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    We seem to adapt nicknames for some of the people we encounter along the way. The guy that took these (and many more pictures) is referred to as "jockstrap guy" when we recall times with him. He is an amatuer photographer and is always looking for things he can photograph but he had a huge fetish for jock straps. We never saw him wearing any but he always wanted me in them and even went as far as to buy me new jockstraps to pose in and wear around him.

    Having me pose in them for him following his directions always seem to get him very turned on so it was a win win situation for all of us. He also liked to have me bent over in front of him on the couch or in a chair and at first would never touch me but get close and jack himself off. Initially this was sort of a prelude to he and my wife getting started with me joining in for MFM play. As time went on my wife began to encourage him to spray his load of cum over my ass from behind and he really seemed to enjoy that.

    We went from that to one day he had purchased a few new jock straps he wanted me to model for him and he was jacking himself behind me as he had done many times previous. My wife told him he should fuck me and told him how hot it would be to watch him. He got some type of jelly out and a moment after rubbing it on me he pushed his cock inside me. Eventually he began trying to take pictures during the encounters from various angles which most did not turn out due to being highly blurred or very dark due to lighting. He did not have a studio and just used the natural lighting of the room.

    He also bought a sex swing that he set up in his living room, he got really into using it and incorporating bondage play and some other kinks that were really beyond our comfort level at the time. My wife eventually felt like he had become to demanding and controlling and stopped seeing him. We had fun but most the time we have a friendship with the guys we connect with and with this guy it seemed all about the sex and pushing new things.
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    Yeah, I think the guy who took some of those pictures of the jockstraps was getting really creepy. I love to explore and push our sexual boundaries but some of the things he was wanting and talking about were really making me feel weird. I thought it was a good time to break it off with him and to move on.

    I have a new thing I am going to do starting today. I have selected 10 images from various times of my husband from sex encounters. I told him I want him to post 1 picture a day in this thread from those that I have chosen and to write about the encounter, his thoughts and feelings. I always think it is hot to hear his take on things. I hope everyone else enjoys them. He left for work a while ago and called me so hopefully when he gets home he will post his first pic from one that I gave him and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)
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    Yep not everyone is for everybody. But in this case at least everyone got some nice adventures.
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    As my wife indicated and posted above she went through a bunch of our photo archives and selected a group that she has told me she wants me to post on this board along with a narrative of the event that the photograph represents at the time.

    For me this is proving to be more difficult a task than expected. I love to post images of her and can tell the full erotic story behind each easily. However, when I look at each image of myself I see all of my flaws and hate to see them put out for everyone to see. I also find some level of humiliation in many of the images, they are from some very intimate acts that outside of the anonymity of the online world I would never want anyone to know about or see in my work or family circles.

    So, my wife puts it this way for me. What if one of the most intimate or revealing pictures of me is being viewed by one of my colleagues, he or she can't tell it is me or where it was taken because of the cropping or masking but they none the less are looking at my image and masturbating themselves to it, finding it hot, desiring me, wanting me. That does put a whole different light on this task. I am starting with one of the images from the collection she gave me. The story of the image is below, obviously feedback is always appreciated and enjoyed.


    bound and spread.JPG

    Several years ago we had a vanilla friend who lived about a block up the street from our house. We had become acquaintances with he and his wife and would meet out for cocktails from time to time. We enjoyed their company but conversations were always around work and issues on-going in the neighborhood. All very casual and light.

    One evening we ran into Bob while we were out having dinner and a few drinks in the neighborhood. He was alone and said his wife had gone to Europe for a couple weeks. We had the light chit chat of we ought to get together when she returns and such and that was it. Later that evening as we got ready to walk back home Bob was leaving at about the same time and we all walked together the couple blocks toward our houses.

    Bob invited us inside and we joined him. He got us all a drink and then gave us a tour of his home. He asked if we wanted to see one of the rooms that was closed off and we said sure. The room turned out to be a dungeon set up for BDSM play. It was better equipped than many of the clubs that had areas like this.

    After showing us the toys and describing some of the items use Bob asked if we would be open to his using me as his slave. It was a very unexpected question and turn on the evening but my wife was very much intrigued with the idea.

