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  1. Lakeslad

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    Starting in the new year, my wife is decreasing her working hours; a couple of days a week she will be working half days so she can spend the extra spare time with her lover. Which I find rather sexy (money is not an issue).

    Have other wives done something similar? What other changes to their lifestyle have they made to make more time for their lover(s)?
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  2. DeannaHouston

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    Hi Lakeslad, I do not work (Jeff is a very good provider) and we have 3 children so that does keep me busy. We do try to work together to get me time to fuck others, Jeff gets excited to work all day and then come home and take care of the kids so his "slut wife" can go out. And in reality it is taking both of us working together to get our kids/life working smoothly. In this area (my sex life) Jeff does not seem able to deny me, so I try to balance myself.

    I think what you are doing to support your wife rocks, You are an awesome man. Deanna
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  3. bricbat

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    As a matter of sort of worked out for us that way without her intending it to. She tried to convince me to quit my job to become a full-time househusband. She was on a corporate fast track in a male-dominated industry, earning more than twice my salary, flying with senior execs in a corporate jet, and she was the "token" woman that they liked to wine & dine and parade around. There were lots of very late nights for her, and overnight trips to swanky conferences.

    I was too weak as a man to give up my job to be a househusband. And that was a good thing, too. She got burned out and decided to quit her job. She took a huge pay cut to work part time at a university. And now, she entertains herself with hunky college guys while I'm either at my same job, or being a househusband in the evenings so she can go out.
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