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    You're a Lucky, Lucky Man to have HER as Your Wife and a Lucky, LUCKY Slut to Get 4Big Cocks in a Night.
    Then to have some of them become Regulars for You and even Her. SHE Picked and Read Them WELL.
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    You would def be considered the party "favor" as you satisfied the men that night.
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    Meeting Ricky in a Hotel
    We had met Ricky and played around for almost a year before we became fully regular playmates and invited him to move in with us and become a permanent part of our relationship. At the time we met and began playing around we lived roughly four hours away from each other so our time to meet was limited.

    We actually knew each other for several months before any intimate activity became a part of our routine and had established a strong bond of friendship between the three of us.

    On one of our weekend excursions to visit Ricky was only able to be off work on a Sunday so we had traveled to meet up and my wife and I were checked into a Courtyard Hotel in the city he worked. After he got off work we all met for dinner and of course he was invited back to our hotel for a nightcap. Originally he said he really needed to get home after dinner to do laundry and get ready for the next week on his only day off. But, things turned out not to work out that way.

    We sat around our room and then decided to enjoy the hot tub. It was ok for two people in the bathroom but we made it fit for three. Once we got out we sat in living area of our one bedroom suite room and both Ricky and I were in our boxers and my wife was in one of my t-shirts. We had a bottle of Fireball we had picked up and Ricky and I were drinking it straight on ice.

    Both Ricky and my wife were sitting on the couch and I was in an arm chair to the side. There was some obvious flirting and light kissing between my wife and Ricky but we all remained dressed in what we had on. Ricky got up to pour he and I both another drink and when he brought me mine he made a comment about my not having a bulge in my shorts. At the time it was a mix between sitting on the other side of my wife and alcohol. He rubbed the front of my crotch slighting and then somehow managed to push my legs straight up in the air with me laying backward on the chair as he pulled my boxers from my hips and around my ankles.

    I don't know for sure if he and my wife had this planned but as he did this my wife got a picture with her phone. I just went along with it at the time liking the feeling. Up to this point there had been limited touching and some one sided oral play between Ricky and I but always as a part of MFM play. This was the first time he had made a move toward me. My wife seemed to enjoy when he would suck my cock during sex and finger my ass and I really enjoyed it too. So, we all just sort of moved into this as it progressed without any hesitation form me or any comments from my wife who watched intently.

    legs up (2).jpg
    Ricky took a sip of his drink as he held my legs up over my head and then began to use his hand to tease my balls, rub my cock and play with my upturned ass. I enjoyed the sensations and looked as best I could at my wife to see her reactions. From what I could see she was equally enjoying the display.

    Ricky then moved down to his knees in front of the chair and began to suck my cock. He gave me an amazing blowjob and moved to suck my balls and then gave me a rim job using his tongue to dart in and out of my ass. I was now completely preoccupied in the feelings and lost focus on my wife's reactions or expressions. At the time it was the furthest I had ever been with another man sexually.

    After working my ass good and stopping his actions just short of my climax on multiple instances Ricky said he wanted to fuck me. It resonated in my ears but in the moment I was totally into it. I had never had more than a finger inside my ass up to that point but I wanted more at the time.

    My boxers had long been gone and I was the only one in the room naked. I heard myself reply "tell me what you want me to do?" utter from my lips almost like I was an outside observer. Ricky pulled me up from the chair and led me over to the bed that adjoined beyond set of open french louvered doors from the living room. He led me to the bed and I crawled up on top of the mattress with Ricky positioning me onto my hands and knees with my head down and my ass up in the air. It was strange, I could feel a cool breeze of vulnerability on my ass but I was sweating in anticipation.

    My wife pulled a bottle of lube from her overnight bag and together she and Ricky rubbed it into my small, tight virgin hole. Both inserting fingers inside me as they kissed and then Ricky moved back telling her "Your husband has the most amazing ass I have ever seen on a man. I bet he is as tight as you are."

    At some point before Ricky continued my wife took this picture with her phone of my upturned ass on display to them both.

    first anal ready.JPG
    It was only a matter of seconds until I felt Ricky push his cock up against my hole. He fumbled a bit pushing and trying to get inside me as I felt pain like I had never felt before. I thought fingers were painful but this was completely new as I began to plead to stop and go slow. I begged for more lube and a different position but Ricky continued, slowly and methodically pushing into me. I could feel my wife teasing my cock from beneath me as I tried to move forward to get away but I was already up against the headboard tightly from where Ricky had positioned me.