    For the next two hours Bob ran me through most of his maze of toys and devices. I became his submissive slave while my wife watched and encouraged him to do different things to me or have me perform different acts for him.

    In the images taken by my wife but cropped heavily die to the full wall mirror in front of me that clearly captured both Bob and my wife I was tied and restrained to some sort of apparatus that had a small cushion that my hips rested on and then my hands were tied beneath me leaving me spread open and barely able to stand on my toes. They both really seemed to enjoy this position and left me bound for some time as they shared drinks and remarked on my situation.

    Before I was released Bob fucked my ass good from behind me. My wife really seemed to enjoy this and watched encouraging him all the time.

    Bob and my wife never so much as kissed, they both seemed to deeply enjoy the night and once Bob was relieved I was released and we left shortly afterward continuing our walk to our house.

    We always wondered when we saw Bob and Pam having company if they were in the dungeon room. Seeing them out in the neighborhood afterward always left my stomach filled with butterflies wondering if he was imagining me spread in front of him or of him fucking me. I wondered if anyone else ever knew about our adventure or if he ever told anyone of it.

    This type of play occurred on three other occasions over the next 18 months but on each occurrence Pam was out of town. There was never any interaction between my wife and Bob. Finally, Bob and Pam separated and Bob came out saying he was gay and had a lover. They sold the house and we have not seen either of them since that time. We have not been back in the house but often wonder if the dungeon was intact when the house sold and if it is still in use. It was pretty elaborate.
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    We have played around with some playful bondage stuff but I have always been the one being restrained or tied up. It was fun to watch my husband in that role.
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    This particular picture is probably one of the most embarrassing images we have from over the years. It was taken by Ricky one night at home and although both he and my wife seem to generally enjoy it they love to tease me about it and watch me blush. It is also the most uncomfortable to post or show. My discomfort comes primarily from feeling like I was in a total position of submission with no control. I have been procrastinating posting this for her so figure it best to just get it over with and put it out there.


    My wife had a male friend who I overall got along with but who was not one of my favorite people. He was arrogant and seldom regarded either my point of view nor Ricky’s when we were together. It was all about him and his pleasure. My wife liked his boldness although it seemed they argued more than anything but it always leads to some very hot and passionate hard sex between the two of them. He enjoyed being her bull and always made sure to make humiliating comments toward Ricky and I both. Sharing was not really in his realm and so hookups usually resulted in us watching as he took what he wanted.

    Dominic was roughly 5’10” and probably 235 pounds. I enjoy smooth skin but Dom looked like a gorilla between his stocky shape and his body being covered from head to toe with dark black curly hair. He said he was Greek but I don’t know if he was or not. Dom also always had a very strong male odor emanating from him. It was a mix of hormones and heavy testosterone and it became stronger and more profuse as activity would progress. While other men have this noticeable odor when aroused it seemed to be particularly strong with Dominic.

    We were all at our house one evening with Dominic over after showing up late in the afternoon to my dismay. But, my wife was excited to see him and, so I went along. That evening we all played cards and Dom and my wife argued as usual about women’s roles and use. He knew all my wife’s buttons and loved to push them, and she seemed to enjoy it equally well. Somehow the conversation between them turned to Dom telling my wife what she needed was a “real dick” and to be fucked good. My wife countered that she had all the dick she needed, and it was not long before Ricky and I were naked to display our cocks as my wife and Dom argued about the size or lack thereof of our manhood and our soft shaved bodies.

    The bantering continued back and forth for some time as Dom took his cock out and compared his size to ours. He is at least 3 or 4” larger and bigger around admittedly. Like the rest of his body he is also covered in full hair growth whereas my wife enjoys Ricky and I to be fully shaved.

    At this point I became Dominic’s toy for the evening in a show of dominance displayed in front of Ricky and my wife. Dom began by sitting on my face as his manly odors overwhelmed my senses. I was told to suck his balls and his cock and then I gave him a very thorough rim job from underneath. All the while he never touched my cock but instead commented on its size and made fun of it. It was humiliating but at the same time arousing in a strange and different way. Dom finally knelt up and jerked himself off over my face shooting his large load over my face covering me with his thick goo.

