want to suck it and she knows it. I'm seldom with my wife on her dates. She always tells her dates that I'm going to eat his cum when she gets home. Men love to hear that. Depending on verbal feedback she will hint I'd like to get his cum very fresh. In fact she'd say she would like to feed it to me. Jack his cock in my mouth.

    This has been very satisfying to me and she respects my kink. Although to be honest I think her kink was fulfilling my kink.

    None of this would have happened if I hadn't been honest. As a result my wife and I wll be married 58 years in June.
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