    It seemed like an eternity but finally Ricky stopped pushing and rested inside me. After a few minutes I adjusted to the feeling and told him he could try to push in more and he told me he was already fully inside me. With that he began to slowly begin to fuck me, very lightly and slowly at first but as he continued his intensity and force built.

    Somehow I had moved to the side and was soon laying flat on the mattress with Ricky over me, pummeling me and taking my ass. It was a mix of feelings at the time. After more I continued moving across the bed and he eventually pulled out of me on one of his outward thrusts and I turned to my side. I was soaked with sweat and breathing hard. Ricky was also dripping sweat and panting. He told me I was the tightest thing he had ever had his dick inside.

    My wife told me "Baby, eat my pussy while Ricky fucks you like that." I was laying as my wife moved under my head and put her extremely wet pussy in my face, holding my head guiding me into her. I began to lick as I felt Ricky begin to try to push back inside me. The second time of feeling his cock invade my asshole was almost as intense as the first despite his use. But, this time I adjusted much more quickly and was once again up on my hands and knees.

    My wife began to orgasm pretty quickly as I licked her and buried my face into her pussy. I could feel her wetness in my hair and covering my face. As she climaxed loudly Ricky grabbed my hips with all he had and pushed himself as deep inside me as he could manage and I felt him begin to cum inside me. My own cock was only semi erect and I was not even close to cumming as the two of them both orgasmed and held me on opposite ends tightly pulling me into them.

    About twenty minutes after we were all laying in the bed, still naked and breathing hard both my wife and Ricky worked together to bring me to an orgasm of my own orally. Ricky took my entire load in his mouth as he also fingered my used ass. Afterward they both kissed me and I could taste my own cum.

    After that night I was still in pain driving home. I swore I would never take another cock up my ass. My wife and I talked in depth for the next two weeks about the implications of what had happened. Two weeks later we were back at the same hotel and once again I welcomed Ricky to use my ass for his pleasure. Since that time Ricky has fucked me anally probably well over 1000 times both with my wife present and with just the two of us. But, that first time still is vivid in my mind and I remember the pictures and the feelings like they were yesterday while many of the subsequent times have quickly faded into memories long forgotten.

    My wife also has vivid fond memories of that visit. When she gave me the images to post she was smiling and asked very sexily, "Do you remember how hot this weekend was?" About a week later I showed Ricky the images one evening and he got a big smile and remarked "Oh god, that was the first time I ever fucked you. That was so hot." I don't guess any of us will ever forget that one night.
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    Ricky is up and getting ready to drive me to the airport for my trip to meet my wife in Denver. I will get in early but she iwll be in meetings so it will be late afternoon before we meet.

    Saturday is our night to meet back up with a guy who used to be one of her main gentleman. It has been sometime and many times over time we all change so it will be interesting to see who we all get along.

    As instructed I am wearing my new panties to match hers on the trip, the animal print fabric. I think Ricky want's me to start out in trouble and wants me to wear a pair he picked out for her. I put the pic here.

    Not sure if I will be posting from Denver or not but otherwise talk to everyone when I return.

    IMG_20171115_115024 (2).jpg
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    I'm late to this thread and just read the original post. Thought I'd throw this out: Looks like hubby could make good use of his time by doing some bench presses in between cocks.

    Way to be assertive, All4.
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    Wow, he looks TINY. Maybe the jock compresses him, but from this perspective it looks like there's hardly in there. No wonder you find other men.
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    What a beautiful description of your first time being taken by a man. I’m sure it had to be a massive turn on seeing that your wife was so turned on watching you lose your virginity to one of her lovers!
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    Odd, my wife's bullfriend is going to be in Denver this weekend. Those panties in the picture look like those he enjoys. The "Grateful Dead" are one of his favorite bands.
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    Had an awesome weekend but didn't get back in till after midnight last night and back to work just getting home for the night now.

    I have a few pics of the wife that I will try to post in the "show off your wife" thread to keep on topic here.

    @open2it Thanks, I enjoy telling about it. If more people opened their mind to things they consider "taboo" they would find many things they really enjoy but are to afraid to try.

    @Donald_Cuck That is odd, of course it is really a very small world when you get around. I think the saying is 7 degrees of separation - but we find it is more like 3-5 degrees most times. Several years ago we met our neighbors at a lifestyle resort outside the country. We lived three houses apart for years and neither of us ever imagined what the others were into before then.

    Our friend in Denver moved there three years ago.
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    Would love to hear more about your meeting neighbors at the resort.
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