    Once he was finished it did not take long for Dom to regain his full hardness and I watched as he fucked my wife and brought her to multiple orgasms as he lasted for over 45 minutes after being relieved already. She loved it and so did I in seeing her so well pleased.

    About a month later I get a text message while at work one day. It is from Ricky and it is the picture (without editing or cropping) that I am posting. He writes “LOL, bet you didn’t know I had this. Still think its hot as hell.” I know I blushed and sank in the group of people I was with. About six months later we were out with a group of lifestyle friends and pictures were being shared as phones passed around from others exploits and my wife excitedly says she has a hot one and shows the picture around. I wanted to crawl under the table and out the door. It is all in fun and we have all seen each other in some humiliating situations but this one still gives me a feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    I have cropped this image so please bear with it, I didn’t want any possible facial recognition but it still gives the general idea. Dom eventually moved on and it has been over a year since we last saw him.

    Eating ass.JPG
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    I have really admired that picture but the cropping takes away from it. Dominic was definitely an ass in many ways but he was fun and he was also a fantastic lay. I am not usually into heavy body hair but I loved Dominic's furry chest and body. It was a real contrast between my husbands dark hairless body and Ricky's pale shaved body.
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    WOW, and WOW. Like you, though I used to be at Least semi hairy, though not like Dom, I MUCH PREFER being smooth. I Adore the, what I call the Big Hairy Bear type Man though. It’s the contrast between them and smaller smooth me. Makes me feel SO girly.
    But I would have been Very humiliated by your experience which of course would have provided Countless beat off sessions afterwards from the Memory of the experience while reliving the emotions and feelings from it.

    Thank you for stepping up and telling us about it.
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    I greatly appreciate all the very kind words, likes and comments on my past picture submission.


    The image I am posting today come from last October. We had traveled to visit an old lifestyle friend who was recently separated from his wife. We visited with her the first day we were in town and the next day we went to his house where he still lived by himself.

    They had a large home out in the country with a large in-ground pool and an outdoor hot tub. We all got in the hot tub that afternoon and were talking catching up with each other. Miguel explained he had been doing a lot of self improvement and self discovery and began talking about learning he enjoyed some deviant sex play. He talked about orgasm denial, self humiliation, flogging, discipline and BDSM play.

    Later inside his house he showed us his bedroom that was basically a suite he had built. He had another hot tub, a large King bed and then an area outside the bed area that had floor to ceiling mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling, he had a collection of sex toys from a large swing to toys and devices we had never seen before. There were aspects of the room that were fascinating and other items that were almost eerie.

    We had stayed with him overnight before but we had never seen the private bedroom. It had music playing through speakers mounted on the walls and was lit with black lights and some red LED lighting. We were seeing a side to Miguel we had not ever seen before in the eight plus years we had known him as a part of a couple. There was a dark side to him but also an intriguing side.

    As we sat together on a couch in the room Miguel talked about different experiences and how we put self imposed limitations on ourselves that restrict our full experience of all that life and our sexuality offers. I agreed to allow myself to be bound and he had me lay on the floor under a tripod with an electric lift system. He bound my arms at the wrist and attached them to the hoist mechanism above me and then pulled my shorts and briefs off me leaving me naked from the waist down. He then bound my legs into a leather restraint and attached an eye bolt to two additional straps from the hoist. With a remote he then began to lift my body off the ground and suspend me mid air. The position of the straps opened my legs and exposed me fully to the room. In the position I was in I was helpless to anything anyone wanted to do.

    Miguel asked my wife if she enjoyed pegging and we both confessed we were not familiar with the action. He brought out a case and opened it showing my wife a wide variety of strap on dildos and encouraged her to give them a try. She choose one that was about 6" in length and of average girth. The harness she wore had inserts that filled both her ass and pussy. As my wife stood in front of me Miguel adjusted the hoist to position me right at her hip level. My wife seemed to enjoy the action and feeling it was providing her and after about 10 or so minutes she had a climax that seemed pretty intense. It was odd looking into her face from this position and watching her orgasm shake her body. Afterward as she began to come down from her climax she said the experience was "amazing and riveting."

    Once she moved Miguel had been standing to the side slowly stroking his cock. We had not ever hooked up with him before but we had seen his cock. He is large at about 10" and he was fully hard from watching. He asked my wife if he could play with me and she said yes and to enjoy it. He raised me up to head level and sucked my soft cock until I was once again hard. He then adjusted the hoist lowering me to his waist level as he began to push inside me. I didn't think he was going to fit and was telling him to go slow but he eventually was fully inside me. It took Miguel a long time before he came but when he did it was a massive load.

    Being in the harness and hoist was not uncomfortable but my neck was sore from keeping my head level since it was not supported while suspended. I was lowered back to the floor and Miguel placed an inflatable butt plug inside me and inflated it. That was a weird feeling. He then asked my wife if he could eat her pussy and she said yes.

    The play continued for most the night until roughly 5 am. It was a host of very different experiences for both of us all night. It was enjoyable but also outside the box.

    We have not been back to visit as my wife says it was too weird but we have seen Miguel a time or two at lifestyle patties and he always invites us to come stay again.

    suspended in air.JPG
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    Now That is an Adventure, Truly. Even if it was something that you Both wanted the One time.
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    It was a very surreal experience. The inside of his entire house was like something out of a B movie, he had mannequins dressed in various themes all around the house. There was lighting that was like something in the movies and a central stereo system that played music the entire time we were there. While the experience was happening it was almost as if I was watching from outside.

    We made the drive home the next day and talked about it the entire time trying to figure out what we had just experienced. His ex-wife on the other hand never gave any indication of this side of him. We met her, had lunch and a great normal visit.
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    When you have the money and opportunity to make your dwelling into Exactly what YOU DREAM of it being, Why not go for it. Even if the rest of us find it Weird enough that we turn around and walk out when we see it, Or like You and Your Hotwife, decide to Check out the Experience, even if Only Once.
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    Actually, Dede too has a thing for much older, big belly, hairy men, which I'm not really :) Needless, to say, I've done my best to accommodate him (great excuse for having an extra pint of lager, for sure :) ) and it has sort of worked.
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    his new panties.JPG

    We are going on a trip the week after next for an extended weekend. We will be in Denver and my husband is joining me for a business trip the last two nights of my stay. We have a male friend that moved to Denver about two years ago who we will be meeting for dinner and drinks over the weekend. He has a fetish for panties both female and male. I found these the other day while out at a store and they match a pair I have so I bought them for my husband to wear when we go out. I had him model them so I could email a pic to our friend and thought I would share on here too.
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    He definitely has the money to pursue whatever he wants.

    It was a night that I had some very cool and erotic experiences and I am glad I have those memories. I do own a strap on now and it was not anything I ever thought about having or using before.

    There were some other points on this entire experience my husband didn't relate here that caused this time to be somewhat disturbing on some level. Not for us but for our friends state of mind. He took the break up very very hard and it has not been healthy for him. His wife left him for the male half of another couple they were regularly swapping with and the other wife went her own way afterward. So, he was left alone.
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    Well I guess he is further proof of the saying that Money Can't buy Happiness ( BUT it Helps). It wI'll Likely be HARD for him to find Not only the woman he would want but ALSO one that will at least be OK, with his Decor, and it's "Uses". Even with all his money
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    As my wife has stated above we are headed to Denver next week. It should be a fun trip and it will be good to see our friend once again. We always got along great and always had a good time before he transferred to Denver. Although my wife has some regular business travel to the area neither of us have seen him since he moved just over two years ago.

    Yes, he does have a pantie fetish too. The new pair my wife bought me to wear for him do match hers but I insist hers definitely look much sexier and better on her than do mine. Also, they are medium in ladies and very small on me. Pulling them up I have already torn the lace trip which is very delicate. Jamie seemed to really like the pic my wife sent him though so it will be interesting to say the least when we meet.

    I don't have any images of any of our times with him as he is extremely private about any picture taking and even being naked around others. Outside of candlelight he does not even like the lights being on when with us when he gets undressed.
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